Poems about changed


№ 1209770

Changed More Than Promises

The wondering of an awakening yet
To be versed in tales that span the
Indoctrination of youthful minds,
Weeding the innocence for a folk lore
Of wishes to prey upon.

A servitude of words rewrote more than
Langue was versed, contradictions forgotten
Till a new verse is heard. But Ignored
With gleeful ignorance, what are words of
Fiction if versed as truths? lies in verse...

Those afflicted with the fear of death,
Prey to air, that doesn't listen it just moves
On. Superstition of a need to exist, cant we
Just be us, not needing to look up to see what is
In front of us... life that moves ever on.

changed,  promises.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1203962

Because he has changed me

He made a warrior out of me
When I was weak
Put a strength in me
That passes the strongest of men

He made a lover of me
When it was hard to love
Praising him
Even in the darkest hours
I will have my hands raised

He can change the sinner
The depressed
The selfish
The prideful
The liar
The greedy

I know this
Because he has changed me


Author: GreenTea
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203528

Changed forever and all I got was this stupid complex

The Hills went driving
All over the highway
Didn't care much for timing
Up and down cracked roads
The lights overhead shined bright
She wanted to know (confusion)
He already did (premonition)
And so they kept on going
The tires, they kept rolling
The bright lights kept glowing

He loved her so much
Never would hurt her
Was fueled by her touch
But then they touched her
Swept away and they never saw it coming

She noticed first that they were levitating
A consciousness forever confiscating
They both felt the presence of the stars
Locked away in their messy little car
Before they knew it, they were in it
And before they could do it, they already did it
Changed forever and all I got was this stupid illness
Heading to the doctor to find out what the fuck this sickness is
And it's all always the same old story
So I'll just end here for fear of being boring
But it's true
The Hills are anew

changed,  complex,  forever,  stupid.

Author: John
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201887

I Changed

Slowly I changed,
Bit by bit,
I became what I really wanted to be.
Now that I'm what I want,
I need to be open with it,
And have crucial pride in myself.


Author: Love
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1197231

Changed For The Worse

I'm alone once more,
Doesn't make it any easier,

I'm surrounded once more,
I find it better If I was alone,

They say it gets easier with time,
I've done time; Only makes it worse,

I have gotten worse,
To my family,
To my friends,
To myself,
I don't know who I am anymore,

So much has happened in this lifetime,
I don't know where it started,
At this rate I'm not sure how it'll end...

changed,  worse.

Author: Paul R Hensley
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1197193


I believe in change.

Because when I'm with him,
My breath is short
And there is a fire inbetween my thighs.
I surrender to him
In every way
Until my toes curl
And my lungs empty
As his weight crushes my insecurities.

With you, my walls are high
To keep your arrows at bay
And you don't see
The softest parts of me.
You see my armor
But still think I am weak.

I changed,
I won't let you bruise me


Author: iliketheview
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1192206

How a mind can be changed

Time trips us up makes us take stock
All those pressures and time dependant mile stones
So much hidden from view
We always had a view, on everything, so limited
Trying to please the wind which ever way it blew
Chasing our half remembered half enforced dreams.
Time trips us up, makes us take stock
Surprising how a mind can be changed, with a little timely help.

changed,  mind.

Author: nivek
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1189973

The winds have changed directions

The winds have changed directions
But so have you

A kaleidoscopic sky
To go with your kaleidoscopic heart

We were two perpendicular lines
Two individuals who met at one point

We were

We are now two parallel lines
Never to meet again

The winds have changed directions
But so have you

And now i too turn and walk in the other direction

changed,  directions,  winds.

Author: -
Date: 19/03/2020