Poems about chest



Chest of Dirt

It's high time
I drown my pride
Open up these
Ocean eyes
Let the rays
Shine inside

My slit throat
No longer groans
My own hands
Have forged this
From broken bones
To newfound

chest,  dirt.

Author: Daniel Magner
Date: 01/04/2020


The Curiosity Chest

These giant bones-
Where are they from?
How came they here to my English home?

To Uncle Chuck's
Curiosity chest - the strangest treasures
In all the West

Grandmothers' faiths
Don't correspond. A fresh new narration
Is sent from beyond

And small variations
Throughout the years, demand supplications;
Precipitate fears

Perhaps he'll unlock it,
His eyes how they shine... when showing the locket,
The poisonous spine,

The shrunken head,
And the mummy's finger, fill us with dread
The memories linger

The showman will bow,
As he locks them away, but seared in our brains,
These images stay

chest,  curiosity.

Author: Brother Jimmy
Date: 29/03/2020


My Chest

It hurts
I feel so guilty
For all my mistakes

I'm so sorry
I hurt you
I never meant to make you cry
I never meant to break you
I never meant to kill the poet inside
I'm so sorry

I feel like my heart's gonna die
Please be alive inside
Please be ok

I'm so sorry
I'll do anything for you
I'll even hurt for the rest of my days

I'm not a hero
I'm a villain
: '(


Author: Hers
Date: 28/03/2020


Brass Chest.

My grandpa told me stories
When I was a little child
I listened with attention with eyes just opened wide.
I didn't fully understand I hadn't got a clue
He talked about a treasure chest
Made from brass with a greenish hue.

Now can you step into my shoes and imagine how I felt
I sat in school and pondered might there be something of great wealth.
Then one day I said grandpa, please will you let me see.
He kissed me on the forehead
Then told me he had no key.

When he saw the tears flow
He took me on his knee
Now let's go to the loft, we'll take a light to see.
And when I saw the velvet chest I laughed so joyously,
He said to me, "one day you'll know, magic and mystery. "

I marvelled at its beauty of red and golden strands
The velvet was divine I touched it with my hands
"Where is the key where is the key? " I yelled in ecstasy
He shook his head and said to me
"We'll come back in our stride. "

He tried his best to tell to me tales from very long ago
And I just wouldn't listen and yes he scold me so
This chest you see has been here, for many centuries
"We can't take heaven by storm "he said, "for Heaven is given to thee. "

And now this chest is in my home
It's in a sacred space
I can hear my grandpa's voice and see his adoring face
He truly is an angel who reminds me constantly
I listen to his words with attention consciously.

And still, I still imagine, the secret being revealed
And every day I create a beautiful new dream
I see the sun the moon and stars when I look inside of me.
And in joyous anticipation, in prayer I request the key.

brass,  chest.

Author: RK
Date: 22/03/2020


Rickety chest

I thought we understood
But I looked up from my books to see
You'd turned the page in our
And suddenly I was in a
Sinking ship
And couldn't find the life raft.

I thought you were my everything
But I took a step just to have the
Rug yanked out from under me
Time was flying when I thought it was
And I never got enough.

It seems I took my share of you
You broke my heart like I broke yours
Both sides of the story
But here we are (I am) wondering what would've
If I'd put up a fight.

Over the past week I've developed a cough
And with most every breath
I can feel my chest shake and
Finally the sounds inside me
The way I've been feeling.

chest,  rickety.

Author: chrissy who
Date: 22/03/2020


Girl like: paint it in red on my chest I hope it swallows me whole or at least works as A target.

Girl like: can recite digits of pi up to number 25. got a mouth full of razors but will find a way to speak around them so she can spit out the answers to last night's math problems. girl like: walking around with one million useless facts that will never save her life and one million useless feel-good quotes about yoga which won't save her life neither, girl like: need her on our classroom jeopardy team but don't need her for much else unless we need somebody to stand in the middle of the room and just scream
Girl like: you kissed her on a night where she got drunk for the first time and you were the whole bottle of fireball but nobody pulled her away from you because when girl like this parties, people think it's funny that she has no sense of danger
Girl like: walking on glass, girl like balancing act, girl like “it's easy if you understand weight distribution, ” girl handling a crime scene easy because the one in her left temple is sort of sloshing around and spreading past the edges and one of these days she's gonna have to deal with it in some other way rather than “the angle of the bloodspatter shows the angle of the assault” rather than “i'm fine i'm just tired” rather than “sure i'll help you study for the final” rather than being in the backseat of her mother's minivan and silently weeping without anyone seeing and for reasons she can't quite put a finger on
Girl like: she apologizes because this area her body is a building in renovation so the appearance is unsightly and truth be told she has no idea if she's going to tear it down or build it up but the mystery is sort of exciting isn't it - and you're trying to scrape her off the ground with your eyebrows in that little knot people get when they're upset but don't know really how to fix it and she keeps running and she says: listen, the specific heat of wood is pretty high, you know. her feet are burning, nevermind her soul
Girl like: science is amazing isn't it don't you know objects in motion tend to keep speeding towards a brick wall and i've shot myself out of the barrel of a gun wanna see the angle of the bloodspatter wanna walk across the coals wanna stick your fingers in the glass of my brain wanna turn up the music so nobody hears the stitches coming undone darling i'm sorry i'm not savable we've tried everything darling i'm sorry i come off like i've got everything in between my fingers but darling being up-to-date on my homework doesn't make me strong being good at hiding it doesn't make me the voice of success being able to laugh when my brain is a mess just makes me sad it doesn't make me a hero
Girl like: my favorite digit of pi happens to be zero.

chest,  girl,  hope,  paint,  red,  swallows.

Author: Arionna
Date: 19/03/2020


Hand on my Armor, Hand on my Chest

Hand on my armor, Hand on my chest
Asking me “Where you going? ”
I got to get off this planet before I fall intoxicated by your lips
This armor's not enough to protect me from your...
Hand on my armor, Hand on my chest
Asking me “What's your name”
Take a seat, enjoy the show
But I know this armor's not enough to protect me from
Falling into your vortex

I know I shouldn't take a chance, sneak a peek at you
From my side of the couch
But I find myself wanting all your attention
Guess I'm just selfish, jealous
This must be how it feels to be in love
Think I like that I won your favor by just being myself
Tear off my armor, Unlock my chest?

armor,  chest,  hand.

Author: Mrs Robota
Date: 17/03/2020


Little Blue Toy Chest

To Play.
To be put to rest.
To Play again.

Brand New
Fresh out of the box
Played with often

A little older
Played with not so often
But often enough to forget

Gently Worn
Hidden amongst the toys
Watching the games commence

Old and Used
Dust collects at the bottom
Taken out to be played with,
*Put away to be forgotten

blue,  chest,  toy.

Author: Sam
Date: 10/03/2020