Poems about children


№ 1210381

Think about the Children!

Think about the children!
The Children!
... So they cry and wail,
When all we do is cram them in boats,
And let them set sail.

We all want, and hope for a better future,
For you, for me, for us and them.
When we really are missing out, on the one true gems.

The Children!

Ah yes, the crumb-crunchers,
The ankle-bitters,
The moving, sleeping, babbling, leaking toilet and faucet,
We really don't know what we have,
As per usual, until we have truly lost it.

The Children.

They'll only be children once,
In respect to their age,
And then they'll grow up,
Start a whole new chapter,
With the turning of a page.

And so quickly does the page turn.

The Children were us,
And now more are coming,
When they start to cry,
Where exactly do we go running?

Be the one to give them hope,
Be the one to tell them to follow their dreams,
Be the one to teach them what's right and wrong,
Teach them, teach them, to sing their own song.

This life is cruel, the world more so,
Lessons can be learned the easy and the hard way,
But they have to be learned,
Learned some day.

So start young,
With the precious little ones,
Teach them all that is right and well,
To your daughters and sons.

Let them be children,
For the sake of their future,
Let them have their past,
Because they'll only be children once,
Before the years start running fast.

So think about the Children,
Yours, mine and ours,
Keep them safe, and teach them well,
Or they'll be rotten, and sours.

This is for the children so small,
Think of one,
You think of all.

For the Children.


Author: Danigan Lee
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210326


Children are the gifts from God that keep us grandparents going
Having energy, watching them run, play, and listening to their stories
I know I have enjoyed many times with my own
Love comes flowing in gushes through those tykes
Dear, sweet ones that involve us, also resolve around us
Reality strikes of our yesteryears bringing us smiles
Ever really think about how much they affect us?
Nice to be loved by those so precious... the little angels in our lives


Author: Debbie Jean Embrey
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209434

#10 - to my future children

I have been through lifetimes of trouble
In the sixteen years i have been graced by
Biology. i have learnt the power of words and
What they do to a person. i have spun webs of
Silk to protect my soul from everybody around me, so much so
That i fear i may never reach

But, when - if - i do,
I swear to you that i will expand my parameters, that i will
Re-erect my barriers and protect you fiercely.
You will be everything to me.
To you, words will not be weapons.
To you, i will dedicate my life, no matter how small
May be.

Because, after it all, how could i not love you?

children,  future.

Author: anna
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208333

Our Children Have No Idea

Love is not about being grown-up
I'm going to stare at you as long as it takes
Don't you remember how it feels
When are you going to let me fall in love with you

Don't make it seem too fast
That's how long it took when we were young
And now we don't have time to decide
It's our life now and you know it's true

It's not too late for us
Forget everything that has happened
I realize what we've been through
But that was with somebody else

Maybe it's my fault
Every flower I've ever sent is yours now
I just have to gather them up
And dust off the memories I'm want to forget

Don't let our children pass us by
They don't really know what we've been through
I can see the young girl in your heart
That's what I want, can you give it to me?

children,  idea.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207120

Primordial Children of Nyx

Oizys, son
From behind the leaves, I saw you, trembling
In your presence, your power strengthening
In the empty, midnight parking lot
While the street lights hummed
And moths danced around your illuminated frame
You turned slowly, onyx eyes of shame
And dirtied bare feet, male hair long and white
The street lights flickered when you blinked and cried bitterly
And I saw, for my first time, the eyes of Misery

Achyls, daughter
You were in an empty field
No premonitions did you wield
An ancient silo in the distance
Leaning over a chasm black lamb
Dark skinned, dressed in black robes
With tribal painted face
Digging earthen fingers into its black lace
When you looked up, I saw your cloudy eyes
Churning of a storm, cataract yet wise
Your lamb had absent vapored eyeballs
The Mist of Death made my skin crawl

Hypnos, son
Secluded in a cave by the sea
A silent, empty place to be
While gray waves crash into jetties
The clouds gather in the distance
Poppies at the mouth changing time in an instance
I go in your palace and rub my cold skin
For pulsing blue glows from deeper within
You, a lanky youth, with thick brown hair and heavy eyes
Sit there with a paper mask
Illuminated by the penetrating glow
In the center, surrounded by whale bones
Humming a song I remember fondly
You trapped me in your Dreams, singing lullabies softly

Eris, daughter
Violates a bedroom with utmost hate
There are paintings of kings and statues of satyrs
Pillows of silk and animals on the walls
Usurping the gold clawed palace
Silent but kicking and throwing with malice
With black skin covered in a chalky white substance
I peek through the crack in the mansion's door
Lips formed in a silent shout, you notice my presence
Naked and bruised and plagued with no voice
Suddenly stops and lays against a bloody wall
Through your electric black hair
And fiery red stare
I witness a Child of Spite
Woman of Strife

Nyx, mother
I am a crawling shadow of trees
And wicked heart of night
I am the wax on the cold leaves
And the glow of the moon's light

children,  primordial.

Author: Tiffany Case
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206501

Mandela's children

Mandela's children
At night when I lay down my head,
Hugging my thin cardboard bed,
Cold, hungry and alone.
I dream of a warm loving family
And a sweet loving home,
A piece of bread, a bowl of soup, chunk of clay,
A time of blissful happiness and play.
Maize meal fortified with vitamins
Can even stop me begging for food.
Sustenance, to last me a day which is good.
Flute & clay, will discipline and soothe my soul,
Mould my character to reach my goal.
Some computer games children play
Can develop and sharpen intellect,
Help me with evaluation project.
Fighting for a place in the sun
I came into the world innocent, hungry and cold,
And with your help even growing old.
The expanding world of technology
Are setting new goals regular a day,
Shrinking, much needed coin wasting away.
The name of the scientist,
In history books forever will lay,
Inevitably he stumbles,
Upon a cure for HIV Aids one day.
Sept 2007

children,  mandela.

Author: Andreas Stephanus Strauss
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206107

Children are crying

Children who have nothing are crying

We drown it out with our preoccupations
I do, too!

Can you imagine the Republic of Congo
And what children there, suffer?

I have travelled to the 3rd world extensively and
Have been to Nepal and Madagascar.
The children suffer in a brutal way. . .
That is hard to wrap your head around
If you've never left the US, Canada or Europe,
Australia or Japan.

How can we have a conscience
And let it go on?
We pretend it's not happening
But it is.
Google "Jared Fogle".

Let us amend the Constitution
And create a safe haven for crime victims
Let's have a two strikes and you're out
Law for pedophiles who pray on children
Under 12 years of age.

For me, I can no longer look at it
With a blind eye
For helping the children
Is what I was trained by Life experience, to do.
I was one of those children once
And not a single person cared.
Let me be there for the current
Child victims
And let's try to heal that part of
Our sometimes, twisted world.

Let me do all that I can do!

All I ask of you, is to think about children
Suffering around the world for just 10 seconds.


children,  crying.

Author: Arianna Darshani
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203802


Jubilance manifests
In many places;
Butterflies, trees,
And children's faces.
A child, to me
Is something I won't possess.
But surrounding myself with children
Can bring me joy without the stress.
But maybe someday
My feelings won't remain stagnant.
I'll want a child's artwork
On the fridge with a magnet.


Author: Amy Perry
Date: 01/04/2020