Poems about choice


№ 1210497

A choice in the flesh

If the emanations of the motive were noticed
One would be completely still
A choice in the flesh
Intricate doubt

choice,  flesh.

Author: Elan Bonde Gregory
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208599


It is
Our choice
In life
To make
Which road
In death
We have
To take


Author: Ja
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208344

An Unfortunate Choice Of Undies

The fiery rumblings in my bloated belly
Mean I simply must blow off a smelly;
And, having just consumed a Vindaloo,
I'm fearful of a major follow-through;
But it's one of those really lucky nights -
I'm wearing my uncle's open-crotch tights.

choice,  unfortunate.

Author: Edna Sweetlove
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206136

Slave by Choice

Pop the cork off,
Emotions first soft,
Remove the bottle cap,
Carefully color the map.
A warmness on the soul,
Makes a man feel whole,
His mind a burning coal,
He's rescuing his role,
It's taking its toll.
Liquid enlightening,
Frenzy frightening.
She stands back,
Wants to pack,
Leave the track.
She says it's not him,
Only a whim,
When filled to the brim.
Although it's grim,
She stays,
The days,
The greys,
She pays,
She preys.
He is not free,
Doesn't want to be,
Because by saying it's just the drink,
He proves the link,
He cannot think,
For himself, a slave,
To the crave,
Not a disease.
Simply not free,
Because he chooses to be.

choice,  slave.

Author: Britney Kempker
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205630

One choice. One step.

One morning, a child took a step
Given a heavy choice, the burden of an adept
Given by a Mother, a modern day Lady Macbeth
That day, the child's soul darkened a depth

One high noon, a boy sang his tune
Not of joy, but chaos and ruin
In a little box, too much a drone like their own
With courage the boy fashioned himself a clone

On the dusk of one day, a man wept on his knees
For the greed and all the need
What we bleed for our own creeds
He grew strong seeding all the wisdom his knowledge could feed.

On the husk of the same night, a man held a scale in his hand
On each a foundation, one of love, and one of a life too grand
King of a proud nation, beloved father; an etymology planned
Even a clairvoyant couldn't see which position he'd man.

An old crow looked upon his life, sanity in tow
Remembering a light, a feeling he ought to know
That of purpose, of old money and status quo
For the wisest know, there is no escaping how old we grow.

choice,  step.

Author: Nick Blanchard
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205592

Second Choice

I was never the first to anyone. Never the favorite. Never the beloved. I was always who they chose when they ran out of ideas. When they need a scapegoat. Or when they need a safety net. That was me.

No one would willingly choose me. And I don't understand why. Am I lacking in anything? Do I need to do something before you choose me? Tell me.

I've always wondered: why does no one want me? I can never be the first one my parents love, I'm the last they concieved. I also can't be the one people love, and I don't understand. I've done everything you wanted, yet still you choose someone else.

Can I ever not be the second choice?

choice,  second.

Author: Ruby
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205575


Sharp tormented leaves

Preoccupied with brief

Concerns, fighting against the decay

Spreading through its parts and those

Of its neighbours. Whether to stay

Or go? To cling to life or fall quietly, shuffling

Through the air, before time, startled by the wind?

The leaf's existential angst is clearer

Than the slow pondering on life's brevity

Of the tree, dying incrementally before

An equally slow rebirth. The tree

Endures through several lifetimes,

Twisting in agony.

The leaf meanwhile experiences,

After the clawing ferocity of casual storms,

Bubbling health, plump and green,

Before eviserating death. Is it therefore

Better to grow tall and long lived,

Enduring weather and creeping pests

Or live for only a year,

Agonised, to die in gorgeous coloured bliss?


Author: Stanley Wilkin
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1201287

The Choice

At fifteen you changed my life forever.
You were a surprise, a product of violence.
I said no to him but yes to never
Letting you go. I left you in silence

A mistake I will always regret cause
In the end I lost more than just a part
Of me, and everyday I see my flaws
And sadly I know deep down in my heart

I will never be good enough for you.
This is my sincere reason for my choice
That last sacrifice was my gift to you
When you're older you'll know it was the right choice


Author: CC
Date: 30/03/2020