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Some Choose Suicide

Cast down beneath a waterfall of sorrow
Begging to know if there will be a tomorrow
While sinking into a morass of self-doubt
Unable to see if there's a possible way out.

The voices one hears have so many sharp edges
Some driven right down to jump of high ledges
While ghouls stand around to share an excitement
Victims themselves, their lack of enlightenment.

The last-minute thoughts of where life was breached
A finality of purpose is sadly now reached
One step and it ends and the pain goes away
There'll be no more living and no more next day.

What causes some people to end things this way
That last final action that takes all away
Perhaps it's our failure, we're not watching out
We get wrapped up in our life and don't hear their shout.

There isn't a person whose life ends this way
Who's not shown the signs of unhappiness' sway
But we're blind to their problems, we don't want to know
As blithely we miss all the pain that they show.

It's only much later when it's far far too late
When notices come with a church service date
That we express surprise and say вАШcourse we will come'
But the signs were all there, we were just far too dumb.

©Joe Wilson вАУ Some Choose Suicide 2014

choose,  suicide.

Author: Joe Wilson
Date: 06/04/2020

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You Get to Choose How Old You Are

She was washing dishes,
Putting things away,
Glad for a little quiet after the fray,
Hospital bills would be coming,
Juggling bills to pay,
But she was glad for the quiet today.

Sam came in with dirt on his face
From playing "trucks" on the drive,
And trailing a gritty wet trail
For a cookie or two and some milk with his Mom.

She milk-dunked an Oreo
Looked at her son, and said,
"What shall we do for today? "
To the milk-mustached boy
Who'd barely made it to five.

"How 'bout checkers? " he asked,
And she looked hard at him,
"Where did you learn how to play? "

"At the doctor's, " he said,
As he dipped cookies in,
And startled his mother again.

"Honey, who taught you to play? "

"Max and I played. He showed me how, "
He said with a straight, serious face
As she spilled the milk from her glass.

"Honey, Max has been gone for two years! "

"I know, Mom, and now he is six, and not three.
In heaven, you get to decide.
And Grampa and Gramma came up to say hi,
And numbers were swirling around. "

She paused, now uncertain, and mopping up milk,
"So did you see Jesus? " she said.

"Yup, Jesus was there. He said I could visit,
But I had to go back, " Sam looked at her matter of fact.
"Can I go play now? " And outside he went,
Brown smudges still stuck on his chin.


Author: Don Bouchard
Date: 01/04/2020

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Choose Wisely

I'm tired of hearing
You're beautiful

Of hearing
I love you

With no intention
Of meaning it

choose,  wisely.

Author: Victoria Jennings
Date: 31/03/2020

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What a Man Must Choose

I could put my head in a noose
To set my thoughts loose
The one's that must choose
To honor what mother hoped to produce
Or what freedom would lose
If I cut my tongue out with my fears

Between the time that naked bodies were born
And the sound of a terrifying horn
We learned of heroes to mourn
And enemies to scorn
Unknowing which badge to adorn
Would it be of laughter or of tears?

Men speak with assurance over destiny
Others mock those of certainty
While he buried his Father on Wednesday
Telling his best friend on Friday
Wondering why we walk so proudly
When we always lose no matter our years

The schemes of men immune to widowing their brides
Walking ashore as we lay, subject to the tides
That do not know the history of our lies
Or the spoken truth that only divides
While those who are weak must choose sides
And decide which voice it is that a saved man hears

choose,  man.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 27/03/2020

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Creating a spark in the dark (Choose to refuse self-induced Abuse)

Somewhere along the line I broke my internal compass.
Already inhaled our poisoned water, fearful of not reaching the surface.
Never knowing the right direction, leaves me left alone.
Done so much to weather this body, not as clear cut as a broken bone.
I just feel I want to go that way.
Eye see what I want - stumble, blackout, and stray.

Script already written, but the characters are constant variables.
Knowing everything in our heads is all malleable
Reading in between the lines searching for guarantees,
Feelings come influx... and then slowly flee

Anchor me down to anything.

Sinking into a black tar pit abyss, wondering when I'll leave.
But maybe my soul was always meant to roam foreign zones, alone, free.
It's in moments like these where to thoughts I feel shackled to, can't release.
It becomes a hassle to feel happy, struggling to properly breathe.

Maybe no world is the same as yours
Each path has perfectly placed locked doors,
That's as individual to you as what you soak into your pores.
Getting dirty, but we still want more.

It'll soon be time to graduate from our physical capabilities,
But man, how did I go so long without seeing the synchronicities?

I bleed red, I'm tired, but true.
I can't bridge past the fact that I don't know if this is for me or you.

My monster of malice,
Helps me hold high, the aluminum chalice.
Knowing these roads don't help feed my head,
Left Alice in bed for the next adequate depressant threshold
Draining my spirit and the malicious comes back-
Writing down symbols, using me as a vessel.

This dream of a life can be stressful
My walls I am enclosed in has become a mess hole.
Halls with trophies that look much like alcohol bottles... oh wait.
Little victories! - I'm still here.
Make the liquid disappear so you can see the skewed you a little more clear.
I make the art of dying look so graceful,
Just hoping before the expiration date I left you with something tasteful.

My genes are tearing at the seams.
Glittered with fractured beams of half- hope
Slipped down the rope before I saw the light
Shining down on disappointment.
Been joyously walking to the liquor store for my alcoholic ointment.

Too much cancer, fresh internal scars, and airbrushed perspectives.
It's too bad we mostly only look at our exterior when being reflective.
Sex becomes a place where we can forget.
It happened for more than hormones, yet many tend to regret.
People can run off course and divorce themselves when intercourse leads to remorse
But the choice is yours.
Then we develop new feelings whether intended or not.
A home for new wounds, just waiting to clot.

We're simply riding through life chemically imbalanced,
Happiness turns to madness, sadness, numb.
Jumping from this feeling to that, this person to them.
Firing more into the overworked synapses that overreact through connection
When you clash with your mind, and embody all it's destructive four course meals
It eventually takes control over your entire life, robbed blind, an easy steal.
Peel away each sentence, and bask right now in the surreal,
Make a deal to be your divine self and let the soul show ya what's real.

In these very limited bodies, currently, time is currency. *
With your unlimited potential act purposefully-
Spend the ticks wisely to enrich your soul.
Mind plays tricks from time to time, never let it have control
Open your third eye and dare to be bold
Strengthen vibrations with intent to share the love
And you'll be riddled with appreciation without deviation,
From the heaven within us all, to the heavens above

~But I trust our spirits know our way around the blueprint.
Despite the many unseen forces, forever at play.
Look deeper into the depths like an enthusiastic student
**Reality is just a matter of what you believe; namaste

abuse,  choose,  creating,  dark,  induced,  refuse.

Author: ThoughT
Date: 21/03/2020

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Choose Wisely

One belongs in the past,
The other is meant to last.
Choose wisely between one another,
Because you will lose the other.

choose,  wisely.

Author: Helsy Flores
Date: 21/03/2020

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Choose Wisely

What am I feeling?
So many things.
How do I pick the one
That is worthy?
How do I decide
Which flitter of chemical cascade
To capture
And pin down
And immortalize
On this page?

They are all so ugly
And so beautiful,
Each in their own unique way.
Which is wheat?
And which the chaff?

It would seem that
"Ambivalent" and
"Introspective" and
"Pretentious" and
"Self-centered" have
Risen to the top today.
In trying to decide
How to define myself
I have defined myself
Without choosing.

This is who I have become,
But not
Who I choose to be.

choose,  wisely.

Author: Michael Valentine
Date: 21/03/2020

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I'd choose you every time

And that was the moment i knew,
If this whole earth was dancing,
I would still be watching you.

choose,  time.

Author: bee
Date: 19/03/2020