Poems about city


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Her body was a city.
Filled with folk who spoke with their hands.
Nothing was ugly. The way that they vocalized.
She lived in the street, watching every little thing come alive.
Her body was a city where most times we sat in the car.
With no idea where we were going.
Most of the time just sitting there with the music playing.
I loved going places with her, most times just sitting still.
There wasn't just one landmark that stood out. Often time loosing sense of direction.
Sex heard through the ears of a leaky car and rattling tailpipe.
Her body had a culture of it's own.
Moet' shaped frame, cigar paper still wove tight. Still in the package.
Rich in the sound that came alive soon as her eyes closed. The same color of her car.
Each little thing contributed to the support of how she dreamed with her eyes open.
The folk whom spoke with their hands. lost in a multitude of conversation.
Everything came to life with each passing glance.
A few folks walking pass, the corner store still lit.

Sitting in a still car, promoting live art.
The little orange wrench popping up on the dashboard motioning perspective.
Often a soloist, she'd let me visit by the hum of buzzing lights.

Wooden street poles, medium sized plastic aluminum and glass.
We sat under the street light in a mid sized sedan without need for seat belts.
Rich in the sound that came alive soon as her eyes closed.
I myself became a resident.
Following the songs she'd play.
I'd listen intently often forgetting everything she just said.

The contact of screen to phone. The back drop of lights ringing in silence.

Volume cut low, Most of the time just sitting there with the music playing.
Everything just seemed to disappear in the percussion her body would make.

The swift motion her hips would make,
The songs she'd mouth to herself.
I wasn't completely hopeless.
Just in love with the blues


Author: Kewayne Wadley
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208970

City Lights

I just want to hide away
To crawl under a rock
Pretend the world was slipping
Through my fingers
Fists and jaw
From the shock
Of living as us puppets do
From our stings and strands
Our tufts of hair getting in the way
Blocking the Puppet master from the stand
So instead we tune our notes and look
To the hiding space we might crawl
Away from harm
And cold, frozen snow
In hibernation, we turn a cold cheek
To destruction, flame and sorrow
Curl up into safety pins
And prick those who come too close
Hidey holes are not for sharing
Or so the story goes
But the truth is we're needles too,
Wrapped up in our thread
We look to mend
Tie knots
And break off loose ends.

city,  lights.

Author: Sahar Aghlara
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208290

City Limerick

There once was a girl from the city
Who in her youth was quite pretty
But she decided to write
Stayed up every night
Looking for something quite gritty.

city,  limerick.

Author: Joy Ceye
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207792

I lost my way to the city

I should find my way out!
Like a freed bird from a cage!
I need to leave my village,
I should swing my wings up and down,
I should be leaving now!

But I lost my to the city,
My journey into civilization,
Lost in the forest,
Where the songs of birds mock me,
Lost in the desert where my footprint
Laugh at my animalistion!

city,  lost.

Author: Drunk poet
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1202123

City of Joy:KOLKATA

Nature is your mother

Love is your flavour

You're the city of joy

You're the only

Whom I love

My beloved Kolkata -Written on 03. 09. 2012, Monday

city,  joy.

Author: Gourab Banerjee
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1198972

Boneless city

Boneless city
How did I never see you waver in my youth?
Ignorant of the tilt and the blows dealt on day-to-day walks
Stepping into bruises, slamming into bloody grit

Boneless street
You bring my head all the closer to the ground
All the further from the clouds
From all your round about; circular, ocean mouth
Shark-toothed belly ache
You find yourself insatiate

Quaint, the flesh of a dying city
The concrete simmer, the metallic retreat
The dust in lieu of blanket smog
No fractures with all struts gone
Only a once inflation, reduced flat
A stranger finding himself within
Wading liquid glass that shaves off chunks
Of everything, but the lack

boneless,  city.

Author: Akemi
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198579

Alone in a mediocre city

I sat in that disturbingly dark room, with barely a wince of light shining through the thick curtains that were blue originally but now look dinged with yellow from the cigarette smoke.

Hearing the dirty and grungy guitaring with the out of tune and high pitched scratchy voice overbearing the whole thing sounded beautiful to me at the time.

I knew I was depressed at that very moment.

Even some sunny days have clouds that cast a shadow on the fields.

My fields though, were paved concrete that snake through everything.

I was in a relatively large city, heavily populated and concentrated in a small place.
It wasn't anything like New York, or Atlanta or even Miami, but the thought of being in a big city excited me.

I would have rather be alone in a large city, than this mediocre town of old folk's homes and schools for the growing children.

I was alone no matter what; I wanted to be alone sometimes.

To get out of the scorching sun and sit in the shade for a while calmed things down a bit.

I was so alone; I just wish I had someone to be alone with.

city,  mediocre.

Author: Kyle Hughes
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198245

Midnight City

They pushed your feet through paper
When your head caught the sky like a fever
And stars shone through your eyes

I pulled you to the pavement
To watch your brothers and sisters
Fly across the black ocean above you

Dreams and lack of them floated you
Above a world you forgot to know
Where the bunnies beneath your bed
Ate the silver dripping from your fingertips

Your mother taught you how to swim
So you could reach the white island
That waited to become your home
And fight away the dark tide riddled bright

city,  midnight.

Author: Ryan Walker
Date: 27/03/2020