Poems about clean


№ 1205732

Soul to thick to clean

So silenced as I'm spoken
My words are kept in dust
But so blessed be the broken
As I suffered against the lust

And now twitch without the lovers
As I tempt and coincide
With nothing more then fodder
Churning medication in to lies

Oh What good was all this non sense
When my screams echo and never place
Marked by those who surfaced
Scar bitten across the face

I have conjured as I've wandered
From the mattress filled to the seems
With secrets of the unwanted
And a soul to thick to clean

I was never yours.

clean,  soul,  thick.

Author: Jordan Andrew Striegler
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205522

Clean And Fit

Clean and fit
Up on our feet
Get the chance
Play their role
In it
Our world
Clean and fit

clean,  fit.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203636

Wash Day Nothing Clean

I am one of those shameless kind
Putting out my dirty washing for all to see
I know I should keep a civil tongue
But bugger that
Pull my pants down and show you my bum

It's wash day for I have nothing clean
And my preference is to be rather obscene
Is this an artistic right
As I always love a good old fight

I am just a bar fly brawler
A gutter crawler
So I spout out and shake it all about
As it's wash day and I have nothing clean

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

clean,  day,  wash.

Author: Christos Andreas Kourtis
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203299

He says I'm a clean mirror.

You're so brittle
Sometimes I feel stronger than that
But you make me seem like some
Stained glass window in the belltower
Of a church, you don't want to touch me
For the sake of a metaphor you heard once--
But I won't collect dust on your mantle
To satisfy your mirror tropes and sweet,
Sweet, nothings.

That's exactly what they are, right? more than
Once i've peeled back the flaps of a wound just
To make a point, to emphasize a passion, only to be met
With *is that any way to live? As if you were accosting me
In the street for the birds in the trees or dirt in the cracks
As if you were saying is that any way to be you?
I don't know, is it? Bare your heart! you tell me,
And I do, I bear it.

clean,  mirror.

Author: brooke
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202685

Poseidon. (washing clean.)

With well worked hands
He pulls on the sea
Like the hem of a pale skirt dancing 'round his lovers hips

It's what she loves about him most

The way that the tide ebbs and flows
With the rise and fall of his sun-stained chest

And gull feathers
And bits of fishing net
Woven into his hair
Like the threads of canvas sails

Aqueous thunder-head eyes
Look like they've seen the fall of every empire
And soon
They'll witness the fall of ours

He smells of salt-cured wood and the sun
And it's the kind of smell you'll never forget
Nor properly describe

He moves like magic

Like waves
Lapping at the shoreline in the calm of dusk

With an anxious tongue
And an appetite that's never satisfied
He licks the wounds of any heart
He's strong enough to bare the weight of any burden
Of any trash barge or sea ferry

Ear pressed to his chest
Like a conch-shaped vessle
The labor of his heart valves plays like sailor songs
In an empty cabaret

Nerve-wrackingly beautiful

clean,  poseidon,  washing.

Author: Catrina Hemker
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1199305

The slut is clean

A normal conversation,
Lost, slowly turned away
For the best part
I dont have to ignore or say
It's subtle yet it's gone
It's wicked yet it is random love
But then I get suspicious
And then you get vicious
Showers me with reasons
For the end of tomorrows
To spit me on the face
Raping me with yesterdays
A normal bitterness
Lost, slowly turned away
For the best part
Most puppets play
But you know;
I am different

And satisfied for now with my departure
From your sinking ship
With no words
With no words now


Author: 11
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1197929

Clean Frame

Warm water softly rinsed away all fragility

A future, open, a fresh scent

You were there when I awoke
And I always remember

The shades of light this world allows
Only when we're together

clean,  frame.

Author: Samuel
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197900

No, i dont want another drink, i just want to be clean

I sometimes take
Three showers
In a day
My skin may be
Outrageously dry
But it doesnt feel that way

Yes, it feels cracked
And broken
But it doesnt feel like a months walk through the winters breath
It feels like
Your grin ripping me open

So i wash it away
Again and again
In hopes ill remove your fingertips
From my back
The depths of my hair
And off of my lips

Maybe ill erase your words
So they arent on my eyelids
And my own tongue
Could i rub out your scent
Like you rubbed your hands
Over parts of me that were unsung

To stop your glance from shackling me down
Keep your hips from propelling into me
And take your mouths clasp off my ear
So i rinse off the the dirt etched into my bones
Along with the fingernail in my shoulder
And the reasons as to why out of all places,

You came *here.

clean,  drink.

Author: Benjamin
Date: 27/03/2020