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Closed Doors

It has elevated
The beat can beat
A sewing machine
I'm scared of wolves
This empty road too
The houses on both sides
Populated but, are closed

I tried to knock on each doors
None opened, they're watching
Behind curtains
Through the windows
Unwilling to give a hand

closed,  doors.

Author: Mane Omsy
Date: 03/04/2020


Through Closed Eyes

The scarred life I've lived.
The awful things I've regretted.
The times I've wished for death.
The tomorrow's that never came.

The light, the shadows.
The shape of my life.
The night's of despair.
The world known as hell.

The place I call home.
The beings I call family.
The evolution of my memories.
The experience of my existence.

This is not what I wanted to live in.
It's not how it's supposed to be.
The world is stopped in time.
Everyone's lost in reality.

Go to sleep and never wake up again.
You've gotten past everyone's lies.
You're free from the chain.
You saw the world through closed eyes.

closed,  eyes.

Author: Dark Delusion
Date: 02/04/2020


Closed Pastures of Yesterday

Today a thought or two sped into center stage,
Disguising the space that surrounds the seas,
What if the lands we ran from were where we ought to be?
What if the green leaves of summer could no longer be seen,
Autumn colors only reminders of pastures in a dream.
Birds singing unfamiliar songs, ones we had never heard,
Yes, it is great to be part of the new but it isn't as new as it seems.
Dave, John and Mary have been here before,
Sure didn't they talk about it in the times?
No, that was some other folk, turning memories into sweet rhymes.
You weren't the first to open the door, spreading wisdom, giving new hope.
Remember all lands were founded so play in them how you may,
All of these pastures were built for your pleasure,
New characters created each day.
Its not that you are less special then all who have gone before.
No, you have a purpose, so use it, adding blocks to the core.
In memory of Seamus and Thomas, sing out to all who will listen,
Give them your whole hearted vision
Explain that a pasture isn't a prison.

closed,  pastures,  yesterday.

Author: Lilly Gibbons
Date: 25/03/2020


Eyes Wide Closed

With one eye open
And one eye closed
That's how i go through life
Seeing what i want to see
And when i don't
I close both eyes

closed,  eyes,  wide.

Author: Mike Hauser
Date: 24/03/2020


Eyes closed.

Too much time has passed
Like water under the bridge I've burned
Maybe you don't even care anymore
But would you just kiss me
One more time
With closed eyes
And you can pretend
I am whoever you want.

closed,  eyes.

Author: e
Date: 21/03/2020


My eyes closed

My eyes closed, your arms around me.
My eyes closed, your rhythmic breathing warms my neck.
My eyes closed, the alarm goes off.
My eyes open, you re not there, you never were.

closed,  eyes.

Author: María José
Date: 20/03/2020


Closed door and a diamond crystal

Much before the door closed
Can be seen regularly when walking on the road
Though dark, see the mass of trash
But did not hear any noise ever

On the side of the sky touch wall
My constant movement
Though shadow yet trademark cynicism
I can go away even closed eyes

Closed eyes within the dark
Yet unbelievable, but brings a dream
A dream within the dark,
See a diamond crystal
Where only light and light dispersion
From each dimension

Suddenly, in dream
I am in front of the closed door,
See a footprint,
Known voice with tune,
Can hear the illusive song

Now neither there exists any tall wall
Nor any closed door in the mind

closed,  crystal,  diamond,  door.

Author: Musfiq us shaleheen
Date: 19/03/2020


Eyes Closed

Eyes Closed
Why can't you See it? Why don't you care?
Why have you lost hope, and given up?
As you turn in circles and run a muck.
Have you lost your touch,
Or just bad luck?

Your old habits have returned,
The lessons from your past you haven't learned.
Crazy ways of thinking, yet hoping for a way out,
Changing your life is what it's all about.

I didn't want to leave you,
But I had to get away,
No one taught me the game of Life,
Or the directions on how to play.
I wish that you would see all that you have lost,
With nothing left to gain,
Just a lot of children who suffer with endless pain.

I know that you are blinded by the darkness,
And unable to defend,
So please, step into the light, with a life
That's no longer pretend.
I miss you so much, and I love you even more,
You are in my prayers at night, when I pray to the Lord.

Why can't you See it? Why don't you care?
You are with me every night and day, with my every prayer.
Our family had always been so close,
A bond that was of enemy's envy, and love that they'd want most.
Unavailable at highest price, and can't be sold,
Bonded by a love so strong, that made others turn cold.

As hard as it is to be so far away,
I gotta remember that I need to learn someday,
The things in life you didn't teach me, nor show me the way,
That's okay, ‘cause I wouldn't be who I am today,

I've always been strong, and only God knows how,
And that's a blessing, for my life is better now,
I cry a lot because I miss you,
You are my best friend, my mother,
And I can't be without you.

So why can't you just walk away from that awful place?
The town that should be condemned from the human race.
That's sucking the life from your soul,
It's holding you back, not letting you go,
Waiting for you to lose all control.

Why Can't you See it? Why don't you care?
What happened to my mom, and why isn't she there?
Are you afraid of the way your life may change,
Maybe afraid of something new, so keep with the strange?

You walk around, but your eyes are closed,
You also run back, ‘cause it's the life you chose.
You don't wanna be open to the free world,
So admit you are lost,
Hidden behind your soul, and given to the wrong
Higher power at our cost,

Have you given up because you had no choice?
Maybe not strong enough to stand up with no voice?
You let enemies believe they were right,
And took advantage of you,
Time and time again; and out the window
Your life you threw.

So grab all the kids, and just disappear,
Come up here, and your life will seem clear.
I'll take care of you all, with every promise I make,
Just like before, with no given mistake.

Walk off with your head held high,
Don't look back, as you tell Barstow “ Goodbye”
You'll be happy, and no longer will you cry.
Your expectancy on what a man should
Or must provide for you is wrong,
It is in your hands where all stability should be strong,
And give us a life, and family where we belong.
I Love You!!!

closed,  eyes.

Author: Shannon Lee Rohn
Date: 19/03/2020