Poems about coffee


№ 1210143

Cold Coffee

We will measure the oil slick skyline in miles per hour, asking ourselves how often the Eiffel tower is lonely.
Crumbling bits of long-boned light between our fingers,
Together, we are the euthanasia of elegance.
Half past fifteen and I drive like an arrhythmia, the universe has been promised to my palms, it should have been you, it should have been you, a secondhand hurricane halved, but maybe my skin is always overcast.
You are a constellation's carcass, flaying open a second subconscious.
There is a certain rhythm to misremembering, but you always come to me clutching at the colors.
You are an estuary, stumbling, gracelessly slung into stillness, embalmed by the opacity of your own hands, yet you listen and understand and agree that grass is the incessant stole of decay, that someone has indeed replaced our vertebrae with tusks of summer, an illicit version of lunar lethargy,
And ten years from now we'll still be cerebral as stars, drinking cold coffee and crying under the sink, keening amongst the early morning wreckage, the vernacular of Vesuvius.

coffee,  cold.

Author: Laura Ingram
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210007

Free Coffee

Nothing like a gesture
From one friend
To another
To make me feel
A thousand times better

coffee,  free.

Author: Curtis
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208281


Rum n whisky
A kiss is not risky
You a pure coffee, am I a tea~?

coffee,  tea.

Author: Ravindra Nayak
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207733

Half Cream, Half Sugar; Still Coffee

Blue boys, pink girls,
Basketball teens, ballet queens,
Those who dare cross purple borders,
Receive shame, ridicule, despair,
For purple is fine if it's the color of bruises,
Given by blue boy's fists or pink girl's words.
Why do people react this way?
It's unknown, but it still hurts.

Let's say you were a number two,
With favorite color teal,
But that's only for ones, not you,
Then how would you feel?
Would you change your colors,
What you love inside?
There's no law that says you must,
So you need not abide!

Women dressed in shirts and ties,
Men wearing makeup, hair getting dyed;
The world is not so black tie or white dress,
For some prefer to stand apart from the rest,
By wearing what they think suits them best.
Taboo, you say, or on the fence,
Look at how they smile, such confidence!

Some say men take coffee with cream,
While ladies sweet take sugar,
Such silly aspects of life split in two;
What about those who want both or neither,
For which this certainly will not do?
Sit on down and take a spoon,
Grab one of each, maybe two!
For what does it matter,
What don't they see?
It doesn't matter what you put in it;
It's still just coffee!

coffee,  cream,  half,  sugar.

Author: Heath Leonardo
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207512

Coffee Talk

-A note for my coaches-

It's a curse of my generation, I think
I'm better off talking to you in letters made of light
Than in songs made of sounds
Because at least then I can be proofread

What do people even say to each other in person?
Even with friends, I can't remember a conversation
I had today or yesterday, never mind far off in the past
I must've talked about the weather, or my next test
Or something else of equally little substance
So my brain must have just catalogued it all as discard and thrown it out

I try to imagine the future
Meeting you at a coffee shop in the city
I'm home from college for a weekend
And we'll have to talk about something

About the past, about the people I left there?
About where we're going, what we've been up to?
About politics, the weather, the news?

I can't ever think beyond that
Because even in my head, no words make it past my parted lips
But if I could, this is what I would tell you

The darkness is all around me right now
I'm trying not to let anyone else see it
But I know you've been here before
And I think you'd understand
If I told you that I'm doing my best to keep the candles lit
*Please don't let me slip out of your life

coffee,  talk.

Author: Amethyst Fyre
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207275

I Used to Hate Coffee

I used to hate the taste of coffee. I used to scrunch my nose at the bitter taste and I'd only drink it if it was flavoured or loaded with sugar.

Now I take the first sip of scalding coffee and sigh in relief as it burns my throat and I get my fix.

As I've grown older I've gotten more bitter so I don't hate coffee anymore and find myself craving the bitter bean juice, just as I find myself craving our bitter relationship.

But since I can't satisfy that craving, I'll stick with the coffee instead.

ВЂ“ I Used to Hate Coffee // F. C.

coffee,  hate.

Author: The Bleak Poet
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206355

Coffee Walks

You awake in me the same excitement as the sound of the coffee pot bravely bubbling up something inside like the elixir of life that makes day-to-day, tedious trials more bearable.
Thousands of cups of coffee shared with you, talking out problems and people, with one rule: No pity parties at Purdy's, so we'd take walks.
Walks and talks and walks and talks, getting to know you, and me. Getting to know the feeling of Richmond beneath our feet, and we were free. Save, one passing comment on the adrenals and caffeine.
And unknowingly, you taught a broken girl how to trust. Taught her that growing together with someone, like good coffee, is not something that should be rushed.

coffee,  walks.

Author: Tatiana Cody
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206327

Coffee Love

I love you like i love my cup of coffee.
First thing in the morning
In the middle of day
Or late at night.
Dark, bitter, sweet or both.
Right now, later, and always constantly.

coffee,  love.

Author: mhelows
Date: 03/04/2020