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September ( a Collaboration with David Hewitt)

September morning and the blush pink of a child's eyelid
With soft Wedgewood blue
And a silvery white.
Feathery treetops shiver in the light breeze
And there is a delicious chill in the air.
Contrails break apart in slow motion
Resting on the daybreak's skyline.

A blackbird hops across the dewy grass
To take his morning slice of stale bread.
Rose petals crimped and heavy wait
Patiently to be dried in the pastel sun.

There is no sadness as the summer slips by;
Just memories of freshly mown grass
On parish fields, of light, of warmth,
Of sea and country walks
Sweetening, like apples
In a sand box.

collaboration,  david,  september.

Author: Mary Pear
Date: 07/04/2020

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Within My Storm ~~~ Collaboration with Jonathan E Furches

A downpour,
Heavy flow of rain
Droplets of thoughts
Consuming my brain
The evil curses are pretty
Making me do cruel things
It's a shame you're filled with envy
Cause jealousy is so unbecoming

It hits to the center of the bones
Making endless cracks that don't belong
It fringes to the core
Making a stain that becomes forever more
But why I ask must it be
The control you have over my washing limbs
To take me in paths that consumes the dims
Why must I consider the vast of array?
You broke my heart sending endless pains
Now I lie in a soaking storm

With lightning flashing in my eyes
And thunder filling my soul
It's raging, waiting to burst
I'm under the storms control
A tornado of emotions
Swirling inside my brain
Ripping out what's left of sanity
Leaving behind nothing but pain
I don't understand
I'm confused and so sorry
Please don't feel bad for me
I deserve nothing
Especially your pity

Just allow me to rage within my storm
Leave me, don't stand by my side
You were never there for my deepest cries
I wish to be swept by this storm I so see
To wake and if it be, than it be
But I doom to my death
Plagued like a disease
Scorn to a life less end
And that my friend is
**my very sin

collaboration,  jonathan,  storm.

Author: Just Melz
Date: 03/04/2020

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Cougar Love (Collaboration w/Cne)

A divine mixture of young love and smutty nights
Roses in a vase
On the table
While we make love in a bathtub

In candlelight softness
With passion red petals
Slip in the ripples
As our bodies braid together

Splish splash splosh

Skin upon scorching skin
Steam bubbles within
Consecrated in elation
I'm lost in your lips

Hands navigating your body
Charting your curves
Lips impassioned
Moans interlaced on our tongues

Mmm oh god yes

Such an inciting allure
Your body on mine
Years fade
Just you and just me

A young physique of fervor
Amore in matching ardor
Ageless in love
Attune in affection

Rhythm throbbing harmony

You know what you're doing
We're in sync in love
Your tongue on my neck
You drive me to the edge again

Climbing that pinnacle
Arriving together
Desire whirling, intimacy
Releasing ripe rhapsody

**ooh's ahh's climax sighs
We tenderly kiss satisfied and content

collaboration,  cougar,  love.

Author: Jack Jenkins
Date: 03/04/2020

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The Mighty Stand Tall, The Weak Shall Fall ~~~Collaboration with Arcassin Burnham

Can you see me standing here?
High above you all so tall?
Don't you worry, never fear,
I'll never let anyone else feel small.

Tired of the sight of seeing you lonely,
No one in this world is perfect,
Protect you from this cruel world,
Only if you bring me your sympathy,
Showering me in your stories,
And bring me so much joy and laughter,
Perishing all your worries,
Creating a new amiable chapter.

Right here and now,
The time is right.
I've seen your struggle,
I've seen your plight.
I'm here to help,
Lending a strong hand
I'll never let you go,
Please understand.
This is truth,
This is the light.
I won't let you down,
We'll win this fight.

You were the greatest,
You were my strafe,
I vowed the world,
To keep you safe,
There's no denying,
This is your home,
This is your life,
This is your place,
I only want the best for you,
I'd be glad to see your face.

I smile upon you, keeping this sacred vow,
To stand by your side, even if we journey through hell.
There is no use, trying to ask me how,
No, we will not hide, until the evil we cross has fell.

And as it burns,
You finally get what you wished for.
Don't ever lose a turn,
Play your cards right, don't draw blood, draw fours.
The only thing I need from you is love,
You know what they say,
Love is an open door.

We can walk through,
Hand in hand.
Following along,
With the ultimate plan.
It's now or never,
Time to choose.
Either way, together,
We can never lose.

arcassin,  burnham,  collaboration,  fall,  mighty,  stand.

Author: Just Melz
Date: 02/04/2020

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Caressed Cognac Anticipation collaboration with Mairi ( maiasmusing IG)

Caressed Cognac Anticipation

She had the glasses ready at the abandoned farmhouse...
They sipped cognac together gazing into each other's eyes
She traced the top of the glass with her fingertips
Slowly... only stopping once to lightly dip her finger in the amber nectar
Her eyes never leaving his
The liquor warmed in her palms as she caressed the crystal orb
He licked his lips
In anticipation
As she took in the heated aroma of the liquid dropping the first sip on to the tip of her tongue with her finger
Moving closer towards her, he pulled her close kissing her passionately tasting the cognac
Filling his mouth with the taste, before he tasted all of her...
Slowly savouring tongue lingering on hers
She arched as he trailed his lips down her neck
Pressing her trembling body closer to his
The same moment he pulled her in faced buried in her neck savouring the scintillating elegance
Breathing in the aroma of his skin she was captivated by his masculinity
Unbuttoning his shirt she pulled back offering him her drink...

anticipation,  caressed,  cognac,  collaboration.

Author: Palmer
Date: 01/04/2020

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A Seed Found Furrow (collaboration)

A seed found furrow in my brow
Awaiting harvest, hungers now

Through my fertile mind's palimpsest
A vine breaks soil where memories nest

Pushing on with a writhing stem
From deep brown earth toward blue welkin

With nostalgic rays, a star unfolds
A leaf, a story, yet untold

Each bud a poem that's yet to bloom
In flowered couplets for the moon

Awaiting dawn, for petals pleat
To release a blossom's fragrance sweet

And from one strand a spider weaves
A gossamer web on trembling leaves

To capture prey that seeks to read
Poetic verse among the weeds.

Plant and spider thus conspire
Conscripting minds of like, inspired,

To sew words of thorns, that never wilt
Till every bough, a bookshelf built

collaboration,  furrow,  seed.

Author: Phosphorimental
Date: 27/03/2020

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No.1 Sapiosexual Slapping Inquisition- Collaboration with Tyler James Birabent (#one-a-week-series)

Sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking,
Is wrapped inside a ball,
A small pink ball inside our head,
That won't stop till we're dead,

Analytical bedrock inside oozing theories,
Elemental atoms sizzling logic,
The imaginative stranger,
One abstracted and eccentric,

Walking with shadows,
Talking and mocking,
Through these theories inside us,
Tilting our caps вАШtil we're shaking our heads,

Pensive love in storming analysis,
Sapiosexually excited, piqued interest,
Unemotional and thoughtfully attuned,
Absently minded, always condoned,

Unconventional and impartially stringed,
Weirdly wired in auxiliary functions,
Misconstrued and misunderstood,
An inbred intelligence bleeding paranoia,

Knocking unto me,
Into you, inside us all,
It's something we all yearn to be,
And when you fail and prevail we laugh,

Crickling crickets thinking nothing,
Washing down the storm drain,
With no thoughts fluidly sliding down my throat,
Pop goes no questions into absolute concise words like freshly broken glass,

Again shadows await, but different shadows,
Blinking at me staring at you,
Wondering what's what, inside this dementia made sense of a lovely afternoon,
Inside your sane, autocorrected, predetermined, twitching, little...mind.

Inspired by Myers Briggs Personality Test
Tyler is INTP... Logician (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Perception)
The drifter, dreamer the absent minded professor!
SassyJ is INTJ... Architect (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Judging)
The starry-eyed idealist manoeuvring life as if a giant chess board!

What Myer Briggs personality type are you? . . See link below
It would be great to know. Please comment!!!
Http: //www. 16personalities. com/intp-personality

collaboration,  inquisition,  james,  series,  slapping,  tyler.

Author: SassyJ
Date: 26/03/2020

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Somebody's In Charge ~~~ Collaboration with Wolf Spirit aka QuinFinn

One day, the body decided to choose, they all wanted a say, win or lose. Never knowing who was boss, had made them all tired, on that day, this is what transpired...

The heart said* "I should be in charge, I'm the toughest muscle and my love is large"
Said the feet, "Well, that's not fair. Without me you could go nowhere. "
The hands spoke up, "Who helps you eat and drives your auto down the street? "

"Don't you like your balance, and how we help you dance, without us, you'd never stand a chance" said the arms in unison.
"Oh! But I'm not done" entered the heart, singing this tune "I guide you all blindly along, bringing hope and faith, why not sing my song? "

This sorely raised the sphincter's ire... "Without me, all you would expire... I'll constipate and blur the eyes, make you weak within the thighs. Make the brain go comatose, dribble on you feet, yea, that would be gross... "

Vagina says to all, clear as day "Excuse me! I have something to say! Without me, you'd all be no more, for I give life, you're all a bore. I'm done with this stupid dispute! "
"Ummm, excuse me love muffin, " says the thighs, "But if I didn't open wide, your point would be mute! "

The eyes chimed in, "Look here... Oh, that's right... You cannot see... Who better to guide you along... Without my help, how lost you'd be"

"I have a question. " said the brain. "Don't you thin... Oh, wait... Without me you're all nothing. Legs couldn't walk, mouth could not talk, heart wouldn't believe and no one would breathe! "

"I'm your pull toy, your magic dick... I make the babies... Yes, I be a prick! " said Mr. You Know Who
"I think you smell funny" laughed the nose, "Go cry to your mommy, Boohoo! "

"If you think that smells bad, " said miss muffin... "Take a lick on this and then get stuffin! "

"Don't forget about me! I can hear, I'm important too, I'm your ear! "
"Well, I'm more important, I let you all breathe" said the lungs.
"Without me you couldn't speak! " said the mouth, sticking out his tongue.

Said the sphincter, "I've told you all so... Without me working you'd be slow, you'd grow weak and cease to function and I'll close up with no compunction... " The other vital organs heard and then conceded without a word and then came the extremities who had no choice but to agree.

*Now you know, this little story goes, you don't need to be a brain to be boss, just an asshole.

aka,  charge,  collaboration,  spirit,  wolf.

Author: The Girl Who Loves You
Date: 21/03/2020