Poems about color


№ 1210012

Color my world

Consume me liberty
Show me your knowledge
I want to bask in the pool of mystic power
To know what is all and what is one
Show me what I wish to see

The shaman learned your secret
Your infinite potential
Deliver me from the existential
Distort my view
And pull my mind apart

Make this blind man see

A void cybe
Within a semilanceata dance
Dance to the native power

Color my world!


Author: Cory Ellis
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1205299

Cry The Color Red

I sit here and cry the color red'
Because you killed our passion dead,
The fire still burns within my heart,
But the passion you've torn apart,
With the lame games you play,
With no regard of my feelings that lay,
Broken and bleeding on the floor,
I couldn't love you any more,
Then I have and always will,
Its your feelings that you've killed,
The sparkle no longer in your eyes,
Ever since the day I made you cry,
I never said I didn't love you anymore,
But I wont be second best to that whore,
Its her you choose and want to see,
You make that completely obvious to me,
I hate myself for loving you,
Because you wont ever love me too,
I just wish that I knew why,
Its the color red I cry?

color,  cry,  red.

Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203615

White.....the Color of Death

My "White Identity" became a Killer Identity.
It wanted to dominate over Others
By making them White and Pale...
Ashen in complexion.
The Color of Death.

color,  death,  white.

Author: Daniel Steven Moskowitz
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202532

The next thing I know you'll try to paint me her favorite color

I am a bookshelf
Filled with books
Arranged by their hue
That hold my own stories and experiences
So why did you think
You could take the books that once belonged in her
And fit them in me

color,  favorite,  paint,  thing.

Author: Ki Marie
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202009




Author: X A V I E R
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201587

The Color of Summer

Your eyes
Looking into my eyes
Eliminated all yes' and no's.
The past; merely a matter of time,
And the present moment lit up the room.
The present moment was the florescent light beaming down on us.
Giving the crevice between your soft lips a faint color.

Your skin, your shoulders and your hair
All aglow.

My body loves and I kiss.
My soul loves and I gaze.

color,  summer.

Author: Grace Vesely
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1197896


I picked up my blue and red, beaten up copy of Merriam- Webster and flipped to page 328 where the word “racism” was.
How nice it would be to take an eraser and remove this word from every copy, every edition, every page 328 of every Merriam- Webster's dictionary.

Would the word go away if I could do that?
Would the conservation of ink that would no longer be needed somehow help to permanently delete this word from the minds of the world as well?

I'd like to think eliminating this word from print would make it go away, but we all know that just because something isn't pressed into the delicate fibers of sheets upon sheets of paper doesn't mean that it still isn't out there, engrained into the part of our brains that picks up vocabulary the way an infant learns how to speak.

Words like racism live on inside the minds of people,
Not just on paper.
The more we say the word aloud, let our tongues create the formation that's necessary to produce the sound that is a product from this combination of vowels and consonants, the more we make it real.
If one person can remove it from their speech, and urge one more person to follow their lead, perhaps over time the word- and the act- can be gone completely.
But it takes more than just not saying “racism” and it's various forms, it takes consciously stopping yourself from using any color as a description of someone.

Why does it have to be a black man?
Why does someone have to a white woman?

Remove the word racism from your mouth and it'll fade from your brain; remove descriptors from a person and they're no longer a depiction, they're just a person.

Just a man.
Just a woman.
Just a human being living, breathing, and sharing this land that we all call



Author: Christine MacAllister
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1195802

Nothing but another blur of flesh and color

Gather your mind, let's fall
Take the very last of your ink
And paint the stars in negative space
I'm here with you
I'll be here with you
I'll hang on even when we crash and burn
And there's nothing to salvage
And in the crater we'll lay for eternity
Staring at the dead light above
And digging our faces in the ground
When the sun's rays return

Common as stars seem here
They never fail to amaze
I can't stop staring
I feel like I'm in a beautiful world
A bubble of endless beauty and wonder
Speechless. thoughtless
Full of nothingness yet filled with hope
Though I know in the light
And bustle of day
In their absence
I can't see beauty without feeling the importance of action
Here all you need is to walk with your head in the stars
Not caring what happens
No use bothering with the ground
And the dangers that may lie ahead

Walk alone
Slip into the night
Mountains wrapping you up in their arms
Encompassing the silence
As utterly alone in this world as you are
There's no need to be selfish
Involved with self-absorbed worries
You're still a shelled seed
But how can you expect to change
When you close every open door with a spiteful shove?
I'm nothing but another blur of flesh and color

The cold nips into your pores
Making breathing sting
And the wind caresses you much too hastily
Reminds you that you remain anchored
To comfort and the day to day routine of feeding into to wants and needs
Living from one commercial structure to the next
Little support comes from within
I look to the stars and feel the serenity of being invisible
We rely upon the external to get us through
I pay little mind to the world's aches too absorbed in my own
But the stars remind me to feel blessed
And relinquish the false pain I hold on to

blur,  color,  flesh.

Author: Alina Katura Burniston-Perez
Date: 25/03/2020