Poems about comfort


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Comfort in times of need

We have stopped,
For coffee and to leave Tod
With friends.

The comfort of their arms
Open to our need is

We walk down to the lake
And the quiet beauty soothes

The waterdragons, with the
Scurrying, play brings a smile, as do the willy wagtails with their
Come-hither look-at-me
I'm better than, fred astaire, dance.

But beneath it all,
Lies the quicksand of sadness
Waiting to grasp at our feet again and again...

We must continue on,
Leaving our boy in good hands, we go...

comfort,  times.

Author: betterdays
Date: 06/04/2020

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Sharp pain, Dull comfort, Repeat.

It puts me to sleep,
Whilst keeping me awake
It stings in the shower,
But it numbs all the pain
It tells me I'm okay,
But reminds me of the hurt
I tried to put it down...
But there's still burning in my heart

comfort,  dull,  pain,  repeat,  sharp.

Author: TheEndofForever
Date: 29/03/2020

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I love that feeling
When I'm laying in bed
After sleeping for a while
Where I can feel my body
Radiating heat
Into the space under my blanket
It's warm and gentle


Author: Mystery Girl
Date: 27/03/2020

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Woman of Comfort(Woman of Love)

Maybe she does the things that you refuses to do.
Listen to me.
Understand me.
Maybe even love me.

Or maybe she feels that I'm more worthy.
Then you ever thought I was.
And with a little love of compassion.
I could accomplish anything that seems impossible.

I hear the whispers that she's my woman of comfort.
When in truth, she's my woman of love.
A lady that makes me feel so wonderful.

When I'm with her.
When I'm in her arms.
She's a charmer.
She's a peacemaker.
My lady of comfort.
My woman of love.
I'm so thankful to have known her.

comfort,  love,  woman.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 26/03/2020

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I'm falling he said looking away
Distance in his eyes
I asked him if it was love or dismay
And to my surprise, he said both

With a smile that could only bring tears
He sighed and looked me in the eye
And I caught a glimpse of it through the fear
The hope he could not deny

He would not be the mistakes
That made his voice shake
He would not succumb
To the fear that made him numb

He made himself a promise
To be strong, and make courage his form
And that this, this was not his end.
But just life's journey's bend.

I his comforter was comforted to know,
All I had to do for him to grow
Was sit in silence,
While he decided his future.

Amazed at the man my boy had become.
And the boy who sat by his side.


Author: Nilan Gerald Handunge
Date: 19/03/2020

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Cold comfort

There's nothing there anymore
Empty space
A neck without a head

I remember how you taught me to tie my tongue
Or maybe I taught myself
Doesn't matter

I just wanted to fill the space
So we made nooses on our deathbed
I caught your breath and framed it
¬АШHolly blooming'
Before asphyxiating

Never did pick up my head from your apartment
You've probably moved away
Shifted flesh and become someone else

Doesn't matter
Never did

cold,  comfort.

Author: Akemi
Date: 19/03/2020

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Comfort's Trap

I had an awakening
When I cast light upon my dream
It was haunting - some stars were rising
With glory and esteem.

But one star was falling
In that vision of the night
Towards my eyes, it was calling
To grab on and take flight.

I tried to take hold but my hands felt like stone
I tried to grasp but I was paralyzed to the bone
The star didn't linger, it returned home
In that moment I felt abandoned and alone

I returned home to my sin
I always wondered what could have been
If I had courage on that fateful day;
But the chance has passed and gone away.

I began to disintegrate from sorrow and grief
In my final moments I learned some days come like a thief.
Suddenly I felt lighter, weightless almost;
I began rising, for I had become a ghost.

comfort,  trap.

Author: Ziolko
Date: 18/03/2020

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Comfort In This and Joy In That

There's comfort in this
And joy in that
My lips planted a kiss
That never gave back

So I tried to leave
And tried again
My arms were glued
Tightly to him.

So loosely we clung
To our new found mood
And drank in the day
Which was slightly subdued

Only to find
We could care less
If I am in his arms
And he under mine
There's comfort in this
And joy in that.

comfort,  joy.

Author: Elizabeth Roth
Date: 18/03/2020