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Haiku 16: Spring is Coming Soon

Those last winter months,
In adolescent fevers,
I woke up in dreams.

coming,  haiku,  spring.

Author: Brenden Pockett
Date: 07/04/2020

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Coming Home

This is all my fault
No one else to blame
I've turned into a vault
And all I hold is shame

It's all for the best
I know what to do
But what about the rest?
Why do I just feel like poo?

I'm grateful for the Lord
I'm grateful for all the support
It's time to pick up the sword
It's time to finally defend the fort


Author: Speen Cough
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204117

Second coming

Albatross shot,
Hung around my neck:
You placed it

Palms toward heaven, nailed down
Your lips kiss like the metal bites.

Crown of thorns -
Falsely placed
Driven into my flesh
Where a laurel
Once bloomed

I carry you with me
In the scars along my forearms
And the thighs you once worshiped
I bring you to every hill
Feel your weight at every incline,
The albatross
You brought me:
Dead weight
Beating against my chest.

My second coming is half-through,
And i'm beginning to emerge
I stay up late,
Sew my hymen back together.
Let the nightmares pry my eyelids open
I soak in the fear
I draw wisdom from the grief -
While my laurel

coming,  second.

Author: Redshift
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203717

The stuff coming from my head during athena's operation

Hi dudes

Welcome to saturn club rings, and today, i am dropping in to tell you that

Athena is operating on my prostate, and as long as i take this medication, and

Watch what i eat, and last night, , also i was forced to marry this ugly woman

Named redmond forrester, when i wanted to marry a beautiful young 17 year old girl

Named caitlin jones, who really liked me, but, unfortunately so did redmond

And when it came to the wedding day, caitlin jones was dropping hints, that i speak up

About not wanting to marry redmond, and eventually i did, but caitlin wanted me to speak up earlier

So she can avoid looking like a fluesy who is after any future money payments, because

She really wanted my money and power, that i showed, and i told caitlin about all the stuff the

Cosmos has to offer, like athena working on your prostate and don't forget athena works on your teeth

To save you the disastrous medical bills on earth, and it is working, you see i am pooling more freely

And i am also losing the pain in my mouth from tooth aches, and caitlin jones loves the idea of

Me seeing athena for medical problems and tried to ruin my arranged marriage with redmond forrester

So i can marry caitlin jones, i remember i was telling jokes to neil power and he liked the jokes i told so much,

He said, brian, i really enjoy your company, cause i don't know what your going to say next, and i enjoyed

Mucking around with him and murray flynn who died of cancer, he was another man that was cool, you see

We mucked around together, you know joking around, ya know so to speak, and he told me, he admired my

Ability to work in a place that isn't really a job for me, and make it look like a job for me, but he died of cancer

And i miss him, and then their was alan who lived near my parents, i used to talk about the swans to him, actually he

Made me feel great about how i used to be, ya know, trying to get on canberra TV, at the cannons matches, you see alan

Told me that he used to line outside the news stand for the latest news on swans matches and other things like that

And alan also told me, he used to love me and my brother chris play sport in the front yard, and our conversations

Were great every time we crossed paths, and as athena was working on my prostate, pulling out my hooligan, i once told pat

I wanted to be, you see athena told me that my problems are the hooligan i was once, coming back to me, i am a family person,

And then i started to think, the good die young, what with olga chick, and murray flynn and mark jones and the pains in the ass

Continue to live on past their prime, well athena said, you need to take better care of yourself, instead of a 2 litre bottle of coke

Have a can of coke and tonight at the poetry slam, look after your body right and you will not collapse on stage, and this afternoon

Don't over talk at the acting course, especially if you want something good from this, and i can guarantee that your problems with your

Body can go away and then dad sent a big thunderstorm toward canberra to wake me up, saying brian's not like me

And the thunderstorm was, dad was working his new earth body, elizabeth ann campbell, to get her parents to keep the mood positive


athena,  coming,  head,  operation,  stuff.

Author: johnny georgy brown
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201413

The coming of the Angels

All the massed ranks on the horizon
Angels glistening in the Sun

They come, and come soon
Arrayed in golden light.

angels,  coming.

Author: nivek
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201270

Coming back to my senses

No, but why? Why did I spend all those days tucking myself away, hiding under a pile of my own insecurities, convinced that no other person in the world is like you and that my eyes will only ever search for you. Why? When you didn't and couldn't have felt that way about me, at least not anymore. Why? When you were so valuable to me but God knows what I meant to you. Who are you? And why was I depressed over you when you're not one bit worth it?

coming,  senses.

Author: V
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200680

I am mourning the sky, the rains are coming and I think she is weeping for me, too

The sky must be so lonely
That Sun, all he wants is something
That can burn as bright and brilliant
As him, without wasting away,
And being smothered by his flames,

Passion is a vicious killer

And that Moon, her gentle nature
Eclipsed by a cold light, harsh and stark
In the inky dark of night
She wants an embrace that won't
Freeze and fade and leave more craters,

Love can be a cruel and cold thing

Those stars, they will burn out someday
And in their bright and fleeting life
They ask for a lasting love,
And to be seen as more than just dust
Suspended by air and longing

To be so clustered yet still so alone, the pain of it

The sky is so vast and unending
We forget it can be seen
As empty, too

coming,  mourning,  rains,  sky,  weeping.

Author: Georgia Marginson-Swart
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200408

Coming Of Time

Before we were created
He knew who, and what we are,
Seeing your path
As early as the stars.
Gave us our number
Life is breathed within,
Descended of Cain
To learn, is to sin.
Feeding off the world
The data flows through,
Spirits and different paths
Is our wonders true?
Verbal and private
Inner and out
Everyone thinks they know better
What are they all talking about?
Places and reality
Are two different things,
Soaking in wrath
Of the self fortune you bring.
Bits and pieces
A mix of this and that,
The tower got destroyed
Different tongues don't attract.
The dozen was chosen before you,
The spirits of the heavens
Stands by, being true.

(c) Tommy K

coming,  time.

Author: Tommy K
Date: 29/03/2020