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Just Continue On

Find it in your heart
To continue on
The road will be filled with obstruction
Hang in there and be heartstrong
The lesson is in the struggle
Keep fighting your way through
Do not ever lose hope
Let the treacherous path build you


Author: Ronell Warren Alman
Date: 06/04/2020


No Reason to Continue

There is no

Without respect,
There is no

Without trust,
There is no
Reason to
Jon York 2017

continue,  reason.

Author: Jon York
Date: 27/03/2020


Continue in the race

Aѕ тнe тearѕ rυn down мy ғace
ι realιze ι can noт wιn тнιѕ race
тryιng тo ĸeep υp тнe pace
ιѕ caυѕιng мe тo loѕe a lιттle ғaιтн
ғor no one can тell мe тнey ĸnow jυѕт нow ι ғeel
тнeιr anѕwer woυldn'т ѕeeм real
Weeĸ goeѕ вy ѕтιll no cнange
мonтнѕ goeѕ вy мy мιnd ѕтarт тo go ιnѕane
Oн do нear мy cry ғor нelp.
ι no longer ғeel aѕ тнoυgн ι can ғιgнт
вυт ι deѕιre тo pleaѕe yoυ ғaтнer вecaυѕe yoυ are ѕoмeone wιтн wнoм all ѕнoυld ғollow.
ѕo don'т worry jeнovaн ι wιll вe alrιgнт
ғor ι ĸnow wιтн yoυ,
ι тoo can reмaιn loyal
ιғ ι ĸeep ιn ѕιgнт
тнe doιng oғ wнaт'ѕ rιgнт.
1 corιnтнιanѕ 9: 24...

continue,  race.

Author: Sona Mari
Date: 22/03/2020


Can't Continue.

Pushing through formation,
Breaking the plaster
That covers my feet.
Cannot go back home,
I cannot go back home
Without something,
Something to live for.

Is being alright just a construct
We put together to justify
The shame of falling apart?
I've plummeted
Through the debris
When all I wanted
Was to live life free
Of this sickness,
This weakness,
Of this daily reminder
That I can never go back.

I've been searching all my life
And I'll continue
Searching until I die.
The wind in my sails
Will go on forever
Even if it takes me off course.
I don't wanna continue,
But I don't wanna give up.
I don't wanna continue,
But I don't wanna give up.
I cannot continue,
But I can't ever give up.
I don't wanna continue.

continue,  t.

Author: Wyatt
Date: 15/03/2020


Continue To Fight 5/18/2014

Were made to think we can't express how we feel.
I howl at the moon while tossing a bottle at a police car.
I scream my lungs out on top of a hill for the world to know I'm real.
Tell me I'm worthless, play with my emotions, kill what makes me, me.
Perfect! I'll use that as strength to make beautiful poetry.
See I turn negativity into positivity. Ugly into beautiful. Hurtful into hopeful.
My homeland is poverty rooted by racial diversity but if the people united we could create a better community.
Guns are directed on neighbors because their flag represents a different set, yet every man bleeds red except for the politicians they bleed out greed.
I know I can inspire more MC's, writers, artist, musicians and straight passionate people if given the opportunity instead our so called hip-hop creates more plain generic and unrepresented music for our peeps.
I'm not saying hip-hop is dead I'm saying the music industry controls everything.
I walked through flames and came out burned. Avalanches covered my body and I still came out warm thanks to what I past learned.
The pain hurts but I rather go through it than be sedated.
I rather continue to spread compassion than have it be taken.

continue,  fight.

Author: Christian Ek
Date: 09/03/2020


Continue On

Continue on
Wasting your life
Continue on
Through all the strife
Continue on
Ignoring your mortality
Continue on
Not facing reality
Continue on
Let your brain be numb
Continue on
Letting your brain be dumb


Author: Ethan Lima
Date: 28/02/2020


Why continue?

Run, run
One, two, three
Is this not insanity?
Again and again
Isn't it strange?
How each time you
Expect a change?


Author: Rachel Cloud
Date: 22/02/2020


Continue this way

The time has come I can no longer try
As much as I don't want to I have to tell you goodbye

I've tried to get you to at least be my friend
I've also told you thst the way we left each other last we 'll be able to mend!!!

I need to work on myself before I can love another
I need to quit my dependencies or I will never achieve the other!!!

I have an idea on how to do it and just need to figure when I can and where I'll stay,...
All I know is I hate this and can no longer continue to live this way!!!


Author: chainedwhore
Date: 11/02/2020