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№ 1200513

You in the Corner

I am the hunter before the harvest.

The new day's dry thirst of something fresh
Turns for the worst in the want for flesh.
A single dose could not be enough.
Counting the seconds prove to be tough.

Constant yearning reaches starvation.
A wick of drool blackens to old ink.
The horrendous hunger writes a tale
Originating straight from my mouth.

Past pleasures are painlessly gloated,
And the wrong feelings were forgotten.
An addict to the intervention,
Convenience replaced true affection.

Kept in the corner, left out to rot.
Stripped all your honor, left out to die.

Above all, you deserved a swift death.


Author: Andrew L Starosta
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1196414

A Girl and a Corner

The flicker of a broken bulb,
And her eyes repeat the rhythm.
They say she's senseless.
She pauses to inhale,
Dust clogs her nostrils,
The remains of decaying books.
She sits in the dim corner,
The cubicle isolates her on 3 sides.
She comes here to ride the waves of voices.
The swells of murmurs grow,
She didn't bring a life preserver.
It doesn't matter.
Her eyes show the rock inside.
She's already sunk.
The murmur breaks close to the corner.
It never touches the girl.
It never does.

corner,  girl.

Author: Melissa M Bates
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1190034

In the Corner at a Party Just Telling My Navy Sea Stories

She tells me I owe her a sea story
From my navy days...
Told her the barracuda one
Maybe I'll tell her the Face Down
On the Deck one
Or the Smoked Hash in the Park
In Italy one
Had a guitar, 3 chords, and hash
Singing Bessa Mi Mucho to Italian
Teenagers... they loved it
I was the silly American
Or maybe the one where we got the scoop on the only hooker in that seaside town in Spain, then showed up and half the ship was there...
Or the Dunhill cigarettes of France
To go with the Stella Artois or Heineken that seemed to be prevalent everywhere.
Cause that's what you do at 23
Drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and run a mile and a half in 12 minutes.
I could talk all day of the women of Israel...
Or all the times that I'd go to the stern of the ship
And it'd be just me and the seas
The Adriatic
The Aegean
The Mediterranean
Sometimes the hammerhead
The sea turtle
The midnight mermaids
Black Seas
Blue and Green
But you'll hear all of them soon enough
Yeah I can be fun at parties cause I got a shitload of stories...
Put some coffee on... pour the wine...
You got any hash?

corner,  navy,  party,  sea,  stories,  telling.

Author: Eric the Red
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1187860

From The Hermits Corner.- (The Sought Seeks me.)

Atop the hills, in buzzing markets
In rains lashing, hot suns blazing
Frozen in snow, in the crowds lonely
Stoic in revelries great and griefs deep
Amidst loves transient, bondage flimsy
Moving on impervious, unattached,
Shedding skins acquired, a meditating
Spirit benevolent to all, even to evil but
Scorning, fighting, rejecting for lights newer,
Seeking an unknown, never knowing true,
Of its being, but for a sliver burning, blazing
In a nook soulful, engulfing slowly of me all
Driving, undying, propelling me ever on,
To that unknown, that's seeking me too!

corner,  hermits,  seeks,  sought.

Author: Niranjana Chelur-The Hermit
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1186326

Little Girl In The Corner

Pretty* little thing sat in the corner
Little blonde locks
Shoulder long hair
You sit in the corner
A whimpering noise
Is heard, is spoken in the air
"Are you ok"
"Where are your parents"
The noises stop, quietness fills the air.
"They left me"
"They ran away"
Would you like me to find them
Where did you last,
As motion was upon this little
Blonde thing in a corner.
They ran but not far, I made them stop
"How child"
"Why did they stop"
"I made them still"
Confused lines upon a brow?
Still, little one are you confused,
I have never been so clear
As a head slowly rises,
As blond locks
Give a way to a first red Dye
Then horror is spent,
In mere moments
A completion seen,
There is just soft skin
But blank as paper, and then as if torn
"A ripped"
A frayed"
"A torn flesh revealed"
As jagged edges penetrate upon supple skin.
"Be quiet"
As my last moments I see the true face
Of this innocent child
Its not Aaaaaa...
She has done her deed
Taken life
Taken a soul
Taken it to a place of horrors untold.
"There Is a little girl in the corner"
"There is a little whimper heard"
Do not offer help
Never usher a word*
Walk the path of ignorance
Or walk the path of damnation
That I as others eternally now walk for kindness
Is repaid but not in the kind that is expected, **evil waits.

corner,  girl.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1180034

Bronx street corner

She became a new york city
Street corner fixture
Acted like its the only place to be
Acted like its the place for the persecutor to begin
After all all men are guilty
None are forgiven
So she painted false hearted judges
To prop up her proposition
To subvert the natural truth

She lied when it came down to the last hours
But i was unsurprised i had seen her coming
The deception was the rationalization
Means to the end
Just because you can lie means you should
Integrity means so much more when
There is no shame in the game
So once again i ask
Just because you can lie means you should
Isn't it about change
Or was that just part of the lie

I walked away
On a north bronx street corner never to return
No regrets
She had sold herself at every chance
For two bits silver
For a lies chance to shine
But i will not be there to suffer the consequences
Just because you can lie means you should
Isn't it about change
Or was that just part of the lie

bronx,  corner,  street.

Author: mark john junor
Date: 10/03/2020

№ 1177083

Darkess corner of her mind

She touches me and knows not why and that frightens her.
She's the only one that can make me cry, so she wonders.
How can I let her know I'm no threat just an admirer.
I only wish to touch her kaleidoscope heart as when friends confer.
Yet she watches me from a distance and that distance she keeps.
The longer she stays away the harder my battered soul weeps.
I have no dark motive nor any sinister plans.
Even if I desired, I could never be what she demands.
I guess convincing her of this is completely out of my hands.
So in the darkess corner of her mind is where I'll remain... is where I'll stand.

corner,  mind.

Author: Stranger Blue
Date: 08/03/2020

№ 1173830

That Damn Corner

Every time I pass that corner I think of you.
I think that once you pass that corner, May. 26th, that that's it.
The school, and everyone in it will become nothing.
Nothing but a distant memory that you want to escape.
Because even though this place means so much to me, it means nothing to you.
We haven't talked in a while, and I miss that.
But I don't want to be annoying and say something first.
I want to feel like I mean something to you, like you want to talk to me.
But now. Now I think I was never anything.
Once you leave this place will you even remember my name?
Because ill remember yours forever.
I don't want you to leave, but you're counting down the days so I guess ill help.
Because that's all I can do.
All I can do is sit by and watch as the days narrow down and you walk out on us.
On all we had, and all we went through.
Because to me those 10 days we spent together was the best adventure I've ever had.
But to you, it was just getting community service hours.
Every morning I struggled to get out of bed, to make the choice to live.
But then I thought of seeing your smiling face and that.
That very image got me through my first year and will get me through everything.
Until that face and that smile turns that corner.
That's the worst part. Not knowing what I am to you.
I'd like to think im more then just a dumb freshman but I know im not.
So please.
All I ask is that you remember my name.
Just my god damn name.
Because to get my hopes up, well... they would only be crushed later.
So please. Please. Just remember my name when you turn that corner.
Because that corner is so much more then a corner.
It, along with many other things is a constant reminder of you.
So please. Just my name.


Author: Emma Clocks
Date: 05/03/2020