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Online poetry course at 40

Online poetry class
At near forty
Seeking to finally learn
Form and function
In the attempt
To become more
Than I am today
But the fear creeps in
As I risk losing the purge
That is poetry writing
For art creation
Involving revision and editing
Aspects I loathe
And while I want to hate
I choose to learn
So here we go,
Deep breath
And the plunge
Into community college
Online poetry workshop classes
With an eye
To publication –

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Author: Sam Temple
Date: 29/03/2020

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Crash Course 101

Question: What do you do if your car crashes?
Answer: Don't crash your car.

I drove myself home from the hospital the morning after I drove myself insane.
A note in my hand listing ways the doctors could direct to get me home safe from my own self.
Come to a full stop at sharp edges,
Steer away from liquids you can drown in,
Put in your caution lights so people just drive around you,
Take your medicine,
Don't drive alone,
No not that medicine
Here's a phone number in case you have something worth saying,
Bus to class,
Unless that's too hard.
Flunk out
Call your mother.
Don't tell her everything.
And it becomes a challenge just to say I'm not okay.

Because after a disaster like mine,
No one wants to hear you haven't healed yet.

And I can't count the number of times I've been offered a vaccine instead of a remedy,
And scoffed at when the cast comes off and I'm still a little too broken.
As if I haven't healed fast enough.

Don't tell me I'm being overdramatic,
Don't tell me I chose the broken glass,
The bending steal.
That it was all avoidable had I just not blinked,
Had I just slowed down and stopped to think
Had I just snapped out of it.

I wouldn't have crashed.

Question: Have you ever gone driving in the rain?
In the snow?
Cause then you might know how it feels to lose just a little bit of control.
And the next moment find yourself in the bottom of a ditch,
Waiting once again for someone to pull you from the wreckage
Because you can't save yourself.

I wanna save myself.
And I don't need to know how the engine works.
Just teach me to read the warning signs when I'm heading south and there's no way for me to turn around.
Let me know that when I start to let go, there are safety nets 'cause sometimes my mind is more of a balancing act, the bridge accident than a joy ride
So give me air bags,
Give me seat belts,
Give me a crash test dummy.

If I cut the brake lines, show me how to coast to a stop.

Because people cannot live in a plastic bubble, rolling around at 5 mph for the rest of our lives,
Repeating caution signs:
Don't blink,
Don't breath,
Don't move,
Don't freeze,
Don't drive,
Don't park,
Don't live.
Don't tell me don't tell me don't tell me
This is defensive living

Sometimes veering off the road, eyes shut tight on a straightaway covered in obstacles bigger than ourselves is the best we can do to survive.

Question: What do you do if your car crashes?
Answer: Just crash your car.

course,  crash.

Author: Tori Jurdanus
Date: 28/03/2020

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Untitled ? -- of course !



Saint on the hill

All alone

But god is there


The subway station at dawn

From out the bowels of darkness

Homeless saints


Pure waters

What the hell is that?

No-one knew



Said the saint

So they killed him


I'm gonna write a poem about it


Hey, fuck you!

course,  untitled.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197848

Untitled(unfinished of course)

Went to the hospital last week
Saw my baby on the ultrasound
Came home and i had'a write it down

My babies inbound
And this rap thing hasn't left the ground
I try to move but my feet dont follow
Must think if i go ill crash like the Apollo
So i tell myself maybe it'll go better tomorrow
Friends telling me Congrats
When I'm still getting Richards education

course,  unfinished,  untitled.

Author: Aaron Gutierrez
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1192395

Second course

Share your words with me
Let's relax in this simplicity
Each word I read
It plants a seed
Inside my heart
Inside my bones
I grow and grow until
Similes fall
I reach and reach until
Metaphors breach
My fingers are pens
My heart is the source
That brings forth all of my poetry
Time for the second course

course,  second.

Author: Daisy Rae
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1190453

OF COURSE IT IS (written 16/10/08)

See the boy as he wanders hands in pockets around the harbour,
Observe how he watches the vessels moored against the harbour wall,
Admiring this one, frowning at another.
Watch his face as he studies each in turn,
Frowning at neglect or smiling at a well found vessel,
Admiring the clean lines and seaworthiness of another.
This one is too fine in the bow, and will bury her nose in heavy weather,
The next is too bluff bowed and a good wave will stop her dead in the water.
That other, he notes, has good solid rails to hold onto in a blow,
The next has only guard wires, harsh on the hands and set too low to be of any real use!
And this one, spotlessly clean and as smart as paint,
But it never goes to sea poor thing! It is cleaned and polished daily and the engine run, but for what?
But this old fishing boat now, see how well it is cared for! Note the grease oozing from the bearings of her tackle, see how staunch and tight her boards are! And how well painted, take note how well organized she is, a place for everything, and everything in it's place.
This is a proper sea boat, he thinks, and calls down a greeting to the skipper.
ВЂњHi Dad, ready for gannin oot? ” “Hi son. Aye ready! ”

course,  written.

Author: B J Clement
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1172519

Of course

You say thank you and I
Tell you ”of course. ”
It seems natural that I would want
Only the best for you.
Maybe my nature has dictated that
I should be a low-burning flame, your constant.
Not fireworks, no sparks, just there
For whenever I'm needed.
Of course.

I am here.
And you will not look up
Until I have to leave, and then
You will tell me not to go
Because you don't want me to.
Then you will see me.

Why do I keep leaving if I
Will just come back again?
Why do I keep coming back if you
Will only notice me once I leave?

Because I cannot help myself,
Of course.
It is only at the point of leaving
That you truly make me want to stay.


Author: RA
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1157740

"Stay The Course"

"When entering a dark road in
Your life, you must become the light.
Darkness will never reveal one's mess, in the
Morning, noon or night.
Turn on the light for it to be cleaned.
We have all collected our dirt, never wanting
It to be seen.
When mechanical things breakdown, you pick up
A tool.
Do you become that tool when humanity
Needs to fix a fool?
Don't run away, for your light
Will go dim.
Stay the Course, you just may
Prevent a sin. "

course,  stay.

Author: Micahel De Tomasso
Date: 19/02/2020