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Cousin Nancy

Miss Nancy Ellicott
Strode across the hills and broke them,
Rode across the hills and broke them—
The barren New England hills—
Riding to hounds
Over the cow-pasture.

Miss Nancy Ellicott smoked
And danced all the modern dances;
And her aunts were not quite sure how they felt about it,
But they knew that it was modern.

Upon the glazen shelves kept watch
Matthew and Waldo, guardians of the faith,
The army of unalterable law.

cousin,  nancy.

Author: T. S. Eliot
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1177707

The Funeral for My Cousin's Husband

We enter the church and immediately
Have to push through two dozen sobbing Italian women
Dabbing dry eyes; their tissues only show
Black and multi-colored smears. Amid the echoing
ВЂњOh my Goawd”s, they lean down and kiss my sister's cheeks,
But even in my best black cap sleeves, I am the taboo
To my cousin Janet, a woman as barren as the stone lot
In between her husband's restaurant and Deihl's Autoshop.

We find an empty pew, and watch as the men
Stride down the aisle, contestants
In a cultural Miss America pageant where the wrong answer
Gets you whacked. Their heavy brows
Sink in condolence as they hand over stacks of bills,
Every hundred becoming a pity penny
For all the moments Janet lost in her luxury-life
Made shiny by diamonds and cars and fur coats
Which can't be cashed in for a second chance at a family.

The men have paid for the food, the china, the band
In the corner meant to fill the space of sadness—
A reminder that we live a lavish life.
My sister shifts in her seat and as a man walks
By she touches his jacket, and gasps.
He's a god.

cousin,  funeral,  husband.

Author: Brittany Wynn
Date: 08/03/2020

№ 1162621

Words For My Cousin

I haven't yet deleted your messages
I haven't yet erased your memory
Every word you spoke to me
A cherished memory
Every chord played
From your guitar
Wrote itself into the stars
For the world to see
Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?


Author: Lilly frost
Date: 24/02/2020

№ 1156923

To my cousin who passed away 23/10/2015

Maybe we never really knew each other
Or even had something in common
But you were still my family
But God has taken you to the place where he wants you to be

You are looking down at us from where you belong
Wrap your wings around your mom to keep her strong
Dance with her in her dreams to her favourite song
Protect her broken heart forever, you are still her son

You will be missed with broken hearts
Holes inside our souls that will never be filled

cousin,  passed.

Author: Willem Boonzaier
Date: 18/02/2020

№ 1139825

Questions for my cousin

Did you need a sister?
Eyes open, I see now
The familiar combo
Of angst and self-love


Did you want a sister?
We were close once,
I took care of you
And you loved me

(i think).

Did I disappoint you?
You're the one
That pulled away,
Always knowing best

(you thought).

Should I have pursued you?
Forced you to share secrets,
Stories about love or lack thereof?
Was that what you wanted?


cousin,  questions.

Author: Roisin Sullivan
Date: 03/02/2020

№ 1138492

Cousin Punches

The oxygen secreted from the walnut tree,
The snap-pole green beans growing
Up the side of the rusty garden fence, and
Bags of aluminum cans stored in the shed
With the old cash registers from the antique store.
These are the golden frames caught and
Edited onto organic film, etched into grey matter,
Projected from a foggy lens onto reflective marble.

We abandoned the clubhouse because of spiders;
They took the place for themselves after a storm.
Our new abode was the patch of grass between the
Walnut tree and the fence in the back corner of the yard;
Shady, rough terrain from fallen walnuts, and
The grass always had a slight dew in places.
"The place where the snakes live" is what we called it
When we were sprouts; now we could catch them in both hands.

One night, the wind blew over the shed doors;
Flimsy, sliding rail, aluminum thing.
We slinked in and got to play with the old adding machines,
Foreign tools, jars full of door hinges, and
Rusty hand-crank egg beaters.
Eventually, the roof of the shed collected so many years
Of twigs, walnut husks, and foliage fallen that
Tiny trees began to pop their heads up from the clutter.

Crickets underneath the gutter guards-
Two types; the black singers and the
Ones you have to dig for that will draw blood
If they get a hold of one of your fingers.
Sometimes, if bravery was roused and boiling,
We would drift closer to the railroad tracks
In attempts to catch yellow jackets, or even hornets.
One popped their stinger into the back of my neck.

cousin,  punches.

Author: Tyler Lynn Pulliam
Date: 02/02/2020

№ 1136311

My cousin's inquisition

He asked me
"Basko, whats life about?
What is it about? "
Life is to live my cousin
Why such doubt?

"To live? but how? "
To live till your breath shall allow
"But brother of mine,
Do we live to breathe and waste time? "

Waste time? time is not your possession
Time cannot take an intervention
And cannot be used
It flows and blows
Never hurt,
Never bruised.
It simply

cousin,  inquisition.

Author: Basko
Date: 31/01/2020

№ 1131894

All energy is itself - expressing itself , in different forms. : Taboo- DEATH ( an Excerpt from a letter to my cousin)

Heaven & Hell

To be fair, can't really say anything about heaven and hell because some part of me believes that whatever you are truly thinking about becomes your reality. So for the people who is sure they are going to hell that may be the case.
But on principle i do no think there is any judgement on your life other than your own.
So i wouldn't say i believe in them, no... but i do think there is a possibility those places exist...


This one is more about *time for me than anything else

Because i think that death is just a blip in the time space continuum.
Like a tree never really dies or is born, because it's just forms into something else.
The rule in science, that no energy can be created it just changes.

AND i think the essence of a person is what makes them 'a person' although the body is which we express that essence to.
SO i think that if after some time in that body, the essence get's stronger.

AND let's say you die at 89, then you've spent a fair amount of 'experiences'

( another way of measuring time is; Measuring it by how many things you've done - i like to count happy things, and things that make me grow as a person. )

Knowing that we have effects on the world around us,
We can see that we emit some kind of energy,
Although that's more to do with WHY being a human is so cool.

(Because we get to choose what we emit. )

Anyway... so you have all these experiences and the body is just an expression of that essence.

Just like there are many types of plants and animals that have their own characteristics and then deeper personalities for each 'individual'... that is a slightly different expression of the 'same thing' (collection / species ).
So the children and children's children take a little of each 'individuals' mix and grow it some more.

And in Buddhism *it says that you ARE the next generations... because you don't leave a place until you have learnt the lessons. If one looks at the way humanity has progressed, and where we are now... we have a lot we can learn... Which is why i know this is one of my 'last times' on earth.
And i've heard some things about how you move together in a group of 'souls' you've been with before.

So what you do in any life, you do to yourself anyway... it makes a lot of sense... it would be a wonderful way to get to learn things.
You are the teacher you are the master. It resonates with me a lot.
Because i can see certain cycles in my life of specific events that taught me things.

That, and my godmother told me a story of when i as 4 and showed her a quill and proceeded to show her how it worked and told her all about it... i don't think i knew about quills that much then... that's before i recall reading properly...
I ALSO happen to be a good writer.

I have also met people who share 'lives' with me. (and i've never seen so much with another person as i have seen with my 'Boyfriend'. )
It works like this. * One of us says something that we 'daydream' or feel so strongly towards, it's your intuition talking so it's good to listen. Then we compare what we feel when we think of that thing... and more often then not and with certain details we'll both have the same so it's not just 1 of us. *Which makes it a correlation... *

I like to look at my life and events like that deeply. Because there seems to always be a 'plot twist' or some revelation i didn't know existed.

So all in all* i believe you enter and exit bodies, but see all the lives as 1 life, not as separate lives.
The lives are more of a segment, or a stage, or a blip and death is the dash...
... however you wanna call yin and yang.

But as we saw earlier, all energy only changes, so technically it's the same thing.

Which goes into the detail of how you can be yourself, what seems like 'more than once'.

All energy is itself - expressing itself, in different forms.

Much like the variety of species, solar systems, cells, cell organs... atoms, protons, quarks...

Although i will say this, i am still thinking / reading / learning about the nature of the death period

I often understand these things through looking at the cycles in my body as a start point.

But i prefer to focus on life, since i am quite young and i know i have some more of the road ahead of me, so i like to contemplate it from time to time
Because even though we get to choose things,
There is a certain movement that is not ours to an extent.
I think you can, in a way prolong life... eating well... thinking happily... but that is an event that WILL happen.

That is a certainty... in a universe so full of * 'chance AND *variety'... to *have a certainty that big... well that's *pretty interesting.

Life though, life has i feel, a purposeful force.
Choice is the pretty awesome thing. ( and you asked me a big question, i hope this answered it... if you need more info or need me to clarify anything tell me, hey it's really nice talking to you Jade! Even though Facebook sometime is kinda a bad thing i feel... it let's us do this... the internet is an interesting place... what do you think of it? ) Love xox

cousin,  death,  energy,  excerpt,  expressing,  forms.

Author: Fah
Date: 27/01/2020