Poems about creamy


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Virgo's Creamy Dream

I wouldn't tease yet please strings
Attached to feelings knits; fitted kit
Threaded girt; my seamless fill...
Legal my pedals; Tender my renders
In blossoming bloom I oath my feels
You blow my blue to life's true & truth
Its more than one Virgo's cream; sweets
Just wanna hold you till the sun is blue
Its all about a Virgo's creamy dream

creamy,  dream,  virgo.

Author: Impulzez
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 641018

Creamy Candy

Candy your love came like an erosion and gazumped my emotions, it's devotion gained my submission.

candy,  creamy.

Author: Edison Eneh
Date: 07/11/2018

№ 509829

Creamy Cold

Boush brought the sun
I apologize on behalf of the broom
Banging, bangs, boom
Home is a half empty cupboard
Perfect for birthing and breast feeding
Or so she was told
In the stall in vermont
And theres more to it than that
It isnt just so
In the rain
In the rain
It isnt just so
I apologize
On behalf
Of the broom
Boush brought the sun
Beautiful, big, boy
Say you are fucking welcome
Say thank you and hello
Stop stealing and running from the cops
Rattle snake smut
I'll come on my own
Perhaps at 6 am
When the vents cry
Knock it the fuck off

cold,  creamy.

Author: Jay Bird
Date: 11/07/2018

№ 458413


I know about your college girl lesbian porn.
It wasn't yesterday that I was born.
I know we have our vices, dear.
We only indulge in it when the other isn't near.

Very few I would put over you, but chocolate is what
I keep from your view.
Driving in my car, sucking down Hershey bars.
Chocolate is my other lover.

The shame I feel at my growing butt,
Wearing baggy clothes acting like I am in a fashion rut.
The minute you leave the apartment
I start my oral masturbation.

Pudding, chocolate ice cream, cakes. What a delight!
I am so weak, my will power puts up no fight.
But I know you are the one burning calories,
Looking college girl lesbian porn all night.


Author: kali ma
Date: 26/05/2018

№ 320358

Sadly, I'm A Sucker (For Liars & Smooth Creamy Butter)

I was so beautiful to them,
They always relished
In the sweet-place I loved,
Sacred & delicious.

I licked the dew off lotus petals
& they yelled to god,
Actually screamed my name
In reverance,
Talked about love
& the way I moved my tongue,
Used my body in such
Wonderful configurations,
Meant to meet their wanton demands.

I was beautiful to them at least once,
But what white lies they did speak,
And sadly I'm a sucker,
A fall guy for liars,
Who lie underneath,
Spread themselves all over,
Like smooth creamy butter.

amp,  butter,  creamy,  liars,  sadly,  smooth.

Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 21/01/2018

№ 303074

No. 9: Creamy Chicken and Potato Soup

Potatoes, chicken, milk and some broth.
Those are ingredients I brought.
For a hopefully well done dinner,
That the home could enjoy together.

Mince some garlic, dice the potatoes.
Preheat the pot, add oil. Here it goes.
Garlic then potatoes to the pot.
Some salt and pepper to hit the spot.

Prepare the broth, and then the chicken.
Add the chicken. Then some stirring.
Add the broth and start with the boiling.
Lower the heat and do some waiting.

Check it some time, and stir it a bit.
When it boils over, lower the heat.
About 30 minutes, it's now done.
Kill heat. Add milk. Stir again. Have fun.

chicken,  creamy,  potato,  soup.

Author: Monika
Date: 05/01/2018

№ 282979

Creamy Swipes

The virgin moon
And young lover―
Talking in hushed tones.

The speed was the
Limit of suspended
Economy of wood pecking.

Sap suckers abound
On the pretext of exploring
The depth of resistance.

My bones were your
Enemy, your flesh was
My temple.

I will bring daffodils
When sun sits
And night falls.

creamy,  swipes.

Author: Satsih Verma
Date: 18/12/2017

№ 36932

Mmmmmm creamy...

Her creamy, moist, juices, running down my chin
Her fruity scent surrounds me, as I go plunging in

Her flesh is parted, so gently, my tongue now entering
Swirling around her insides, hitting that sweetness within

My lips eagerly caressing, using all I've got
The makings of a complex, orgasmic lover's knot

Squeezing every single drop, twirling round her seed
Liquid slurping delivery, fulfilling all my needs

Pressing ever deeper, deep, between her folds
Until she can't contain, and then, she does explode

Now a thought so rendered, can lead you into blush
Get your mind out of the gutter, it's a simple, orange crush


Author: Temporal Fugue
Date: 09/05/2017