Poems about crystal


№ 1209411


The pendulum's cadence, Time.
Fuels my addiction of waiting.
Drives me to the edge, Insane.
Yet wanting finish, not in vain.


Author: Roman Soanco
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208584

Crystal Caves

I see you as a burst of ocean mist
Into a nestled and worn monument.
Breathing over a humming terra nova
Slowly etching away the noveau stone

You are the water tipping
About the crystals
Of lone rock husk
Freezing and seizing at precise locus

Then expanding about the form
Edging it to molecular capacity
Before it heaves heavily - wedging

A simple puzzle lain right beside its obvious match.
The edges might be roughened
But you can tell they belong
They lay there beside one another
Echoing curve and angle
Of that which they once clung crystallized

Now they lay beside one another
Braving the same storms - and shifts of land
But having different drops of rain fall
About their own dynamic crystallization
And different animals walking over them
And different blades of grass clinging densely
In the padded earth beneath them

Sometimes bridged together
By an animal astride the two
They are together once more
Over time they burnish into fragments
And dance about the creek beds
And about the base of grass beds
And again - though maybe temporarily,
Are together again

caves,  crystal.

Author: Meagan Moore
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207759

Crystal Lakes

The blackest of eyes
Penetrate the mind
The dullness of life
Only causes the excitement
To cover the boredom
In which people confide in
They're not hopeless or helpless
In this slow parade
They are just blessed with the magician's mind
To convert and trick the naked eye

Oh! but no me
The cursed minority
Where reality won't satisfy
The take by meaning

Judges, you fool yourselves
Priests, you can't justify this life
Leader, you cannot change me!
Friends, thanks for betraying me
Lover, thanks for noticing me
Me, you wish you knew yourself
Teacher, thanks for encouraging
Life, quit denying me

Manipulator manipulate this face
The broken hands
The finger spindles

If metal cant stop bullets
Why don't we make it an atmosphere?
Foil up the thriving earth
Insisting that we won't be baked

But if the sun-rays keep on stopping us
And frost freezes off my face
Crystal lakes are crystal lakes
But the mist in the air is raid

Breathing is the anchor to awareness
Did you realized that you're doing it
Right now?

crystal,  lakes.

Author: Christopher Blanck
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1192887

Making It Crystal Clear

Wherever you're at
This very minute
God has a special assignment for you,
And I'm wondering
Are you
In it?
Are you even aware?
Are you moving forward?
Would you even dare?

It took me some time,
And I'm still getting there.
But I'm reaching for it every moment,
And I refuse to be scared.
If you take a moment
To let
God be God,
He will show you how
What He has to give
Is better than all things
You could ever want.

clear,  crystal,  making.

Author: Jennifer Weiss
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1189538

Closed door and a diamond crystal

Much before the door closed
Can be seen regularly when walking on the road
Though dark, see the mass of trash
But did not hear any noise ever

On the side of the sky touch wall
My constant movement
Though shadow yet trademark cynicism
I can go away even closed eyes

Closed eyes within the dark
Yet unbelievable, but brings a dream
A dream within the dark,
See a diamond crystal
Where only light and light dispersion
From each dimension

Suddenly, in dream
I am in front of the closed door,
See a footprint,
Known voice with tune,
Can hear the illusive song

Now neither there exists any tall wall
Nor any closed door in the mind

closed,  crystal,  diamond,  door.

Author: Musfiq us shaleheen
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1182818

Crystal Eyes Crystallize.

You picked
A blue bloodstone
When you were younger.
You didn't know what it was,
You probably still don't.

You gave it to me
Along with a dyed blue agate.

It's funny,
Don't you think?

Bloodstone was worn by warriors
Into battle
Because they were of the school of thought
That it would aid in healing wounds more rapidly,
And that it would heal the mind as well.

So I wear it in a spiral cage
On a chain around my neck,
Hoping to hone that healing light-energy,
So that I may heal and be healed in turn.

Blue Goldstone
Is what I'm giving to you.
It provides protection against any type of harm,
And it will light your path from all things frightening.

People of Norse, Irish, and Germanic decent
Used to give it to their children
Who feared the dark.

Take the crystallized galaxy
Within it's spiral cage,
And come home to me,
Safe and sound.

crystal,  eyes.

Author: Hummingbird
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1181131

Crystal Clear

My tears are crystal clear
My thoughts are crystal clear
My heart is crystal clear,
It's crystal.
And you just shattered it.
It's hard to glue those pieces back together
... They break again and again...
I just need someone who will stay till the scars heal and who wouldn't shatter it again.

clear,  crystal.

Author: Mary Mack
Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1169566

Crystal Ball

We are on this
Colossal crystal ball
Holds secrets
Of this universe
Its origin unknown
Maybe it
Carried life forms
From all planets
Multiple universes
A microscopic replica
Of the macroscopic universe
Secret origins
Our minds unable to investigate
Visions not perceptive
Lacks the depth
Cannot read from the crystal ball
History is concealed
At its core
Forces which created this
Was aware not to reveal much
The crystal ball narrates
In its mystical waves
Only for the select few
In harmony, can decipher
The mystery of the crystal ball
Life will continue

ball,  crystal.

Author: Amitav Radiance
Date: 01/03/2020