Poems about cycling


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Re-Cycling Day

Four clear bags lay waiting
On the curbside;
The recycling truck
Comes today,
A For Sale sign is planted
On the lawn;
Mary's gone to stay.

cycling,  day.

Author: Francie Lynch
Date: 21/02/2020

№ 1120525

Cycling thoughts

Cycling thoughs of insanity
My mind moves thinks faster than i could speak
See things done more than one way
I think of all the possiblies
Right or wrong play it safe
No means yes
Yes means no
Only you know what feels right
You know you way will work best
Other might not agree
The truth they fail to see
You said and have done it but thats not enough
You comeback to where it all starts
Trying to remain the same not fall apart
The cycle must be broke and the world will feel right
Change will come the chain of sanity breaks
No more hate hapiness and the world feels just right
The thoughts start again cycling over and over again

cycling,  thoughts.

Author: Infamous one
Date: 16/01/2020

№ 1067412

Myths & Rapid Cycling Mood Rings.


It's not dope, it's chronic so chill out
And I'll pass you that blunt.
Better off high on positivity.
Than down from negativity.
Sulking in all of my
Strung out,
Burnt out,
And miserable glory.
It's not dope, it's chronic so chill out
And I'll pass you that blunt.

If you can drive in reverse, you'll pass the test.
Just remember to keep one eye on the mirror
And the other one on your back.
The road is full of black holes
That only wish to break you down
In a dark, depressing ditch.

People keep calling me the anti-christ.
Today, I'm flattered.
Tomorrow, I could be flattened by their stones.
I'm trying to scare away the stupid.
It's not working.
Cause I'm an idiot magnet.

The black sheep is always first to get
Exiled from the flock.
You'll find more life in a cemetery than you will in my heart.
Cause magic isn't microwavable it has to cook the real way.

They say time is always working against us.
But what they really don't know is that time doesn't exist.
We will always be here.

Rapid cycling mood rings:

I used to control my mouth
Until I cracked under the pressure
And bit my tongue off.
The world is out to rape me of everything they can take.
I got my dress shoes on and my wallets loaded with condoms.
I know what is inevitable and what is avoidable.
Shit get's better.

amp,  cycling,  mood,  myths,  rapid,  rings.

Author: Haunter
Date: 29/11/2019

№ 1045779

Cycling Prodigy

Shrewdly depicted to hide the gracious
A wormhole warped as collectible chances
A star beaming its glowing white light
To the people whose feet have gone without sight
Live and sink to repeat the prodigy
We tearful acids have plowed the hump
Lashes dewed of jewels, from once
A medium embraced to fabric of joy
Stumble and tumble
Hobble on a knee
Keep the chins held aloof
So the water won't recede
Basket cases seething to sheathe
The one thing they know
That each one of them
Are born to speak for all
And as this poem shrinks
Words gone fewer
A cycle this is
Of birth
Start over

cycling,  prodigy.

Author: Eriko
Date: 10/11/2019

№ 972554

I can feel my life cycling

I go in circles of self love to self loathing
I go in circles of I love her, I love her not
I go in circles of I'm straight, I'm gay
I can feel my life cycling slowly as if it were going down the drain.
I go in circles of happiness and depression
I go in circles of I can do this, no I can't
I go in circles of being too full and starving
My life is cycling like a bike up an unknown path
And I know at the top of this path, at the bottom of this drain I might find something worth living for
But right now I feel dizzy from all of these circles

cycling,  feel,  life.

Author: erin kingham
Date: 04/09/2019

№ 959718

Come Cycling With Me

I spontaneously decide
To get on my bike
And cycle to the grocery store.

I didn't think twice,
Sometimes you don't need to,
Intuition often works fine.
I grab my purse,
Take my bicycle out the shed
And go on my way.

It feels like flying sky high:
The wind blowing hard in my back,
(force five)
Pushing me along the road.
The cars pass me,
Also seemingly without effort.
The shadows of the clouds
Speedily move ahead of me.

After a while, I leave the green sea
Of the countryside behind me,
As I turn on a path that runs
Between two lines of trees.

An old man is on a walk
Inside the peacefulness of the trees,
Enjoying some time alone.
Once I leave this green corridor,
With a tall bridge in between,
I soon, maybe too soon, arrive in town.

Into the grocery store,
Get what I need,
Get in line to pay
And get back on my bike.
Time to go home.

Instead of making me happy
And blowing in my back,
The wind now blows in my face.
The muscles in my legs
Soon start complaining,
Thinking they work too hard.

In the green corridor,
I pass a mother
Walking with her child
And taking out the dog.

Up the bridge again,
This time so much harder
To cycle upwards.
But also, much more satisfying
To not push the pedals
And still move forward
When you're on your way down.

This time round I need a few breaks,
As the wind causes my nose to run
And I need to use some tissues.

Out on the plains again,
I pass a woman
Who's playing with her dog,
Practicing its tricks
And playing with a ball.

I pass a man
Cycling in the opposite direction,
The wind now in his back.
I feel jealous.

Finally some respite
As I cycle through a village.
The houses soften the wind.
But when the village ends,
The wind seems to blow
Much harder than before.

I now envy all the drivers
In their cars, passing me easily.
As I approach the last turn in the road
I realize I don't care
That the wind tries to blow me off my bike.
*I'm almost home.


Author: Pandora dO
Date: 24/08/2019

№ 943888


It's a cruel cycle
We've become a rut
And I can predict
Our future
The harder I cling
To our past and memories
The easier it is
For you to forget them
But as soon as I
Begin to look forward
You pull my hair
And whisper in my ear
As soon as I begin to give
You turn your back again
We never seem
To face each other
So maybe
We should stand
Side by side


Author: Mattea Marie
Date: 09/08/2019

№ 864779


9: 23 i threw a piece of cake at my dad
9: 40 i am trying to climb up the wall to the beat of ass drop by wiz khalifa
9: 52 my girlfriend is asleep so im just masturbating to porn
9: 54 i can't get off so i start singing ass drop by wiz khalifa very loudly
9: 56 my dad yelled at me for singing
10: 15 the whole kitchen is clean now and i run back upstairs
10: 19 exchange with my mom goes really bad we are mad at each other now
10: 21 slamming my door shut three times because the wall shook really hard the first time
10: 45 and no one is awake and no one is talking to me and i am alone

3: 45 i am watching intervention and sobbing because the alcoholic socialite is more beautiful than i will ever be
3: 58 google search: ptsd flashback racing thoughts grounding skills creative
4: 00 surprise surprise the internet has disappointed me i can't breathe
4: 12 i'm writing a poem about bipolar disorder because at least maybe it'll get me some attention

cycling,  rapid,  ultra.

Author: Amelia
Date: 29/05/2019