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Dale's Diner

Dale works a long day, oh my friend, a long day.

His car is broken down, his head is like a wild playground.

Poor bastard lost his son last year, he crept out late, came across a man who put a gun to his innocent face.

Buddy runs a diner downtown, don't know how the hell he pulls it off.

It's way passed sundown, Dales hands are bruised to the bone, surprised the guy hasn't had a meltdown.

Mary says he has a heart of gold, but the babies face is cold stoned.

His wife left him a decade ago, boy must've gone through a crusade.

Keeps in his thoughts, babe your drowning so deep.

He serves food and drinks, breaking dishes in the kitchen sinks.

Some days he doesn't show up because of the pain.

Rain pours from his crying eyes, babe its gotta be terrifying, losing yourself each day.

I'm just a single woman making my way, I can't help but feel the same.

My heart sinks when we meet, baby your vibe is contagious.

Just a poor man who lost everything, you exhaust your heart like burning flames.

Calm down honey, I can describe you in many different ways.

A locked door who buried his key, a helpless goldfish begging to be free.

Those puppy dog blues, get me every damn time.

You hand me a plate of french fries, I push them aside.

I wanna get close to you, but I guess I'm afraid to.

Baby when was the last time you got laid? You can't leave your bed sheets bitter and raw.

Dale I could love all your flaws, but I fear I'm too late.

Somethings already got you, and its out of my hands.

He serves food and drinks, breaking dishes in the kitchen sinks.

Some days he doesn't show up because of the pain.

Rain pours from his crying eyes, babe its gotta be terrifying, losing yourself each day.

I'm just a single woman making my way, I can't help but feel the same.

My heart sinks when we meet, baby your vibe is contagious.

Just a poor man who lost everything, you exhaust your heart like burning flames.

Dale made the news Friday night, shot a man in cold blood.

I watched, eyes transfixed like I was breathing in a flood.

I wanted to howl to cry, I could've saved him from this, possibly even his life.

The rest of his time would be spent behind bars, but sadly it wouldn't be for long.

Babe didn't last more than a week, poor bastard got stabbed in his sleep.

Maybe now, he can finally get some peace.

Grasping his sons hand in the flashing light, tears streaming in relief.

Baby could've been mine, but I was too late, and now every Friday I visit his grave.

dale,  diner.

Author: Kaleigh
Date: 25/02/2020


Christmas at Dale Norway

I looked out,
Christmas decorations were already hung up in the sky,
Even the frosting floated about
With the lights of the town dwarfed below,
Such a glow, each prick of a star,
The hills, hulks of stone, seemed warmed,
Ready for celebrations,
Annual explanations of our psyche and its exaggerations,
Where the simple tale, just like the one stella, bright,
Enacts its cycles in the dark of night.

Margaret Ann Waddicor 27th November 2014.

christmas,  dale,  norway.

Author: Margaret Ann Waddicor
Date: 10/01/2020



Dear Poet friends, kindly listen to Alan Dale's song 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White' - available on the 'You Tube' for free! Thanks, - Raj.

Prince Of Baritones (1925 – 2002)

Long, long, ago, as the story goes,
A cherry tree had grown next to an
Apple tree!
And underneath them a boy had met
His bride to be!
As he looked into her blue eyes, the
Breeze began to blow,
And blossoms fell on their heads gently
And as he held her tight, the branches of
Both the trees got intertwined!
And ever since then it has been said,
On a full moon night, when young lovers
Under that Cherry and Apple blossom tree,
One can hear Alan Dale the crooner's voice,
Singing, “ Cherry pink and apple blossom
White”, -
Echoing through the moonlight night!
-Raj Nandy

Alan Dale, the Prince of Baritone from the 1950s, became popular for two of his all time hits of 1955; ‘Sweet and Gentle' and
€Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White'! The last three lines of his famous song, has been modified by me as way of a compliment!
Born in Brooklyn, NY, his parents had migrated from Italy. He had featured in TV reality shows & movies with Bill Haliey and his Comets! After a Mafia attack in 1958, his career went gradually on a back slide! But his evergreen song survives!

alan,  baritone,  dale,  prince,  tribute.

Date: 21/08/2019


Alan Dale's Death

A jolly jest was he
Dances the tales of old
Green his foot and pale his lips
Sang a song so bold

An arrow struck upon thee
Fell down the song
For to his knees he came to be
And then quiet come done

The strings fell no pluck
The green turned to crisp
The forest was quiet and so he be
Scarlet blood run from the lips

The wolves turned to flee
No banner stand proud
For it was seen and came to be
Alan Dale shot down

alan,  dale,  death.

Author: Alan Dale
Date: 03/04/2019


Lumberjack Dale

I stopped by for a cigarette and to hear a story
He always told the tale of one eyed molly
She lost her eye
In a fight with a dog
The moral of the story was
Never trust something
Just because it may look harmless,
Even act harmless
But this day he told me another tale
The one of old Lumberjack Dale*

He was large like an ogre
Chopped too many trees to know of

Was stupid according to my uncle
This gave me quite a chuckle

He left off, on a normal morning
Hiked up the mountain
To where the clear dirt's mourning

Held his axe and began to swing
The trees didn't have a prayer
He thought he was king

One fell down
He yelled "TIMBER"
Another smacked the ground
He Yelled "TIMBER"
Then another

Birds were scattering
Squirrels were flying
The sounds were of a madman grunting through fire

The fifth hit the ground
The lumberjack ogre
Had to sit down

He swung one too many times, on this here day
The mountain swung back with a black bear, ok?

Protecting her cubs she wrestled the big man
Teeth in his arm and his axe in his hand

He squinted his eyes and flung the weapon
Missing the giant bear standing about 6' 11"

The mountain whispered to the lumberjack
"Leave and never come back"
He had pissed his pants and ran for the shack


The old black bear followed
Protecting her land
And the ones she adored

dale,  lumberjack.

Author: db cooper
Date: 27/09/2018


A Springtime Dale

Rain falling, soft in the misty dale;
The sun is hidden in the even of the
Day. Violets and poppies, lilies and
Lilacs, all fresh with the rain; life
Bringing, cool in that time of the
Colored evening. A wind is whistling
In the towering trees, setting the leaves
All to sighing, and the branches to
Their sway, but naught of that but a fleeting
Breeze comes down to rouse the nodding
Blooms, and stir the grasses from their
Stay. Night falls, with the winds dying,
And all is still in the sacred dell, save the
Insects, and the rain, and a nightingale,
Singing softly in refrain, poet sweet, in
The falling rain.

dale,  springtime.

Author: A Poet of Anonymity
Date: 17/09/2018


To: The Maranatha Bible Society and Dale H Koller

From Allan Lewicki
Sub: WW3**

In just a little while, your stupid ass [1] is going to see
The Wrath of God Almighty, this most vividly

You'll see the Clouds of Death, rise into the sky
Mushroom clouds from Atom Bombs, and you'll wonder why

I will tell you why, since your too damn dumb to learn
This is the Vengeance from a God, A God that you did spurn

You thought you were so good, you thought you were so pure
You'll be Dung upon the ground [2], of this you can be sure

You're Religious Shit! [3] Just like Dusty Rhoades
With him you'll burn in Hell, and all his Stinking Toads

[1] Hypocritical Stupid ass
[2] Jer 9: 22, Jer 16: 4, Jer 25: 33
[3] http: //yourreligiousshit. blogspot. com/

bible,  dale,  society.

Author: Elihu Barachel
Date: 29/06/2018


Dale H. Koller

What's the Gospel Dale Koller? By which your soul is saved
Preach it to me Dale! Prove you're not depraved

Preach it from your bible, the one you corrected to be pure
Your "perfect" Word of God, or is it your manure?

Preach it from a letter, that Paul wrote to a church
To the church at Corinth... do you need to do research?

Chapter five plus ten, of Corinthians the first
Verses three and four, prove you're not accursed

"According to the scriptures", Paul wrote once and wrote it twice
This is the Gospel Dale Koller, not just mere advice

I can site the chapters, site the verses too
If I can Dale Koller, why oh why can't you?

I know Dale Koller, I know but I won't tell
So continue on your way, on your way to burn in Hell


Author: Elihu Barachel
Date: 14/06/2018