Poems about dancing


№ 1210596

The Monsters Disco Dancing

And all the monsters went disco dancing
The bats and ghast did join in too
The blazes lit the stage a flame
And they all recited the words to "fame"
And shouted "I want to live FOREVER"
Creepers and Steve did twist and twirl
But left out the hiss and boom
No fighting on the floor
Just strobing lights and boogie woogie feet
On the night all the monsters went disco dancing

dancing,  disco,  monsters.

Author: Akira Chinen
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210256

Dancing pig

In a big straw cottage there lived an little pig
He loved to play a fiddle and do an irish jig
He would dance all day as happy as can be
While playing on his fiddle an irish melody
People came see to him and listen to him play
And watched the little pig as he danced away
Then when he got tired he took a rest and then
Underneath the moon he would play and dance again

dancing,  pig.

Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1204713


Dancing all day
Dancing all night
All the grey goes away
And everything turns so bright

Dancing, I must say
It is, my get away

When I dance I feel so pure
Sweat streaming down my face
The music is my lire
I will not leave a trace

Dancing, I must say
It is, my get away


Author: Lily Mayfield
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204497

Two giraffes dancing in the solar system

Our carbon came from the same star,
And as our ancestors rotated around one another,
We have crashed.
We are spinning, spinning, spinning,
Like earth to the sun.

dancing,  giraffes,  solar,  system.

Author: Keloquial
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204247

Dancing Shadows

I stand, like a ghost, on a crowded street,
Diffusing into the blackened concrete.

Shadows are entwined under flickering light,
Surrounding sounds melt into the night.

To their deaths, the stars cascade from the sky,
And liberate the shadows from my eyes.

In a sea of casualties, I drown,
Like a morning fog, resigned to the ground.

I pale, like a ghost, on a barren street,
A street so hungry it swallows me.

dancing,  shadows.

Author: Julia Low
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202972

Dancing down the hallway

She is dancing down the hallway
Laughing like the world is made of all the good things
Like her favorite flowers and twinkling lights

And god how i wish i could bottle this moment
Pull her close and protect her from the harsh reality of heartbreak
When she realizes that not everything is made out of ribbons and glitter

But for now i revel in this moment
Watching her twirling down the hallway
Thinking that she is my world
That she is full of all the good things

dancing,  hallway.

Author: Keah Jones
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200715

Dancing with a boy

Once you tried to tell me what a great feeling it was to dance with someone
To press your body against a girls and sway to your favorite song
Staring into her eyes (which looked like the stars apparently)
But then you asked me what it felt like to dance with a boy, in a girl's mind.
And I laughed at you. I laughed because you assumed that I had danced with
A boy. You didn't understand that
(why didn't you understand that? with the combination of my face and
My heart it's given that I had never even been noticed)
So you vowed to change that
Now I was the one that didn't understand that.
I assumed you would get one of your obnoxious guy friends to ask me to dance,
Just so I could feel good about myself (that wouldn't have helped, because
They would've laughed the whole time)

You took my hands and pulled me onto the floor
(it was tile or something, I didn't know exactly, but I did know
The exact patterns that were under us because I spent
Most of my time staring down while we danced)
I asked you why you were dancing with
A rain cloud, and you said you wanted to be my sunshine,
And together we would make a rainbow
And I think the song said something like 'it never rains when I'm
In your arms', and the two of us laughed so loud
The whole school (or at least those of us who danced)
Looked at us, and I saw jealous girls pointing and staring,
And to make it even better, you lowered your lips to mine,
Not kissing me, but they didn't know that, you said
'I would kiss you, but I don't want to rush things'
And I said nothing, and the song was over, and I went back to my friends

At the next song I caught you staring at me
And my friends pointed to you but I shoved their hands away
And my skin turned as red as the rose you threw at me
When our seventh grade play was over, and we
Stood side by side playing the duet, playing the happy couple holding hands
Except then it was called "play" for a reason
It was pretend, and it didn't mean anything when our lips almost touched
And now it meant more than anything.
(it meant more than that time in eigth grade when you handed me a valentine,
And laughed, so I thought it was a joke)
Perhaps a boy really did like me, just this once, and perhaps,
(based on the way you gently held me over the tiled floor and danced with
Me like you cared)
Perhaps that boy was you.

boy,  dancing.

Author: Avery Greensmith
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198814

Dancing fingertips

Your hand on my back,
Tracing patterns on my skin,
Our own secret language of hieroglyphics
Fingertips dancing along my spine,
My mind starts to drift
I've gone somewhere else
A land of music,
And bodies swaying to the beat
I could stay here forever,
With you, and your dancing fingertips

dancing,  fingertips.

Author: Madeline Killeen
Date: 27/03/2020