Poems about daughter



Dear future daughter

Dear future daughter,
I'm writing to you a letter,
Because one day you'll need this advice,
And it's worth a certain price,

It's worth the price of lessons,
The ones that make you think,
You've been running in the wrong directions,
And stop making you see life in pink,

First thing you need to know,
Is that sometimes you need to let go,
Even if it doesn't feel right,
It just as well might,

Most of the time the things that feel good,
Aren't the things that should,
That's why you should never harm your wrist,
€Cause then I'll just be pissed,

Second thing to keep in mind,
Is to always be kind,
Because the girl you laugh at with much glory,
May have lived a terrible story,

Ask her what her day was like,
The strangest people have the greatest things to tell,
Even if their stories seem like they came straight from hell,
Trust me it won't be an experience you will dislike,

Third thing I want to tell you,
Is that one day you'll meet a boy,
And the idea of you two,
Will be one that brings joy,

And one day he might leave,
And it will make you believe,
That nobody will stay,
But trust me it won't always be that way,

Fourth thing I want to say,
Is that it's okay,
To give yourself pleasure,
And to give youself some leisure,

Sometimes it's a necessity,
Because you schoolwork is driving you crazy,
And in that moment you're panicking,
But your schoolwork isn't more important than your own being,

Last thing I want to say,
Is that life does not count itself it breaths,
It counts itself in the moments that take it away,
People with short life enjoy it this way before their deaths,

So go on and make your life worth living,
And make it worth sharing,
Because you never know when,
It might end,

Dear future daughter,
Please consider everything I have written in this letter,
Trust me when I say without a doubt,
That your future mother knows what she's talking about.

daughter,  dear,  future.

Author: Alexia Côté
Date: 07/04/2020


A Gift for His Daughter

The wind that drove the crashing waves,
And chased away the stormy clouds,
Caressed her skin and stroked her hair,
She knelt beside the sandy spires,
Her tiny hands worked with care,
To build the towers ever skyward,
Many stopped to look with wonder,
A child had made a thing so grand,
Then they saw him, not far away,
Gazing on her with tender eyes,
Beside his castle standing there,
She turned towards her father's feet,
And raised her eyes up to his own,
Smiles spread across their faces,
And found each other in loving embrace.

daughter,  gift.

Author: Jessica Christine
Date: 05/04/2020


Muse °Dear daughter (II)

Nostalgic** of those days when I had a dream. When I walked down the streets and hoped someday I'll be free

Fate I wish I had a peek at you, I'd accept you and put hold to my illusions. The ones I dared to call dreams

But now, am feeble
I just want to be alive

This world is savage
It'll dice your hopes and hold you hostage
My heart weeps for you

The stabbed wounds and the vocals that I offered against malice has left me broken and lonely

I'm perplexed by how we hide our strengths in the shadows

We've been offered cheap thrills at the expense of our sanity

I'm pondering on the pounds that were accepted,
In order for us to be pounded

Bruises and suffering is all we get
Is our existence that invalid?

daughter,  dear,  ii,  muse.

Author: Born
Date: 03/04/2020


I am my mothers daughter

All of the people I tried to fix ended up being open cases
That the judge would skim though and laugh at
You can tell a lot from the bags under people's eyes
And how the light glimmers in their eye when they hear the words 'thank you'

Momma always told me that I was one to try and fix the impossible
I found comfort in the word "thank you"
And drowned in the words
"you can't fix everyone"
The second I see a broken soul, like a magnet
I am a positive to a negative
Playing devils advocate without the devils sign off

I fall for the ones who say I remind them of their angel figure in their life
I fall for the ones who can quickly resemble my parents failing marriage
I'm my mothers daughter,
I am a dreamer, an unconditional lover
I believe in the ones who don't need believing
I am my mental health's own worst enemy.

daughter,  mothers.

Author: b
Date: 03/04/2020


Daughter Dirge

I will always know your name
Future imperfect baby girl

My eyes can never see your face
I prove my love by inaction:

This world will not tarnish you child
Sway in the hammock incorporeal

Feelings are all that matter
Long since born but not meant to live

Beyond the dominion of
Cardiac dreamscapes...


daughter,  dirge.

Author: Laughing Wolf
Date: 01/04/2020


To my daughter's Unborn baby.

I will not know you little child
Or see your shining eyes
Look up at me.
Never trace that tiny face
And hold you upon my knee.

It is a sadness I must bear
But bear it tenderly
With a love that knows
No infinity or finality.

To Victoria and Pieter for their baby
Love Mum xxx

baby,  daughter,  unborn.

Author: Mary Gay Kearns
Date: 31/03/2020


Richard's Road ~ a daughter's song for her father~

Walking Down
Richard's Road
A salty breeze
Welcomes him home
The lost returns
A child again
A bare footed heart and Soul

Pretty Roadside flowers
Your tiny heads bent in
Evening Prayer
Kindly remember our names
As your fragrant blessings fill the air

Setting sun's
Rosy glow
Pouring through
Weathered Birch trees
Rose Coloured light
Flickers through
Warming leaves and his memories

Pretty Roadside flowers
Your tiny heads bent in
Evening Prayer
Kindly remember our names
As your fragrant blessings fill the air

Evening Falls
Soft and cool
Taking his hand
They walk once more
Down over cliffs
Red and high
Yes they walk once more
Down to Richard's Shore

*Pretty Roadside flowers
Your tiny heads bent in
Evening Prayer
Kindly remember our names
As your fragrant blessings fill the air

daughter,  father,  richard,  road,  song.

Author: Catherine Ann Howatt-Dickson
Date: 31/03/2020



It's not the reason I love you, It's not the reason I care... It's not the reason my love is true, It's not the reason I dare. Dare to care, ignore to beware, give the power to ensnare... me. Capital M. E... Massive ecstasy! I can give you things only angels have witnessed. Cherry popping, lush and exciting, palpitatingly breathtaking, devouring smooth and steady rock, and ready sugar spilling vibrance. A first class flight to heaven with a side trip to paradise. But none of this is yours... Not yet no. See its the prince in charming I wanna see before I give in. Let's just say I'm a careless mans careful daughter.

But whenever you're with me, Whenever you flash your cologate smile, Whenever I can't break free, Whenever I feel I'd walk another mile. A mile to rile me up, single file, while you pull me deeper in style... by my heart. Capital H. E. A. R. T... His expressive available ruby treasure! The key to eternal happiness. A soaring inclusion of perpetual intercession with ultimate submission needing heavenly intervention, you couldn't begin to envision. Love so consuming it could light the world on fire with a touch of two palms. But like I said, it's not yours... not yet at all. It's the knight in shining armor I wanna see before I give in. Let's just say I'm a careless mans careful daughter.

Yet though my hearts waves read my caution, tearing at my past, my bells ring when I think of letting you in, my list of reasons so vast. To show me all you have to do is ask me bmw. Capital B. M. W. Be my wife! I want you, not in bits and pieces but the whole thing. Baby I want a ring and I don't mean a phone! Let's just say, I'm a careless mans careful daughter.

careful,  careless,  daughter,  mans.

Date: 30/03/2020