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Dear future daughter

Dear future daughter,
I'm writing to you a letter,
Because one day you'll need this advice,
And it's worth a certain price,

It's worth the price of lessons,
The ones that make you think,
You've been running in the wrong directions,
And stop making you see life in pink,

First thing you need to know,
Is that sometimes you need to let go,
Even if it doesn't feel right,
It just as well might,

Most of the time the things that feel good,
Aren't the things that should,
That's why you should never harm your wrist,
¬АШCause then I'll just be pissed,

Second thing to keep in mind,
Is to always be kind,
Because the girl you laugh at with much glory,
May have lived a terrible story,

Ask her what her day was like,
The strangest people have the greatest things to tell,
Even if their stories seem like they came straight from hell,
Trust me it won't be an experience you will dislike,

Third thing I want to tell you,
Is that one day you'll meet a boy,
And the idea of you two,
Will be one that brings joy,

And one day he might leave,
And it will make you believe,
That nobody will stay,
But trust me it won't always be that way,

Fourth thing I want to say,
Is that it's okay,
To give yourself pleasure,
And to give youself some leisure,

Sometimes it's a necessity,
Because you schoolwork is driving you crazy,
And in that moment you're panicking,
But your schoolwork isn't more important than your own being,

Last thing I want to say,
Is that life does not count itself it breaths,
It counts itself in the moments that take it away,
People with short life enjoy it this way before their deaths,

So go on and make your life worth living,
And make it worth sharing,
Because you never know when,
It might end,

Dear future daughter,
Please consider everything I have written in this letter,
Trust me when I say without a doubt,
That your future mother knows what she's talking about.

daughter,  dear,  future.

Author: Alexia C√іt√©
Date: 07/04/2020

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Dear You,

Dear Washington,
I am so jealous of you. You get to hear her voice and hold her when she cries. You get to see every one of her smiles. She's always in your arms instead of mine, always right out of my reach.
Dear Washington,
How dare you keep me away from her. You're so far away from me. She's so far away from me. I wish you would let my voice through your walls and make it to her ears. I wish I could scream loud enough for her to hear me.
Dear Washington,
I hate you for making it so hard to get to her. I hate you for being able to hold her every night, being able to see her fall asleep, being able to catch her tears. I hate you for keeping me out, for keeping her in.
Dear Washington,
Thank you for holding her for me. Thank you for making sure she's safe while she's asleep. Thank you for catching her tears. Thank you for being the place she exists. Her existence makes even the most horrendous places beautiful.
Dear Love,
I'll make it to Washington. I'll make it to you.


Author: Taylor
Date: 07/04/2020

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Dear WickedHope

Hey, I don't know you,
But I love your poems,
The way in which your mind works,
To construct such real reflections,
In the form of words.
I often see your poems are sad,
But to me they echo hope,
For your sadness will not last,
And you're strong enough to cope.
So I don't really know you,
But I can see what you go through,
And though I may not really know you,
I relate to what you express,
Just know there's many who feel the same,
As what you do.


Author: aesha nisar
Date: 07/04/2020

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Is just too much - Dear

Is too much
For this little girl
That just want to not be broken again
Stay with you

Is just too much
For this little eyes
To watch our smile
Breake all the sadness in the room

Is just too much
For this little mouth
To kiss
Your beautiful lips

Is just too much
For this little hands
To hold yours
So strong

Is just too much*
For this little stomach
To feel those
Awful butterflies

*Is just too much
For this heart
To love again


Author: Elisa
Date: 07/04/2020

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Dear Soulmate

Where are you?
I look around empty corners
And across crowded streets
But you're nowhere to be found.
I once thought I had found you,
Riding heaven lights that broke through stormy sick clouds.
You left happiness in your wake.
But now,
I am certain
That was not you.
Why don't you seek me out?
Do you not know of me either?
I wish
To make myself known
To you
For the very core of my being burns for your understanding nature.
End my loneliness.
Find me.
Or, perhaps, allow me
To find you.

dear,  soulmate.

Author: Audrey
Date: 07/04/2020

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Dear Friend,

Help me if you can
I'm feeling down

dear,  friend.

Author: A
Date: 06/04/2020

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Dear lovecraft

I'm not usually a person to hate on things.
But for you to HURT MY FRIENDS,
Things just got very... very... personal.
Now I have an idea,
Why don't you take back your words,
Back the fuck off my friends,
Or I will personally make you wish you never met me, aye?


Author: Creep
Date: 06/04/2020

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Dear Heart and Brain,

Dear heart and brain,

I owe you an apology, Heart
And I owe you, Brain, one two
You told me not to trust anymore
But just what did I do?

I ignored your precautions
Though listening was best
I didn't realize this until
The pain settled in my chest

Oh, I was so foolish
To think that things had changed
The same events occurred again
But names were rearranged

I told somebody my whole heart
They swore it to themselves
But just like all the others did
They found someone to tell

Just as I had turned my back
The facade slipped their face
My trust has crumbled to a dust
While heartbreak filled it's place

Now I promise, heart and brain
I will trust no more
Without anyone to tell my heart
My chest won't be so sore.

I wrote this letter sincerely
And I've enclosed my heart
Please take it, Brain, and hold it tight
It can't afford to lose more parts.

brain,  dear,  heart.

Author: Savannah Becker
Date: 06/04/2020