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Celestial Diamond

Your mind is a rocket ship on a cosmic trip
Thoughts like beautiful blossoming wild flowers in the garden of your consciousness
Free and disciplined simultaneously
The alluring nature of the universe is drawing you deep into its beauty
Fractal hieroglyphics and shifting sacred geometry sitting in the inside of your eyelids
As I'm standing in the wild winds of the wonderland of your imagination
Ancient souls of this contemporary world; life sparkles from the inside like a celestial diamond.

celestial,  diamond.

Author: Jessica Golich
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1206452

The Inner Black Diamond Slope

The corporate sports shop has erased the swim section with snow sports
And I can't find those jagged ear plugs I like there
Must go back local to where I got half a wet suit
Made by O'Niel, the inventor from my home town
And I remember a friend who was a great skier and even
Better ski bum, and he hung out with Tommy Moe in Wyoming and
He almost put his eye out going down a Black Diamond slope stoned
And maybe that's brave, but I don't think so really because true bravery in
My mind is rarely physical, and most commonly, but perhaps rarely mental
As I see the Christmas shoppers like every year doing the same things and dysfunctional
Families everywhere pretending to get along when they'd rather kill each other
Understanding why, like Freud first tried to show us, in his strange 19th century way
Has led to a situation where everyone could understand why, what really drives them
And so few do, because it is scary and expensive and long term and frustrating and you have to go back
Over and over and realize you are doing the same damn thing over and over and it's worse than
School when you were a kid, when it was just over and over and a teacher blaring at you until
You finally got it and moved on, because that can really happen. You can get it and move
On and you won't need the salve of the alcohol or the forty big screen TVs or endless ballgames
Watched as if they held some kind of key to a special universe and if just one more game, like one more quarter in that slot machine, and what you are really running away from is yourself and your pain.
And I am different, it is true, because that inner journey to understanding is essential to me and
Psychology is amazing, how the mind tries to protect us from ourselves by creating more distraction
When we all have that Black Diamond Slope to go down and it is scary and frustrating
And we may fall but in the end we will understand. And that is the most important thing.

black,  diamond,  inner.

Author: Zulu Samperfas
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1200207


I shall write this poem in the shape of a diamond
I shall write this poem in the shape of a diamond
I shall write this poem in the shape of a diamond
I shall write this poem in the shape of a diamond
I shall write this poem in the shape of a diamond
I shall write this poem in the shape of a diamond
Nobody's perfect
Not even the diamonds in the sky


Author: Brianna
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198778


My creator created me in his sun and moon
Hearing his words, the whole earth change its tune,

And he is so kind and caring to make my heart of steel
Cold and hard but not brittle, you may touch me and feel

Keeper of the house lives here calmly beneath the breast
So happy and cool is the sweet twilight peace of priest to rest

My heart of steel can blow through barricades like grenade
Protect and shield optimists, battle hymns, and hit parade

My creator made my heart in shining armor in appearance
Contorting bodies with physical and chemical interference

Hardship troubles and sorrow want to escape the pains of life
People may be left off being single but I live here with my wife

My heart of steel is as nonvolatile single diamond molecule
If any wrong or harmful

Written by

~Jawahar Gupta


diamond,  heart,  molecule,  steel.

Author: yasaman johari
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198145

No warmth in the diamond

Like a diamond unbreakable
His districtiveness was stronger
Than the fragile fibers
Of his consciousness
That only reminded him
Of his weakness
He liked himself as a snake
Warming against
Someone else's angst
Gradually fueling its heat

diamond,  warmth.

Author: L Seagull
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1194406

Shine diamond shine

I want to be better than good,
Exceptional to the highest exponential,
Still a diamond in the rough,
I got potential,
Obstacles and struggles are part of life but if I never give up,
Essentially are inconsequential,
Even if it rains cats and dogs,
A light shower,
Or perhaps terrential,
Not to downplay a downpour,
But life is a roller coaster,
With more ups and downs,
Than the Dow Jones,
Never give up in the face of adversity,
Invested in the future,
I'm in it to win,
Sometimes struggle happens,
And failure too,
But if you can learn from your mistakes and dream it,
One day you'll go far kid,
Believe it then achieve it.

diamond,  shine.

Author: Bobby forget
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1189538

Closed door and a diamond crystal

Much before the door closed
Can be seen regularly when walking on the road
Though dark, see the mass of trash
But did not hear any noise ever

On the side of the sky touch wall
My constant movement
Though shadow yet trademark cynicism
I can go away even closed eyes

Closed eyes within the dark
Yet unbelievable, but brings a dream
A dream within the dark,
See a diamond crystal
Where only light and light dispersion
From each dimension

Suddenly, in dream
I am in front of the closed door,
See a footprint,
Known voice with tune,
Can hear the illusive song

Now neither there exists any tall wall
Nor any closed door in the mind

closed,  crystal,  diamond,  door.

Author: Musfiq us shaleheen
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1187834


The coal
Left unheld
Without it's eon
Having passed
Never crystalized


Author: InanimateSensation
Date: 17/03/2020