Poems about diamonds


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Diamonds beneath my ocean of tears

Falling from the open
Sinking, sinking
Takes away my breath
As if I had any left
Ships sailing, stay afloat
On top of my tears
An ocean filled
Below the surface
Lay diamonds
Burried in the sand
And all my dreams
That couldn't swim
Are spit back up on land
The winds bellow a
Gruff howl
Sinking, sinking
Enveloped by the waters
Beautiful sunshine
Smiling above
They swam off into the sea

beneath,  diamonds,  ocean,  tears.

Author: Katlyn Orthman
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1191170

Lucy High As Balls in the Sky Bearing Gifts of Diamonds

These words, the illusion...
Coherrent with a hit of color fusion
Slowly killing me, but damn, does it feel good to be usin'
From the looks of it, it's Hannah Eich against the world at large
Making myself a new path for others to follow 'cause I take charge
Just call me a druggie, burntout hippie if you please
That's a part of who I am, it's inside of me
It's what I breathe... it's what I need
A reality that doesn't exist is all my brain likes to eat
Continuing on my journey, barefoot, dragging my feet
All my movements are illustrated by the beats

bearing,  diamonds,  gifts,  high,  lucy,  sky.

Author: Hannah Eich
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1190191

Probably Diamonds (for Daniel)

The cries were lynched from wall to wall
Dangling like pastel vowels
And painted planets,
So the air smelled of colgate and snot.
Aw Dan, what a night that was!
You cried for your dog -
I wept for the bow in my laces
Which I knew I couldn't tie without Mother -
But then the morning came with a friendly knock,
And in a few more nights, we were brothers.

I've totted it up, you know
And I've watched you wake up over a thousand times,
I've filmed you crash your car,
I've stolen your chips,
I've punched your kidneys
And pressed my eyelids to your lips.

What a long way we've come
From those two boys left alone.
I wonder what they'd have thought if they'd been shown a video
Of you and me in 2014,
Rushing a hug over beer?
I almost wished we'd known back then
So that we wouldn't have been so frightened.

I wish we'd known how much we'd laugh,
How we'd utilise Latin,
How we'd sell those diamonds
Blagging, without a clue-!

I wish every boy had you
To see them through.

daniel,  diamonds.

Author: A Mareship
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1184704

Three Diamonds

: i have realized something

: i have realized the distilled essence of all of my desires

: is simply to be able to Love you

: or, more honestly, that you would be able to let me Love you

: and i have realized something else

: i have realized that this desire of mine

: to be free to Love you completely

: with neither regret nor remorse

: will never be fulfilled

: and so now i have a choice

: i can let go of this desire

: to save myself

: from constant rejection and disappointment

: i can accept that you will never let me Love you

: the way that i want to

: the way that i try to

: i can let go of this desire

: accept my fate

: and simply stop trying

: or

: i can take it

: i can endure

: and keep Loving you

: knowing full-well that Loving you means

: an oft-broken heart

: and i have realized one more thing

: one final thing

: that for a life spent Loving you

: You

: for that I can be

: for that I will be

: for that, I am

: Strong

diamonds,  three.

Author: Michael Valentine
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1180093

Judy in the Sky with Diamonds

The most beautiful of brides, I remember the warmth of her happy smile, the excitement in her dancing eyes
When she married my brother, way back then. I recall the radiance, the infectious happiness of that wonderful day.
The pride, worn like a flag, on my brothers laughing, rugged face as he played, with wild passion, “The Golden Wedding” on the drums
As a tribute to her at the reception on that special, special day.

The immense sense of family she generated through the years...in the good times and the bad.
The way she held it all together, raising the kids to have good solid values and an appreciation of being.
She taught them the goals of love and loyalty, she inured them with the knowledge that life was there to grasp
And that the capacity to have a good laugh at yourself was the key to happiness in every single day.

She weathered the storms of life, braving the trials of hardship and loss.... but always holding family and friends to the tenant of her faith
ВЂ¦... that all would be well in the end.

She worked tirelessly all her life and when, in her final years, with her little body bent and arthritic, she revelled in the joy of reciprocated love from those nearest and dearest to her.

I recall, last year, the utter agony of a mother on her tear lined face, when she last stroked the cheek of her tragically, departed son, Darren.
The bravery, the incredible warmth, the strength in her heart and her tiny frame, when she circulated the crowd consoling others on that sad, saddest of days.

Now she is gone...... leaving a vacuum, impossible to fill. Leaving grieving husband, daughters, relatives and friends lamenting the departure of an incredibly special person.
Leaving us all with the memory of her quality, her goodness.... and her ever shining eyes, the very key to her beautiful, glittering, Catholic soul.

Judy in the Sky with Diamonds,
Judy in the Sky with Diamonds,

Tara­ naki, New Zealand.

diamonds,  judy,  sky.

Author: Marshal Gebbie
Date: 10/03/2020

№ 1169703

When diamonds rain

I wonder if angels cry.
When the scent of fornication smothers the air
And guilt consumes the careless hands immersed in the jar of sordid men. When children kiss blades, painted in their brother's blood. Drinking their mothers tears as though a precious tea.

I wonder if they use handkerchiefs or let rivers rise, feeding from their eyes.
Dancing in birth of the innocent youth, glimmering with hope and prosperity.

I wonder, I wonder.

diamonds,  rain.

Author: Jamie King
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1165175

Draped in Dicey Diamonds

On days of satisfaction I embrace the lights that illuminate our urban lifestyles
But on days of frustration I am capable of bending that light into fragile
Reflections, which shed the truth amongst all creations
Because I'd love to compile a breed of hostile intellectuals
Who, I'd imagine, to fall on their knees begging for mercy from their own knowing
I am an ineffectual
Don't mistake my rage for power, as my power no longer exists
If you can believe it
If that's how you see it
This environment constructed and was destructive towards the continuation of my ego and I am clawing my way out of a pit
A time ago I was the terrorist of my own self worth, and now I torture the weak- minded to nourish the hole in me to finally be a whole
It's a vicious cycle of how low a being will go to reach a climax in time
The final stage is to reach self acceptance to show, lo and behold
Where tranquility will obliterate greed
And intelligence will revive the need to be free from everyone else's thinking,

diamonds,  draped.

Author: Erica Carrillo
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1163485

"he's my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds"

He is the sun. I used to think the sun revolved around me but
Then I found out that I am heliocentric and if stars were infinite he
Would never die but we do not live in a type of universe
Where love can survive long distance relationships with hallmark cards our
Wrecked art is a fire and I cannot tell if you are the gasoline
Or if I am a lighter and i cannot tell what difference that makes
Or if I really care about either all i know is that space does not exist
To me all that is relevant is the distance between us and they
Say young love does not exist they say that this is only infatuation
But it can't be because I know everything about him religion does
Not exist if he can't go to heaven the world was not made to
Last but he was because he is a shining ember that doesn't
Burn he is a form of poetry that never ends he is my favorite book
The chapters are long but I can never get enough and the way
He lies right through his teeth like a magician just about to draw
A rabbit out of a hat is not okay the way he inhales the toxic fumes
Of requiem into his lungs is not okay and I know it but the
World was not made to be survived the world was made to be lived
And every time he breathes I swear I feel infinite it's like I'm drowning
But I'm not falling and he is not the brightest star in the
Galaxy but he is mine and he is special because he is the *sun.

diamonds,  shine,  sun.

Author: heather leather
Date: 24/02/2020