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Diary of the Damned -- Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

As I sit here and write through this silence of night
The voices wage war once again in my mind
The hopeful and hopeless, both blinded by sight
Bleed more dust from their armor
Never settling score
I hold dear the light, through the violent plight
The choice of my rage...to defend what is mine
To hold to the hope that soon, all will be right
No more pain will I harbor
For I'm worth so much more

The words don't come easy as battles rage on
Especially when I'm my own greatest foe
Tortured by every word, right or wrong
Second guessing my self
Every which way I turn
I want to give up, but I want to go on
Serenity somewhere adrift in my woe
It seems that I've battled myself for so long
I've lost touch with myself
And I've left me to burn

Somewhere there's a lie between myself and I
Both of us perfect strangers who cannot agree
To hope and to try, or to give up and die
If I can't save myself
Maybe I can save me
If I find peace of mind, maybe I can survive
But which piece holds my peace still remains to be seen
When the plans of both I and myself go awry
Am I fooling myself?
Will I ever be free?

My darkness and light both continue their fight
If there is an end, it's one I've yet to find
Try as I might, nothing seems to go right
Each attempt now much harder
Than each time before
So I sit here and write through this silence of night
As the voices wage war once again in my mind
The hopeful and hopeless, both blinded by sight
Bleed more dust from their armor
Never settling score

december,  diary,  tuesday.

Author: Diary of the Damned
Date: 06/04/2020


#11 from my diary

हसासों की सवारी,
नजाने में कुछ यूँ चली,
र लो कोई शायर बन गया,
ब मंजिलें न मिली!

The feelings convoyed as a chariot,
Never realised!
And here born a poet,
When dreams not materialised!


Author: Jugnu-the firefly
Date: 04/04/2020


Overdose (an Excerpt from the Diary of a Dead Man)

"... Walking out of that place
With you, my friend, by my side,
I felt like a soldier after war:
I was void of my senses.
I lacked all feeling of physical pleasure
And pain.
I forgot what it meant to possess
Simplicity, joy, and contentment,
Like a billionaire who indulges his every whim
Then overdoses on cocaine or heroin
Or one too many bullets to the head... "

dead,  diary,  excerpt,  man,  overdose.

Author: Jim Marchel
Date: 03/04/2020


Dear Diary

Dear Diary today i sow a man and i liked him
He penetrated me with his beauty, a beauty like a blooming rose
His smille is making me going Crazy
He take my hand and then i felt so safe
Oh dear diary i wonder if he is the one
I wonder if he is choice to be mine
When i was just a child i ask the stars where it could be my mate, the one with who i, ll spend my life and today i think that i find the perfect man what i was looking for my whole life
Dear Diary my only one friend the time will decide how my life will be going but untill that time will come please remain my friend forever

dear,  diary.

Author: Helena Andrea
Date: 29/03/2020


Diary of the Damned -- Sunday, December 14th, 2014 - First entry

How is it you control me
Every fight
Both day and night
€Til my words cannot console me?
Am I blind?
Am I weak?
Have I just been strong too long
Without the love I once had faith in
€Til both faith and hope are gone?

~So many people say they want someone who loves them truly
So many people say they want someone who understands
So many people say they want a true, kind hearted person
While refusing to give credit to the ones they find at hand

They want someone to show them everything they've ever dreamed of
They want someone to be there through the calm and through the storm
They want to be loved perfectly, along with imperfections
While they reject each imperfection found with hate and scorn

They want someone to show them truth and honor such as they deserve
Dishonoring the truths they're shown with unwarranted lies
Continuing to push away the very love they're looking for
While treating those they push away the same as those despised
They cannot see that they've become the same as those who've done them wrong
Believing they are justified in everything they've done
They have been done wrong so many times that they've been blinded
It's here I see that, just like me, they were strong for way too long

Just how long can one be strong while their weaknesses are preyed upon?
Just how long can one seek the truth when all they've found are lies?
Just how long can one have faith in everything they've been hoping for
Before faith begins to falter, and hoping comes to be despised?

~There are, by far, too many people in this world who lie about love
Because they know if they pretend to be true, they can use someone for all they can
€Til they've had their fill
€Til they're caught
Or ‘til they find someone from whom to take more
It matters not, as long as things continue on as they had planned
Not caring who they hurt, as long as they can gain what they desire
Leaving such good hearted people broken and in pain
Until, for far too many, faith is lost in what they're hoping for
Because the love they're shown proves to be lies again and again

None of us experience exactly the same circumstance
For, even when they're similar, the variables change
Some of us are more prone to depression and anxiety
The same for fear and doubt, though they effect us all the same
Some of us can tolerate, or withstand, these things longer
While some of us will reach our limits sooner than the rest
This timeframe individually depends upon our heartache
Along with depth of love and trust that each of us invest
As well as the severity of sufferance we each endure
Each time we're left to feel we're cursed after feeling we were blessed

For those of us with clinical depression and anxiety
We torture ourselves more each time, convinced that giving up is best
It makes it that much harder to have faith in what we're hoping for
Especially when we think we've finally found the love that's true
The hardest part of faith and hope is holding on until the day
We find the one who, just like us, will prove their love is true

For so long you have controlled me
But I still fight
Both day and night
Though sometimes words just won't console me
I will find the love I seek
For I've been waiting far too long
To lose my faith and give up hope
Despite this pain that lingers on

december,  diary,  entry,  sunday.

Author: Diary of the Damned
Date: 29/03/2020


Dear diary, a dead dog

My good friends dog died. she was old and she liked to sleep next to the heater and they took her away and never brought her back. she told me in the first period locker rooms, when my buzzcut was still patchy from trich and unsteady hands and it was still cold outside. she cried and cried and told no one else. just me. no one posted pictures of her dead dog, said goodbyes, made instagram posts about it. she was just gone. we went to her house and her bed was empty and no one said anything. like she never happened. my friend was terrified of remembering her and i was terrified of forgetting her;

dead,  dear,  diary,  dog.

Author: melle haggis
Date: 28/03/2020


Dear Diary

She writes in her diary
The events that's taken place
She locks in her dresser drawer
To hide it just in case

For it keeps all of her secrets
That's she's never told a soul
Things she's hidden in her heart
That no one will ever know

Its pages tell a story
Of her sorrow and her joy
Her memories wrapped in paper
That time cannot destroy

It holds her key to happiness
And even, the meaning of life
It tells of all her heartaches
That cut her like a knife

Her diary holds the mystery
Of where she's coming from
It tells of who she is
And who she wants to become

Pen and paper in a carboard box
Becomes a little girl's past
Her dreams, memories and heartaches
For as long as the binding lasts

dear,  diary.

Author: Larry B
Date: 25/03/2020



Between courage and patience,
I choose the latter as it is more enduring.

diary,  fragments.

Author: MS Lim
Date: 22/03/2020