Poems about died


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The night Margalo died

Broken glasses laid everywhere
The feel of the environment was quite eerie
The silence was truly deafening
Nobody could ever guess this was still planet earth
The atmosphere was very tense
I could feel it with my bare hands
I could hardly make up my steps
The weight of my whole body rested on my feet
Terror began to take a better part of me
I was never so horrified in my life
I felt blood running in all my veins
Shortly I found myself unconsciously on the ground
My muscles had absolutely no power at all
I thought I crawled but maybe I swam on the floor
Slowly but surely I moved on like a tortoise
Then I began to smell gunpowder
But I continued with my swim to wherever
I guess a little faster than a chameleon this time
Then I felt something kinda warm in my left palm
I took a moment to analyze before I realized
That it was blood, real human fresh blood
My hair stood up as I approached there
There where blood was oozing profusely at will
Was I swimming in this blood all along, crap!!!
Margalo was lying face down on the floor
She made no movement whatsoever
It was only the stream of blood from her open neck
This night the bullets had ripped her
And indeed, the bullets had ripped us apart

died,  night.

Author: Nomutsa Oliver
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205967

I have died

My hurt has a sinister ire
Fire burning what had been sane
Ashes and dust make a sapphire
I still feel the same again
Murder my every desire
So I can only know the pain
More corpses on streets to hire
I am just one of the strange

I had something but no words to speak
All I could see was who left and came
In all of those lies I once let breed
I somewhere forgot my own name

I have died years ago but I am still awake
My heart is lost but I still hear my soul
I wouldn't know the monsters I have made
But I know the secrets I never told
By a lonely corner where I would wait
Breathing more despair and cold
You wouldn't know how many scars it takes
To not remember who you are anymore


Author: aviisevil
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204172

My dog died this morning

I say "this morning, "
But that would be a lie.
In reality,
It was this afternoon,
Shortly after I had waken up for the day.

I had him for
13 years.
13. The cursed, unlucky number.

I was into Tom and Jerry,
When I was 4.
It was a cartoon series
And it had a dog named spike.

So, we decided,
My dog could have the same name.
He was never more undeserving
Of the scary, tough title.

The first day I saw him,
He peed on my leg.
The adults told me
It meant that he liked me.

He was a sweetheart.
And everything in between.

He barked at passing strangers,
And licked my wounds.
Soon I learned it wasn't only because
He knew I was in pain,
But because he simply
Liked to lick everything.

He was a rescue.
He wore scars on his thighs,
From fighting to get away
From his past life.
He was two when I was four.
He was thirteen when I, fifteen.

The last day I saw him,
He peed on my leg.
Not out of love,
But because he had a stroke
In my arms.

He died shortly after we drove to the vet.
My father told me to pump his chest.
I cried as he struggled to exhale breaths.
Thirty seconds later,
He stopped struggling.
Thirty minutes later,
We arrived at the vet.

And a part of me thinks,
It is completely my fault.
Because while my dog always knew
When I was in pain,
I failed to see his.

died,  dog,  morning.

Author: Polka
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202926

She died, but she loved

He walked in the room, pale written on his face
When did it get to this pace?
She sits with oceans upon her cheeks,
His knees go weak.
The sentences of red stains on her bed.

He grabs her wrists and screams when did it get like this?
Scars caress her emptiness and he knew now her pain from past days

She screams nothing ever goes my way!
Let me be your strength, the blanket of compassion you won't be alone, I love you to my bones.

She cries in his arms as a safety net catches her and hope is restored.

Half a moon slips on her lips and she walks with grace, she will leave her mistakes but a classmate reminds her that she's late, a scream escapes they know her fate.
Class they meant, not the baby to be sent.

One cut, two cuts, three cut - four. She falls to the floor with a knock on the door he runs in, worry on his skin as his thought was right, it's time to fight.

Baby you promised to talk to me not leave, her eyes roll back with a panic attack as he sees his whole world fade away in the light of day he never got to say, how he feels.

A positive result upon lies a note, I'm sorry I left you with this, she would have been bliss but life got in the way and I can't stay.

Pictures of them written on with pen, hearts but tears on the tares of the corners. Breaths become shorter and blood drips down the bath, how did it get this far? Baby you promised you wouldn't leave me alone, you said you would phone!

Somebody call an ambulance! His heart is dense, her body sinks into him and her life lifts to Heaven, God I gave up sin and you take relish must I perish - pain of this name, I could never be the same. You took my girl, you took my world.

Baby you promised you would not cut.

died,  loved.

Author: Shannon Acacia Wilson
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201591

The Day Religion Died

I once
Asked god
For help
But he never came through, faith left me
In a
Of need,
An atheist
I have been
As I gave
Religion the
Finger, and
I have
Felt ever
Since, I
Was seven
Years old

day,  died,  religion.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201380

Mary Jane Died Last Night

The younger sister
Of the second wife
Of my dear friend
Of forty-five years
Died last night.

You don't know her.

She died at fifty-eight;
For many that's younger,
For more that's older;
For us, we knew her.

I really don't know why
I brought it up;
I shouldn't bother you.

She was...
A daughter, a sister,
A grandaughter,
A sister-in-law,
A cousin, a niece;
An auntie, a Mother,
Then a Nana;
There are many like her,
But none other.

There's more. She was...
A friend, a true friend,
A lover and healer;
A soul mate,
A life mate,
A Wife and confidant.

Yes. Such Women
We all know well.
But you don't.
Do you?

Well, she died last night.
Just thought you might
Like to know,
MJ died last night.

died,  jane,  mary,  night.

Author: Francie Lynch
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200824

On The Day I Died

On the day I died there was no bright light.
There was no voice to pull me to heaven.
There was only aching.
And a hole where my heart had been.
On the day I died there was a boy.
A boy I loved.
A boy that could never love me back.
Because he only saw her.
The girl who consumed his soul.
The girl who had been placed in the ground years ago.
Yet she stood in my place when he looked at me.
She was the one he truly saw.
I didn't care though.
I wanted him to be happy.
I wanted to be a part of his happiness.
Even though he was killing me.
Even though I sank lower and lower with each kiss.
With each whisper.
Until I was drowning in a mixture of tears and blood.
On the day I died I said goodbye.
I said goodbye and fled.
I ran from the cause of my pain.
I watched as the light left from his eyes.
As he searched for something to say.
As our tears drowned each other.
And I heard the voice I loved so dearly.
Yell a name that wasn't mine as I left.
Yell and beg her not to leave him again.
Not me but her.
On the day I died my world turned gray.
Gray and rainy.
And I watched the storm clouds get thicker
And the rain hit the pavement outside my door harder.
I watched as lightning struck.
Thunder became the only sound.
Thunder that yelled a name over and over.
Not mine or his but hers.
On the day I died I felt myself sink lower.
Until I was in my grave completely.
Until I was just a hollow shell.
A shell that was cursed to go on.
Cursed to be the one living with a hole in my chest.
A hole that left me opened and exposed to the world.
Leaving me more vulnerable than I thought imaginable.
On the day I died my body got colder.
My lips were ice.
Covered in a thin layer of frost.
Frost that held me safely.
That allowed me to protect myself.
Protect the stony heart that had hardened with time.
Frost was the beginning.
Until I was completely made of ice.
Ice so cold and fragile it frightened others.
Frightened them from talking or touching.
Chasing them away with the cold expressions.
The only expressions I knew now.
Only those expressions of pain and suffering.
The ever present frown on a frostbitten face.
Once rosy cheeks a sickening blue shade.
On the day I died I felt nothing but guilt.
An overwhelming sensation.
The feeling of leaving someone more broken.
Someone who had no one.
The need to run back and beg for forgiveness.
The ache of potentially killing someone.
Taking a life with your own.
On the day I lived I felt peace.
Peace and love that surrounded me wholly.
With someone who saw me.
Someone who whispered my name and not hers.
Someone whose soul was as beautiful as the body it dwelled in.
Someone who chased away the storms.
Made me warm again.
Melted the ice that encased me.
His lips acted as the sun.
Freeing me from the cold loneliness.
There was no more guilt.
No more hole where my heart sat.
I had a new heart.
A heart shared with someone who loved me.
Someone who made me happy.
Like I wanted him to be happy.
On the day I lived I felt something.
Something that was real.
Something that brought joy instead of hurt.
On the day I lived I found a reason to stay that way.

day,  died.

Author: Cassidy Wilson
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1197616

He died

The last boy I loved died
Of cancer
I cried so hard, he always made me happy
He was so happy and he was just perfect when he smiled
I did not speak often to him
But when I did I felt so comfortable
So when I saw him that last time, he told me that he kind of liked me
And my heart started pounding like crazy and I did not answer.
I just said well okay I talk to you later.
And I fucking regret that
Because I never got to talk to him
I did not even saw him laying dead in his coffin
I never said goodbye to him


Author: megan catcher
Date: 26/03/2020