Poems about diet


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Fad diet

Something changed today
I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger
The cute pudgy girl I detested was gone
She was replaced by a skeleton
With empty, frightened eyes
With wrists so thin you could tear them in two

She always wanted to be skinny
To lose just enough to be accepted
Maybe then a guy would talk to her
Maybe then her father,
Wouldn't think she was such a fuckup

A few turned to fifty
Meals went from three to none
She found herself disgusted at the mere thought of food
There were days where She desperately want to eat
But didn't remember how

Change is supposed to be good
So why did she look so afraid?

diet,  fad.

Author: Dbcan
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1200413

Modern diet

Now the sky is clouds of poison
I follow the trails and find a source
Why do we feel so bad?
Its the air we breath

Now the food doesn't nourish
Modified to fill you up
Stay fresh and kill
Its the chemicals

And if it wasn't blood in the water
Its sugary soda
Eating away
From the inside

diet,  modern.

Author: Torin Galleshaw
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1180972

Diet hippo

There was a little hippo he lived in the zoo
He was very fat and doors could not get through.

He decided he would diet and try to lose some weight
Hoping to get thin enough to fit through any gate.

He started doing exercise every single day
Gradually the pounds began to go away.

He stuck to his diet and made his life so knew
Now where the hippo goes his body will go through

diet,  hippo.

Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1165041

The Diet Dance

On the scale off of the scale. Up and down my weight goes! I can see my toes I can't see my toes. Up and down my weight goes! No red meat all vegetables, cook them no eat them raw. Cleanse now don't cleanse. Up one size now down two. Work out all cardio no go back to weights. I lost 4 inches but gained 10 pounds. Up and down the struggle goes. So many diets, so many plans. It is enough to make you depressed and binge eat. On and On I go, doing a two step with my weight and self esteem. Twirling around in a dizzying diet dance. I'm so frustrated I just want some chocolate cake!

dance,  diet.

Author: James M Vines
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1154246

Steady Diet of Cyanide

Gotta get away, from depression and decay
Too stubborn to admit that I've been led astray.

A world behind windows and white picket fences,
Swimming in the drool of suburban pretenses.

Get a job
Get a life
Cut your hair
Hit your wife
Get a car
Get a gun
We'll go out and have some fun.

cyanide,  diet,  steady.

Author: Peter Christian Ness
Date: 16/02/2020

№ 1135760

Obesity? New diet

Move your living
Near to office
Walking helps plus
Eating junk food
While commuting
Will disappear!!! .

diet,  obesity.

Author: JP
Date: 30/01/2020

№ 1127612

Diet clues

Trans-gender is so last year, ask one slav why he committed himself to trans-ethnicity, sounding a bit saxon. *

Insult what i eat
And you
Insult more than
The ore of my pigment
That isn't even relevant,
Unless china with selfridges'
Shopping bags.
Fuck you india, chop off ivan
I'd like you into a salad
Plum tomato heads in guillotine glee!

clues,  diet.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 23/01/2020

№ 1108134


I have a very limited diet.
I survive off sweet and nutritious thoughts.
The compliments that taste like candy.
I devour them whole.

Put a little icing on me.
I could use a personality.
What do you want me to be?
Something sour? Or something sweet?

Cut me open, limb by limb.
Tell me good things.
Eat me and tell me how good I taste.
I crave the validation.

The bad thoughts have my stomach tied in knots.
I puke them out until I'm hungry again.
I could use some sweet things.
So all your thoughts get shoved down my throat.

Order anything you'd like.
I'll be whatever you want.
I'll make sure to consume perfection.
You are what you eat after all.

Am I good yet?
Am I too much, too little?
Too sweet, too savoury?
I will take in your thoughts and make you happy.

I'm filling up on too many thoughts.
But I'm starving.
I'm overeating all the nice things you say.
My insides are an overflowing shipwreck.

What flavour is my personality?
Should I just scrape it off?
Everyone will like me more without it.
Everyone will like me more without it.

Devour me whole, tell me I'm pretty.
Take a bite of me.
Call me the perfect identity.
Do you enjoy me?

I purge your thoughts and change my flavour.
Why aren't you happy?
My stomach is empty.
I've forgotten who I used to be.


Author: mythie
Date: 05/01/2020