Poems about dinosaurs


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The day the dinosaurs came to play

What a day I had today
Three dinosaurs came to play
I had to make some food for them
One last thing I have to say
They were very mucky today

day,  dinosaurs,  play.

Author: KajaDigk
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1190283

The Delightful Dinosaurs

Old T Rex stood on the mountain top
And watched the brontos stroll
Little did he know that further up
Moses was on a roll

The critter knew that one day soon
The tables would be turned
He hunched his back and gnashed his teeth
The tablets wont be spurned.

Both together made mankind fierce
And splashed the fear of hell
One did better with no rehearse
Casting an eerie spell.

The tablets were used
To keep temperatures down
Ten doses a sop and a lollipop
T Rex the centre of town.

delightful,  dinosaurs.

Author: Marshall Gass
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1142228

Disappointing Dinosaurs

There is a law in physics that says energy cannot be created or destroyed.
The energy just goes on becoming something else and this energy has been here for millions of years-
Up to when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and even farther back.
I think the dinosaurs would be disappointed to know that the energy they spent on trying to stay alive is being wasted on me trying to catch your eye.

Now millions of years ago, the dinosaurs weren't thinking about love.
They were concentrated on survival
And in a way
So am I because I honestly don't believe that I'll make it without you.
But with you by my side, honey, we'll rule this earth for years to come.

Forget the ice age and meteors
In fact
The dinosaurs should be scared of us because there can't be a love this strong without some collateral damage, whether it be you, me, or the dinosaurs, but know this:
I love you like the dinosaurs tried to survive;

dinosaurs,  disappointing.

Author: Angie AcuГ±a
Date: 05/02/2020

№ 1126442

Dinosaurs and blow.

Well I've seen so many ways
To cut up a dinosaur
And I've told you everything
So what are we waiting for
Is it just monotony
That we're going to choose
I've broke all the rules
So theres nothing more to lose
Call me just a sadist
And I'll show you the truth
My ego is rifle
Shoot you up because it's bruised
I'm just one throw away
From saving the day
Just one lie less
Of a Biblical mess
Just trust me more
It's what I'm good for
And youve run away
With nothing left to say

blow,  dinosaurs.

Author: Evan Robbins
Date: 22/01/2020

№ 1125314

What would the dinosaurs say?

Freckles speculate hate
Mixing rushing rum
Kissing touching
Span the globe
Scan my mind
Just in time
To find a dime
Perfect flawless
Lawless bunch
Make a crunch
All that rises is smoke and dust
And fragments of metal
Rocking chair rust
Because Melbourne is sinking
Along with my mind
Touch me forever
I swear I'll be kind
Even parking lots
Run out of time
Between brown eyes
And pursed lips
Your silver lining covered by rain
Dear you look so splendid
And stupid
In the skin that drips
And slips
Into a bucket of paint
And freckles faint
Now fly away
To play on children's cheeks
On tire swings
While a demented boat flings
Sea lions upon one another
Into the bed of tears
She hears him cry
Because his truck has one wheel
And he can't quite feel
His head on her bed
Or his marshmallow finger tips
Cracking whips
While her hips collapse
And gasp
And sigh
While nuns are get high
Off of Jesus
The gardener from around the bend
And they bend
And kneel
On their knees
To please
The swarm of honey bees
That sail with the wild things upon the seas
But they can only count to ten
And not a sound from Big Ben
With a look in his eye
Of boredom and a final slice
Of pecan pie
Because he has been drafted again
No time to pretend
Tell your love its the end
Grab your gun
And run
Into the blood bank
Lay awake to forget
A stomach full of whiskey and regret
From the book of folklore below the bed
Floating bubbles on the dead
Lake ahead
Blue hair slams upon a grave
Red lips gravely graze
Claire's feet by the bay
What a feat
To defeat
The mending of pretending
But the truth is aloof
And that boy is still homeless
While Benjamin Franklin plays hide and seek
Because he may smoke cigarettes or he may have a wife
But it's better safe then raped
And a large crowd
Never seemed so proud
Of a mayor of a city
Just west of someplace east
You can count on Chinatown to understand
Anything about rice or business underground
Because the pigment of your person
Is somehow more important
Then the character behind the content
And place of origin
Because the children are crying
Can't you hear it
Mothers punch and hit
While families full of love are unfit
Because there are two fathers
And someone decided two is worse then none
And the green on the ground is wasting away
While green in the bowl can't stay
All the color all sails away
With the boys off to war
Sent astray
In the middle of the day
Close your eyes open your mind
You may meet your soulmate
You may lose your mind
Either way you're running out of time.


Author: Lily Gabrielle
Date: 21/01/2020

№ 1105447

For My Dinosaurs

I buried them in a shallow grave

Outside the sunroom where their cage hung

Rain washed their bones into a deep earth cellar

Where I descend by night with my lone candle

To find them fixed in strata, yet not fixed

Scaled claws striking Jurassic dragonflies

My shadow flickers and dissolves

As I sit at the sunroom desk

Tiny scaled claws strike my head

Pinioned dervishes scold:

My suit of black and white feathers

My smooth hands and my scientist's smirk

My two-finger typing and opposable thumbs

My missing wings and manifesting teeth

We dinosaurs live on, incantations of ancestral rebirth

Templates used, discarded, and used again

As our sphere cycles on, now warming, now cooling

The uniforms change, the costumes evolve

But the sudden-death scrimmage is eternal.


Author: Ann Marcaida
Date: 03/01/2020

№ 1102781

Vampires and Dinosaurs

A hundred million years ago in years
This planet ran a savage rage of fear
We were torn up by the dinosaur
Leopard lizards and much more
Oh, those times gone by
Still I have to wonder why
Oh, the times gone by
Still I wonder why

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs
Why they ran so well I can't tell for
Vampires and dinosaurs

Found a lucky key chain
Must have been the rain
Where have we been again and again
Still turning around to the place we began

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs
Can knock your face onto the floor
Vampires and dinosaurs

Well. what 'cha watchin' on T. V.
Didn't you know that it was me
Whenever you've got that certain smile
Yes, that's the Hollywood style
Yes, that's a Hollywood smile

With those

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs
Why they ran so far I can't tell for
Vampires and dinosaurs

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs

dinosaurs,  vampires.

Author: David Ehrgott
Date: 31/12/2019

№ 1052583

Insanity comes with Dinosaurs. And that's a good thing.

Sea shell, sea shell,
By the stegosaur,
Millions of years prior to dinos
So often pictured together.

Why must it be so easy to

Pterosaurs are not all
And they are less bird
Than the monster you call T. rex,
Which was actually a scavenger.

Velociraptors don't exist as you think they do,
The closest thing you speak of are turkey sized
Pack runners from Mongolia and China.
Or the Utah Raptor, over 6 meters long, from my native home land,

You can't comprehend how much time
This Earth has been through.

We are less than the one percent.

dinosaurs,  good,  insanity,  thing.

Author: Marshall CB Hiatt
Date: 16/11/2019