Poems about diploma

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Like a cloud of magic
Lives can be changed in an instant.

Once the bottle is grasped
Your past can disappear in seconds.

Ones head seems to buzz
Reality masked by a shield of smoke.

A father, lifting his child
Smiles and laughs, holding him close.

His first day of school
New and different, a milestone in life.

The child giggles then winces,
Smelling the cloud of poison on his fathers breath.

His mother cries,
Wondering who it was she knew as her husband

Did he like me sober?
Or only when he had his walls of smoke protecting him.

Time will pass,
Years turn to months turn to minutes turn to seconds

The last fluctuation on the line
The red movements go still
Just like that he's gone.

A boy walks down the path to his diploma.

His mother waves in the distance, proud, yet alone.

The boy giggles, for the first time in a while, he is happy.

A familiar smell wafts into the room.
A young man fidgets with his emptying pack of cigarettes.

The boy stops dead in his tracks.
He winces.


Author: Isabella Soledad
Date: 04/10/2019

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Advanced Diploma

I've shred open my own skin,
I've insulated myself and I have searched to
Find answers at the bottom of empty pill bottles.
I've abandoned the nutrients from my own stomach.
What I'm saying is I am no stranger to self inflicted pain;
I am an expert in punishing myself for existing.

advanced,  diploma.

Author: mzag
Date: 26/06/2018

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Poetry Diploma

Achievements for all achievements for the best.
Goals achieved in life no longer a test.
Writing whole day and writing every night.
To get my poetry diploma, and after everything's just right.

A diploma for Math, for English and maybe for Art,
Not that easy to get but I'll add the extra 'smart'.
Because its important to me to achieve what means most.
Like murderers, their achievement is to take your ghost.

What a shame on those who have such a gift,
To rhyme, persuade, or make you laugh out loud.
But they chose to throw it away and follow the pitiless crowd.
So failure follows and regrets fill them all around.

Be free and be grateful of the of the lyrics God granted on to thee.
Fly high like and eagle and fly low like the bees.
Like Martin Luther King said,
It don't matter if you run, walk or crawl, keep pushing ahead.

diploma,  poetry.

Author: Zion Jameel Nicholai Samuel
Date: 20/04/2018

№ 313974

The Last Diploma

As he lies on the stiff soiled surface
Wonder entices curious eyes
Like the smell of potent rubbing alcohol
A myriad of animals gather around
Separate races sharing one soul
Who from afar, look like father penguins.

They place rings of hues delicately
Around the fallen angel's contour
He glows like the moving melody
Of the pledge of allegiance
Ribbons of curiosity intertwine
With their innocence
Swallows them like the merciless ocean
Engulfing confessions
Of tainted souls.

The angel is envied as they
Ponder what happens next
The last sparkle slowly simmers
While the rain reaches out
To stroke abandoned feathers
His eyes change to pearly white
As he receives his last diploma.

(3/12/14 @xirlleelang)


Author: Sy Lilang
Date: 15/01/2018