Poems about disco


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The Monsters Disco Dancing

And all the monsters went disco dancing
The bats and ghast did join in too
The blazes lit the stage a flame
And they all recited the words to "fame"
And shouted "I want to live FOREVER"
Creepers and Steve did twist and twirl
But left out the hiss and boom
No fighting on the floor
Just strobing lights and boogie woogie feet
On the night all the monsters went disco dancing

dancing,  disco,  monsters.

Author: Akira Chinen
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1191360

Lost in the whispers of the disco lights

Feet move and in a moment she's gone
My breath leaves me and I am nauseous,
I know there is company more desirable than mine
But still this loneliness breaks my senses
And then when you return you have the audacity to ask me why I seem upset

Perhaps its childish for me to be mad
But I never did like the idea of growing up

disco,  lights,  lost,  whispers.

Author: aeoxi
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1172227

Disco Techno Fast Lane

Ran around all night
Unsure why I was in
But not about to turn it down

There she was again
With those black pants
If you can call them that

Crisis after crisis
Where's the birthday girl?
Search five different spots

Drugs sold, embellished
Never seen that life first hand
But now I can hold my own
Guy will get himself locked up
I think he wants to

Where's the birthday girl's friend?
Getting coked
Won't join
Dealer's best friend

I listened to her actions
They were loud
She saw situations as they were
Friends came first
Even if it was nonsense
They needed her for

Her red lips, I watched
Her soft hips, I touched

Mile a minute
But not overworked
Smiles all night
Living the life

disco,  fast,  lane,  techno.

Author: Some Person
Date: 03/03/2020

№ 1133218


Even when you have it in front of you it's already gone
Music lasts longer than people
Into the seamless dusk of night
Nomadic illusions
Colorful fumes

Holding what's not real
The lonely dance awaits
She left before the lights came on
Lay with lie
The beat is dead

Bummed out tunes
Run and run and run
Towards the disco-tech

© C. Valencia

disco,  tech.

Author: Cristian Valencia
Date: 28/01/2020

№ 1131494

Disco ball

I cant get into any bars because im under age. none of my friends would take me anyways because i like to disco rave. people say i am sleezy and kind of weird, but they dont know the difference between here and there.

ball,  disco.

Author: Jordan
Date: 26/01/2020

№ 1120015

Disco discuss cuss

Looks like someone's dancing in their underwear...
Toucho - looks like someone's buying pints
Of milk in their pyjamas.

Night privy, nocturnal India
I get to do the dance over your grave
While your relatives grieve a pointless
Grief: just in the same way they grieved
A rotten chestnut, or egg...
Maybe this sprout of anti-imagination
Might be a floating limb of ambition
To being *simply reattached - the black keys'
Lonely boy -
Spastic maestro number uno - chillies
And the Chilcot KKK inquiry -
Got buff results with the whitey crew -
Took out the trash, fed the gerbils,
Saved a Latex nigger from the hood...
Well... the Kentucky hooded brigade,
Fully tent equipped parishioners -
And whenever you dress up as sheep
You better barbecue - c k q - what a long shopping list -
*i've got a love that keeps me waiting!
Ooh oh oh oh!
I've got a love that keeps me waiting;
I'm a lonely boy" -
To cue or to queue -
A forever question unanswered -
Of simply quit... they call it the lack of
Solar tattoo pigmentation -
I treat the argument for god
Like i'd treat winning the jackpot in lottery,
It just has the prefix existential- prior to what's
Being gambled: someone suggested respectability;
I guess that's fair enough - otherwise
I call it a fail with potatoes acting as bricks
In Northern Ireland... and a blatant lack
Of back-up colonialism...
That nigger better sprech Anglo
Or he's toast... then came the Voodoo Vindaloo -
Screaming: churn out the chillies into chokes! aah!
Oh oh or excessive umlaut agitation -
Poor tool tummy - when have you experienced
The fuck-up in surgical syllables taken
To the butchers for coarse timing
That never coerced?
I danced that dance, angry though,
When they played Pendulum's Tarantula
In a Basildon's night-club - you heard a roar
When spotted an "epileptic"
(both dittoing as said, and ambiguity) weaving a web of
Personal space - truly and originally,
Not your cup of tea - i'd ensure you as
Respectably assured -
Mind the Sundays and the roast beef and
The home office and Yorkshire fundamentalism;
Newcastle? Newcastle is too hedonistic.

cuss,  disco,  discuss.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 16/01/2020

№ 1112455

Panic! but not at the disco

It eats through me like a caterpillar going through a leaf
It may not have much strength, but I am even weaker
It tears through my body until it hits my throat
There remains the aches of forgotten worries and the lumps of memory
It devours my lungs, leaving them gasping for air
My eyes burn and all the water in the world could not satisfy them
I feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest as it anticipates it's demise
It's all inside my head
I come out the other end of it feeling exhausted
My body relaxes and the adrenaline leaves
I'm left breathless and confused
What just happened?

disco,  panic.

Author: erin
Date: 09/01/2020

№ 1084846

Gut disco

I wake and see your facebook last active: '4h. '
It's 10 AM-- means the ecstasy of the evening
Gut disco found you excited-- eyes wide and
Intent on receptive observation as sky blankets
Earth in 'hi, hello, sleep tight. ' I keep myself
Occupied so the slow moment of 18 goddamn
Days doesn't pervert my consciousness with a
Limp face and a sigh of resignation-- expect us
On the magic carpet of never. because the long
Haul says forever.


disco,  gut.

Author: tread
Date: 15/12/2019