Poems about divers

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I want to dive into my dreams
And drown in them


Author: Julia
Date: 27/12/2019

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Cat divers holiday

There was a little cat a diving cat was he
Swimming in the ocean in the deep blue sea
He took a little trip a little holiday
To swim around a reef so very far away
He traveled to Australia to the barrier reef
Putting on his air tanks he swam underneath
Deep in to the coral ready to explore
He saw lots of things he never saw before
There were lots of fish swimming all around
As tranquil a can be you couldnt hear a sound
There were lots of crabs and some starfish too
Some of them were red and some of them were blue
Lots of living plants as lovely as can be
Putting on a show there beneath the sea
He was so amazed at the beauty he had found
So many different things with views that did astound
Cat he had to go swam back to the top
His air was getting low and soon the air would stop
He was really happy with his holiday
Underneath the reef so very far away

cat,  divers,  holiday.

Date: 25/07/2018

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All his life he had belived the world would change,
If he had more,
If he had done more,
So, he worked and worked until his hands became sore

He got what he sought
And after thirty years
Of constant cut and saw
From work and chop, to hand and mouth
He looked out the window but the world didn't change
He still saw what he always saw

It was too late
His mornings
Had already gone

divers,  sand.

Author: Iwo Edwin
Date: 21/12/2017

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Divers Love

Is love ever the same?
Or is it different each time?

Will I ever feel the same love
I felt for him
For another man
Or must I accept
That one love
Is not comparable
To the next

divers,  love.

Author: Wanderer
Date: 27/08/2017

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Cliff Divers

On the edge of eternity
Life and death are dancing
And caring for nothing
Forever entwined
Passionately falling
Nary a reason

cliff,  divers.

Author: Shannon Curry
Date: 19/05/2017