Poems about diving


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I'm diving into your eyes, azure to match the skies;
In you I've found a love worth living for.
It fills my day with hope, that makes me want to cope
With the days that I am gifted in this world.

I've found my heart in you, and all I want to do,
Is give you all you want to have in life.
The life I've seen thus far, has been so very hard,
But you have come to me to make me whole.

I've dreamed of older days, but that is where they stay,
For life began the day that you appeared.
The day that I met you, made it all worth living through,
And the love we have will last me 'til the end.

diving,  eyes.

Author: Vicki Kralapp
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1185792

The Diving Cell

Milk within still cup
The rock you sit upon by sea
To the tanks inside lessons gone
To the bulging sky within sky
Coming peach within rising grey
Cities enveloped below their own dust
Where the final creature crawls
Stomach flat upon grain
Adding dance to hymn
Playing in sparse rooms
Yellow gloves
From nicoteen
Shedding every song
From the strings they pull
Placing documents inside briefcases
And letting them all fly
Calling the one book a lie
Drinking the storm like a cocktail
And flooring that pedal
So that the highway runs away
To the hum of sun
And remains
Itself; remembering


cell,  diving.

Author: RenГ© MutumГ©
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1185258


Some things, lay in surprise,
Some things demoralise
But you, don't know a thing about those,
You go through life,
Thinking it's a bed of roses,
How cute
To jump in head
Without the benefit
Of a
If I could be someone like you,
Then I'd be jumping head first too
It's the thing that all lover's do,
And don't I know it.


Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1170517

Dowsing, Diving

I can't swim, but I am keen to watch
Your ululating rhythm in the pool.
Your head cuts smartly through the water's skin
Like scissors through a plastic film.
You inscribe that well-drawn path of constance;
The recurring graph of a heart's green screen.

That's how authentic, automatic, you swim:
By a hidden sense so palpable, so
Devastating, and your deadleaf hair so
Autumnal and out of place in the new Spring,
That the wind has hidden - ashamed, outdone.


Author: C B Heath
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1165238

My thoughts on Sky Diving

"It is really beautiful up here" she whispered.

Her skin brightened in the glow of the fading masterpiece of crimsons, yellows, and golds the sun had brushed across the turquoise sky "This is it, this is what heaven is like. "

I couldn't hear her, but I could read her soft spoken lips and study her face, which I always imagined as less of the cover to a book and more every word inside. There was not a greatness of a sadness that ceased to mask her portrait. She was all heart and soul, every bit of her.

I watched as her bright eyes change to become more glass than eyes. As if, for the first time, she was seeing life, love, and something more. Something so deep and beautiful that not even Hemmingway or Fitzgerald could even begin to put the prefix of it into thought.

Among the dusting of the clouds and transparent sunset I felt her heartbeat could silence and the lungs of which gave her the life I so cherished could empty turning her flesh a pale blue, and she would fade peacefully into the scene before me.

This very thought frightened me. Too soon would her feet touch the ground and nothing I was humanly capable of, or possibly godly capable of, would ever captivate and hold her so perfectly or turn her eyes as vivid - and there was nothing more I wanted.

diving,  sky,  thoughts.

Author: Amour de Monet
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1151325

Wood Grain Diving

I stare
At the table.
I could care
About the weather
And current events

My eyes
The lines that
And they connect

The waves
Curl around
In gentle meanders
Me to play
Amidst the grain.

Nothing else
The world

diving,  grain,  wood.

Author: James Wisp
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1147201

Stage Diving

As the
Tipping points
Sunning stars...
Heart-held well wishers
Stage Diving.

diving,  stage.

Author: Onoma
Date: 10/02/2020

№ 1139117

On Scuba Diving

Caressing my face,
Bubbles rush to greet me
Tickling like a sweet spring sigh.

This is only the first.
I am still half
A visitor. Stuck in suspension
Between this world and mine.

Slowly I pass
Through the threshold.
My air-sick ears adjust
To the sounds of the sea.

I stare down
At the small colony
On the sea floor,
My landing gear is down.

Customs arrives.
A grey, French Angelfish
Of the most industrious kind.
But he isn't obtrusive.

As he flits in and out
Checking my bubbles
Ensuring I am not bringing
Any more air than I should.

No doubt he will stay near
Most of my stay
I have finally arrived,
The coral city stretches before me.

I catch the current trolley
And it whisks me past
Rocky storefronts and coral motels.
Lobster shopkeeps

Rush out of dark
Stores and stand in the street
Giant claws raised
Toward me in supplication.

Beckoning me to come
And browse his wares
While a fish I don't know
Is busy cleaning homes and stores.

They must've dropped out of the school
Which passes by
The pupils in matching uniforms
Of flashing silver and black.

Clown fish wave
To me from their Lawns
Of sea anemone
Before darting back inside.

Here is the kind of place
Where I could put down roots.
Live out an idyllic life
Living in a coral townhouse.

But for me to stay
Would be severely fatal.
I'm just a visitor
And my visa is about to expire.

I look back one more time
As my head breaks the surface.
The sun stings, I blink.


Author: John Hill
Date: 02/02/2020