Poems about division


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You know what its like not to understand a math problem?
The variables don't add up to your desired outcome.
That's what God feels like to me.
The only difference is that I like math and I don't like the idea of God.
Maybe that's why I believe in numbers and not religion.
I guess you could say existence is subjective
Diverse minds give way to diverse thoughts,
But I am also convinced that I am right.


Author: Isabel Szatkowski
Date: 24/01/2020

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His blood boiled out of him
To replace the vessels with cold lead.
The razor stopped in his throat and
Cut open the breath that did not cry
But drew our own breaths out of us.
It's all smoke tangled in the air
And he felt the sudden insignificance of himself.

He doesn't have a beat to outline a pulse
You can haul the limbs off now
Far far far to the right of the earth,
Mr. Coroner,
We don't have plans to go there anymore.
We don't need his dry foot in the roots anymore.


Can't you find peace, man?
He found the end of a hollow point
And a sun too bright for days like these.

These are earthquakes he can't feel anymore;
Magnitudes shaking the sweat off his bones
That he doesn't know anymore;
Hot floods up to his red eyes that
He doesn't see anymore.

He reached the beginning of an edge
And a shelf too low for highs like these.


They say he dried up.
He's at his whitest in the bones
With a graveyard mouth,
And a tombstone jaw,
And shovel hands.

The hounds arouse and quicken.
The skin itches and
He's trying to take it off.
He wants a division of things,
And I, a sort of saint,
Offer only addition
And a metamorphosis that would
Poison the ground.


Author: Swells
Date: 23/01/2020

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Division By Three

Write me a melody.
Nothing too simple, though that's what you lead on
Building a bridge over a lake of fire
If only fire could swim
Grilled fire on a side of living gargoyles.
Forked tongues shoveling rice,
And chicken,
Into a newly refurbished brain.
Does it burn?
All the seaweed and hackneyed
Washed up krill,
Burnt up, skewered, and caught in the nets.
New mesh scales
Mashing mesh sha shooting into the skin
While the sun circles
And the animals follow and dance
Preying themselves into everything you've done
As though you've done anything new.
Like addition multiplication,
Surely you've done all of that.
A tear in the paper
And you've spilled the white out.
What a mess.
A great tear in the universe
Separate colors of
Grass and sky,
The trees and sidewalks form into one.
Everyone adjoined and nothings lost
Because even this idea has a partner.
What a lovely

division,  three.

Author: Andrew Klein
Date: 17/01/2020

№ 1105100

A Walk in A Sub-division

A blustery March day
In February
Leaves form a pigs tail for
The Devil
Doves sway common on wires
Makes me feel like
It is happy here
Typical regeneration of entropy
Mountain fences zig-zag
Along side asphalt
Flake deed
Chalk angels blow
Blue wood wing in
Counter clockwise
Sentient white cat eyes
Knows me for what I Am
I cross myself
Leaves hover above a
Dead blackbird as if its
Were at hand

division,  walk.

Author: Jeffrey L Larssen
Date: 03/01/2020

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Division of breath . By AUTHOR KELLY JUUZ

Division of breath

Lost was the soiled sins of Lebanon,
While rats made tents in capernum,
History became the basket of Abraham,
While the egyptians yowl in river jordan.

Not too far, birds of the sky waved-by;
Fear of abyss crowned all the standbys,
And heaven wept and wailed clouds of pain,
Behold, the moonlight stained her walls with pain.

Devil is evil; heaven is haven I say,
Deceive oneself to sin and death is your pay,
Rob a joyful soul and measles from Egypt...
Will shelter your healthiness to six-feet.

Yes, your raging anger can't lit a banger;
Your pot-mouth can't swallow a leather;
Breath is an advocate of life and a-mole for death,
Heaven is for everyone and not for well ironed shirts.

©Author Kelly Juuz
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author,  breath,  division,  kelly.

Date: 31/12/2019

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Division of Labor

Try working in a nonunion shop
Screwing on bottle tops
In August heat, begging the boss
To use the phone in his air conditioned office
To call home,
Check in on Mom,
Even on your own dime
At lunch time;
Working on the bottom rung
Among sweat-stained princes
Who get to drive forklifts
Because they're so much better than you,
Dreaming that one day
They'll be allowed to push buttons
And throw switches, too,
Which is why they don't share lunch
With the bitches who
Sweep floors
And paste labels on boxes;
But the cool air
Never made it out there
Where any of us worked.

division,  labor.

Author: Robert Zanfad
Date: 01/12/2019

№ 1060252

Division of a Flock

Solitary ravens perched atop their mothers bosom
Constructing transparent barriers
On a plane of possibilities
A concrete mirage rises from symbolic repletion
As the solemn statue views the scene with tragic contempt
Species indifference aborted
As unity is easily cast aside and omitted
Left to brood on a cache of fertility
And navigate the foggy facade
As the beaming banner
Lazily plays sentry
To the border of the indentured oasis

division,  flock.

Author: Lex Wippich
Date: 23/11/2019

№ 953404

Joy Division

The sun burns cold,
As the light of day is heavy.
Air, suffocates as we stride,
Filled rooms are empty,
To the soul set free.
Celebrate this living,
Wake into death,
Revel in the joy division
Of petrified choice.
Taste the one flavours
Of lime and water
As you tread on others
With feet waiting to crush.
Hear the birdsong. . .
Not for you but the sun.

division,  joy.

Author: Ormond
Date: 18/08/2019