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Doctors Surgery Anthem

Sitting in the seat
Tapping my feet
Cuz I got the beat
To take to the street
I'm Hungary as can be
Think I need something to eat
All this waiting
Has made me so starving
The other patients
Can hear my stomach grumbling

Oh waiting in the Doctor surgery
Air filled with sickness germs
Just gotta hope you don't
Get what they got
Cuz it's not much fun
Lying in bed
With a sore head

His gonna dissect my toe
But it won't stop my flow
I can see that they know
I've got so much to show
But waiting really blows
Wish this nail wasn't ingrown
It sucks so much
I cause such a fuss
Ew is that puss
Nah I kid it is blood Ah

Oh waiting in the Doctor surgery
Air filled with sickness germs
Just gotta hope you don't
Get what they got
Cuz it's not much fun
Lying in bed
With a sore head

I'm gonna scream like a bitch
When he cuts into my skin
Cuz I don't like sharp things
They hurt oh fuck
I'm going to die
Don't stick that in my eye
The lights to bright
Here my heart goes bump bump
To the sound of a drum
Wait where did that come from
Ahh stick out my tongue
Does my breath smell fresh?

Oh waiting in the Doctor surgery
Air filled with sickness germs
Just gotta hope you don't
Get what they got
Cuz it's not much fun
Lying in bed
With a sore head

©2017 Written By Benji James

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Author: Benji James
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1194826

Saw the Saw Doctors last night; So decided to write a song. (I only wish you well-title.)

There is something about her
That's not good
For letting go,
So I say this here
On a muggy winter night
As she lays on crags
In the wind,
Pulling me closer
To those lovely halcyon stars
But a valkyrie of gin.

So I must say goodbye,
To this war machine of love,
I must lay my heart
Back in it's proper place
Against those soft cheeks of hers
Where my lips were boarders
And my heart became wily.

I hate this letting go,
It'd be easier for us to hug,
Searching lips buzzing
For the growing rose of the tongue,
I would rather
Have things be easy,
And never have to
Not see you go,
But whatever we had,
Let its skeleton of love
Grow old in the murk,
Let its bones be recast
Into something of worth,
Let my heart reside easily
In the oilyness
Of iniquity,
Someday soon I'll meet another
And start this war machine
With its grandiose sacrifices,
And subliminal pains,
All over again.

So maybe this was your plan all along,
The great general
Pushing the arteries around
Like so many toy soldiers,
Until the whole thing
Was gone,
And there was nothing
To remember,
I really don't think so,
But maybe I'm wrong.

I hope you meet him
Somewhere nice,
Where you are warm
And flakes of yourself fall into
Him like glaciers,
I hope he can become
The beast of love to break you down
And make you love him insanely
With only the best kinds of sin;
The kind that make you burn warmly
And feel young and wily again.

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Author: Waverly
Date: 24/03/2020

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Salute your doctors!

I've discovered a new wonder,
One that from now on should become
Part of a daily routine that's yet to be
Prepared and laid out.
I've discovered the music the keyboard
Plays while my Ritalin brain (all are one)
Bullets through space and the
Imaginary library up there with the floor
Shelves. That's where I'll take the ambien
And loose control of what is happening
And slow slow slow
Into the stopping stop stop
The train stops.
A whole scene to add every morning
These things are magnificent
And who cares losing a friend or two
Over random fits of rage when
When you get to add this
To the morning afternoon night routine.
I Am A God. The only lesson this has taught me
And 3666 words an hour is too good a devilish thing
To pass by. I will continue and spiral.
Then the sleepy haze and the tripping morning

doctors,  salute.

Author: Chris T
Date: 14/03/2020

№ 1173361

Worthless Doctors

President Donald Trump
Is threatening
To shrink Healthcare Benefits
But it seems to me
That this System
Is already useless.
I don't know how many doctors
Diagnosed my injured foot,
But none of them seem to know
What the nature of the injury
Really is?
The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Is a good place to train doctors,
But a lousy place
To get decent care.
What's the best Health Care Plan?
'Cause them doctors
Ain't gonna' do you no good!

doctors,  worthless.

Author: Daniel Steven Moskowitz
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1159530


You say doctors will
Make the best poets.
They will search your emotions
By the skin; cutting open to reveal
And revel
With surgical precison.
They will play with
Heavy drugs and blades--
Nothing shall hide beneath
The armors of bone and muscle.
They know the anatomy
Of the heart too well.
They will find the things
You have hidden in your chest.

I say
Doctors will never be poets.
They are too mechanical,
Too fast with their edges
And ridges.
They cannot see the pain
As pain but merely as an anomaly.
That sadness is black bile
Not melancholia.
They cannot sing to you
But only clammer in medical jargon.

Poets will use their imperfect words,
And perfect rhymes
To find the secrets of your rib cage
With ease.
They will find every flaw
Of your broken body
And make it the best story
You've never heard.

They will put love to define as
A momentary rush of adrenaline,
An arrythmia for another human
Caused due to an imbalance of the heart rhythm.

Poets will tell you
That love is the first jolt
Of life for them.
They will say love is a state of euphoria
That takes those irregular rhythms to perfect symphonies.

Doctors say that
Veins carry blood
Devout of oxygen.
I say that they carry your broken emotions
To their feelings factory
To mend it within its beautiful catacombs.

All those doctors
Will find and fix you
With perfect solutions.

And these poets
Will do their best
To be your perfect solution.


Author: rained-on parade
Date: 21/02/2020

№ 1159403

Doctors Permission

Frozen in the darkness silence peacefully shrouds me
Hoping that I am breathless, praying he wont see,
This sublime sorrow I am gasping in the pain
Swallowing bitter tears seconds from insane.
Defining the emotion each and every time
Trying not to echo, balancing on the line,
Silence is a killer but not my reason to die
Hearing in this deafness will always make me cry.
The shadows over take me, speak the unspoken curse
Just as well I am dying can't bear to smell this hearse.
Weighed down by lost tomorrows my memory finally broke,
Why is it always my own hands gripped to make me choke?
His hug comforts my stomach blindly in his sleep
Not knowing in this darkness my eyes can't help but weep,
Obscurity plays around me tries to steal my breath
Every time I close my eyes I know I'm close to death.
Panic underestimates the power the black withholds
Carving me so gently, painless as it moulds
I sweat out my reaction cause words can't find a voice,
Helplessly devoted to lay I have no choice.
Everything suffocates can't bear to close my eyes
Repeated optimism as I see how everyone dies,
My mind is there to haunt me it never gives me peace
All the pills digested at will, still wont make it cease.
Night is a blur now confused by chemical reaction
Convulsions rage as death excels performing its extraction,
In the mix I see his face traumatised by my choice, it's made
But time has gone his actions futile as sight begins to fade,
Regret stabs flesh repentantly too late to change effect
I know he'll cry forever at his failure to correct.
My selfish, vengeful actions will speak louder than my word
He never seen the suicide...do you think he finally heard?

doctors,  permission.

Author: Catherine Edgar
Date: 21/02/2020

№ 1146241

Doctors Dope

By: David Wayne Clare

Sad commentary on society
Scum of the earth
Killer of innocent children
His ugly mamma gave birth

Slime dog is a quack
Sells dope and smacks on
I ask you kindly
Where is Michael Jackson?

Take a walk through the forest look up at the trees and hills
Show me one tree that actually grows pills

Bring back the guillotine
Abolish civil rights for uncivil wrongs
The 8th amendment is a shield
To the drug-dealer... we must not yield!


© In Perpetuity – All Rights Reserved By The Author: David Wayne Clare

In Asia on the airplane embarkation card it reads... Death to drug dealers in Asia!
I lived in parts of Asia many of the drug dealers get caught and shot... see YouTube

doctors,  dope.

Author: David W Clare
Date: 09/02/2020

№ 1087058

Doctors Visit

Waiting all alone
Waiting on this cold table
Waiting for the doctors and the drones

I feel the scratch
Of the itchy cotton gown
On the narrows of my back
As it climbs up and down

Displayed I lye on the medical tables hard cold steel
It seers into the crevices of my bones
I ponder the lone window and wonder if it's real
I listen for the bleep and bloop of medical tones

Nurses walk by in a mechanical grace
Poke and prod & tap and touch my face
And then proceed to leave without a trace
With no hint of knowledge of my medical case

Waiting all alone
Waiting on this cold table
Waiting for the doctors and the drones

I'm a big girl, I'm a big girl
I begin to chant in a simple rhythm
As small as a ball I begin to curl
I'm abandoned inside this glassy prism

The dead silence creeps inside my brain
I want to scream to fill the deadly gap
But the cold thick air of silence brings pain
I comfort myself and say it will be ok

My breathing begins to quicken
My eyes dart around the room
Only comfort is the fear which I am stricken
My sight goes bleary as darkness looms

Waiting all alone
Waiting on this cold table
Waiting for the doctors and the drones

Tears sting the corner of my eyes
I want someone to hold my hand
Oh God how I want to cry
But the only thing there is the bleeding arm band

The test begins with the thickness of barium
It slides down my throat and clings to my esophagus
It tastes like chalk and pandemonium
They want me to suffocate I guess

I chug and chug as the pictures are snapped
X-ray upon x-ray of my stomach and my back
Drink more Drink more They tell me to do
Nervously I shake and say, anymore and I will puke on you

Waiting all alone
Waiting on this cold table
Waiting for the doctors and the drones

Even more poking and prodding ensues
But of my stomach, ribs and breasts
I lay rigid as a board from the pain of each touch
I grow weary of this tiresome rues

The tests are done
And the coast is clear
I am left alone
To dress myself in fear

Dismissed and discharged to walk away
They file my chart with a robotic smile
Now for the wait of endless days
I'm lost in my mind's land of emotional exile

Waiting all alone
Waiting on this cold table
Waiting for the doctors and the drones

Pins & Needles Pins & Needles
I wait for the results
Is it stomach cancer, an ulcer or both???
In the dark I am kept like followers in cults.

doctors,  visit.

Author: Erin Schenke
Date: 17/12/2019