Poems about dolphins


№ 1198856

Blue Slippers and Dolphins

Moody mornings
Roughly plaited hair
Still letting a few tresses
Tickle my forehead
And touch my lips
Only to make
My smile wider
These eyes see
More than what
The landscape holds
More than what is told
By the deceiving beings
Of the deceiving earth.
It's a beautiful lie
Beneath the palpable skies
And the fathomable oceans.
So I'll just lie
On this beach
In my blue slippers
And let the sand
Fill the pores
Of my flaxen skin
While the dolphin flipper.
It's just a matter of time.

blue,  dolphins,  slippers.

Author: Himanshi
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1192794


Come join me sweetheart at the waters edge.
We can dabble our feet in the water that's soothing.
Splash our feet in refreshing water.
We may sit upon grounded rocks, they look a touch like stranded dolphins.
We can talk to the sound of the sea.
Me and you.
You and me.
There are no cockle shells standing in rows.
Just the fresh aroma of the sea as it crawls up your nares.
Many moments of sentimentality, as together we sit and we breathe in the scent of the sea.
Just me and thee.
The moon rises skyward.
The autumn sun falls down.
Autumn of beaches and stone dolphins, left in front of the falling sun.
Beckoned by the tide.
The pull of the tide is weak tonight.
Come sunrise the dolphins shall still be in sight.
You and I shall say goodbye.
Until the night be gone.
See you soon.
Stone hearted ones.

dolphins,  dusky,  glory,  morning.

Author: Olivia Kent
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1186658

A message from the dolphins

I sat across from a man made of millions.
From his shiny black patent shoes to his dolphin patterned socks,
And his slicked back gray blonde hair, a color so elusive
Midas himself would find fault with designating blame,
I saw treachery.
If character were based on dress I would assign worth every time.
But people don't work that way: you must listen to what they say.
When he mentioned God and fate in the same breath as commissions and unlimited potential financially,
I went back to the socks.
Imagining the dolphins desperately trying to find someone else's socks,
Someone less driven by green pieces of paper easily set aflame by
A deranged individual, someone like me,
Who would not be so ludicrous, but entertained the notion,
Would have more idealistic pure thought framing.
While the world runs in bounding strides to freedom from debt, from loans, from taxes, and money... stuff,
So that every "thing" materializes as a personal possession
And retirement happens at the unseemly age of 35,
But who will provide a home for the dolphins?

I would not throw my socks away as soon as the threads began to bare.
I would find some cerulean blue thread and weave in the ocean.

dolphins,  message.

Author: Sai
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1055706

How Many Clapped to Hear The Dolphins Laugh

I clapped my hands
& heard
The porpoises calling.

They sung to me
In a secret language,
It sounded like laughter,
Certainly not imminent disaster.

It seemed ethereal
As I stood and wondered
How many heads rolled
Next to the temple
& how many clapped
To hear the dolphins laugh,
Above the din of brutality.

clapped,  dolphins,  hear,  laugh.

Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 19/11/2019

№ 1007827

Dancing with the Dolphins

The Sea World commercial
Tells me
Amazing and real only exist together
In one place.
They must have never met your eyes.

But after hearing about what
On the other side of the glass,
I can't help but think both
Are false advertisement.

dancing,  dolphins.

Author: Alisha Isabell
Date: 06/10/2019

№ 966534

Watching dolphins

I like to watch the dolphins swimming in the sea
Living in the ocean with a lifes thats free
Jumping up and down swimming in the sun
Making life seem happy having lots of fun
Standing on there tails standing way up high
Skimming on the water as they go passing by
Bringing lots of happiness for all the world to see
This creature thats so beautiful brings a smile to me

dolphins,  watching.

Date: 30/08/2019

№ 944077

Watching dolphins

I like to watch the dolphins its my favourite thing
Such a lovely creature oh what joy they bring
Leaping through the air high in to the sky
Such a sight to see as they go flying bye.

With there smiley face as friendly as can be
Swiming in the ocean roaming wild and free.
Mother natures child and master of the sea
Just to watch the dolphins means so much to me.

dolphins,  watching.

Date: 09/08/2019

№ 912681

Four Dolphins Shoulder the Sand

The porch waits behind the glass
It empathizes as needed
I step on it once again
And smoke in its graces

A compress over the cliff
We aspire at Deveraux
Once again to hear
The ocean's rhythmic advice

And I do wince, such a daunting way
Upon the enraged sky
A tormented face
Looking at impassioned ways

And now a visitor appears
Another tormented face
Under a gossamer spun
Brazen reds opulent yellows
Pale blues push through
As it unravels
With a photograph

Her porch vacant once again
Mine thankful of its owner
To give a futile roll of discontent

And once again we listen and gaze
And once again we inhale the salt air
And once I saw because I stayed
Four dolphins shoulder the sand

dolphins,  sand,  shoulder.

Author: Taylor Reed
Date: 12/07/2019