Poems about dominoes


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I feel like we have all been dominos

Everyone is falling


Author: The Quiet Wallflower
Date: 17/11/2019

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Dominoes / / I I I I I I

In the start,
Still, you were
Only a step apart
An impression,
You were art,
I just had to,
Touch your heart
In a moment
We both toppled
Into destiny
We stumbled
Rallied without control,
From our perspective,
It was a stroll
The world before us
Had been set
To conceal
A grand rosette,
And towards it,
We moved inbound
At the speed,
Of rushing sound
In the way
There were mosaics,
Laid in such array
To compose
Stories of love
And display
Depictions of delight,
But as it is inevitable
As the last pieces fall,
Our ending,
Will be revealed,
As we wade
In a brook of time
We'll fade
You and i.


Author: Danilo P Cabrera
Date: 21/09/2019

№ 971423


Ever since you were small
You wanted to be at the top
But you must not have known
That at the top
Everyone is a watch
Because once you fall
So do the ones below
And we all fall
Like Dominoes


Author: Endia Chardea
Date: 03/09/2019

№ 917538


Displayed in a forever line of serpentines
Stretching over many days and weeks and years,
The dominoes stand upright in the dusk;
Each a careful distance from the next,
All skillfully and artfully arranged.

A prideful eye surveys the intricate design
That wonders at the craftsmanship involved
And blesses luck that gifted steady hands
And a non-ending stack of pieces -
Hoping that an earthquake does not come.

Who will have the honor of the push
That starts the clicking trail of doom
That ends with helter-skelter rubble
On the floor or mortuary slab
As dominoes become a life all lived.

Will it be anger like a piercing knife
Or some organic instrument
That weakens the well organized
Assemblage of a life and makes it fall
Like a domino nudged out of line.

Frustration or depression, which will it be
That starts the tiles to falling
And once moving with no hope to stop.
Will it it be by accident or force of will-
I need to add a few more at the end

I can't afford to buy another box.


Author: Lori Jones McCaffery
Date: 16/07/2019

№ 757768


I hear the dominoes click
As they begin to fall
All set up, a perfect trick
Just like life, as I recall

A set of scenarios
That you all go through
Blindly you will follow
The trail set up for you

Birth, school, work, death
A few small variables on the way
No time for you to take a breath
Until your dying day

It's all been set up for you
Way before your birth
What family you're born into
Decides what your life is worth

Yes, I hear the dominoes click
As they begin to fall
All set up, a perfect trick
Just like life as I recall


Author: Ian Lewis Copestick
Date: 21/02/2019

№ 751573


The suburban myths of childhood splayed on her naked chest
The stones of her mothers guilt closing her in
Her highschool cartoon bedspread beneath her back where I'm standing I don't know what she wants for me to listen or attack her jeans off to make her sing her song while I sweat on her she is shivering from heat and malfunctionous desires cracked fate
I am growing weak with boredoms temptations to have my way
My hands around her crumbling names
Swirling her skin to silence the pain
Creamy russian white and peach on display
She doesn't want to be a wife or gay but these things happen anyway
Another day in th oc
Little orange houses all in a row
Wishing with them we could play dominoes


Author: kate crash
Date: 16/02/2019

№ 595122

Granite Dominoes

Granite Dominoes

The soft earth yields, I watched from above
Little by little it opens, inviting
Rectangular spaces of mudded thoughts,
Sifted by spade, piled of fear

Granite dominoes stand in lined support,
Dates moistened by dew...counting
Carved in regrets once felt,
Loves never shared

Voices from the trees cackle,
Laughter it seems brings the sun
Good riddance on fawning meadows breathes
And the sky turns to red

Applause echoes valley'd intersections
Where traffic lights sing as
Cars stop for a quick breather, waiting on the green
And I see it all

Life goes on even if in minus,
Faux tears fill tissues, a scented kind
All the while checking their watches
Hoping for a quick release

Oak and imitation gold are lowered, polished indignity
Carnations are tossed, dying as they fly
No one remains...remains
Except the quickly forgotten...

dominoes,  granite.

Author: Jack
Date: 27/09/2018

№ 557852


Love is easy
When it's
Slow and lazy -
Like honey, warm
And sweet.

But it bites
At times like
A scared dog,
Tail between its

This is how we
Ran out of honey;
Got rid of the dog.


Author: voided heart
Date: 24/08/2018