Poems about door



The Door of Inspiration

It's cold and dimly lit, this hall of everyday.
My fingers trace atoms, material and unforgiving.
I pause at the door, inconspicuous, but familiar.
Beneath it myth and whim cast shadows on the floor.
I can smell the gardens of wisdom and lore
And almost believe it a memory.
I don't remember when I lost the key.
Good things are never seen going, but gone.

door,  inspiration.

Author: Steven Hutchison
Date: 05/04/2020


Angel is at the door

Angel is at the door. / you don't know what it means, but /
Oh m, please pray for me. please / melt the dust off the doorstep, let angel in.
Bring the bread to utah and eugene and atlanta and north dakota / the places he was in / the shows you wanted to see /

Dear butterfly, i want to go to rome like they did. i want to be in monterey again, it sits in my stomach. / the ocean cemetery, the seaweed, the rain / i want to reach down into my small intestine and pull out seagulls, potato chips, the mist. monterey, please come back /

I'm inferior to the little girl inside me. / she is blue and unbreathing due to the strangulation, my cramped ribcage. we were hand in hand in eighth grade, i think, when my body didn't end / when my memory wasn't sticky from too many rewinds.
Angel, come in / i'll pick the fleas from your wings, i'll shave your head for you

angel,  door.

Author: bea
Date: 31/03/2020


Close the door behind you

I walked out of the river
The place where I was born
Yet my roots remain detached, unbind
Looked up to the nigh's sky
Watched the stars burn and thought of their end.

I ran into the forest
The place where I'm confound
My swing torn from branches, sawed off
Looked up to the morn's sky
Observed the sun and feared it's distance nearing.

Milk bottle naked, I followed my destined path
The alien world full of new tech and standards
Must keep up appearances, have to fit in
I have to fit in
I HAVE to fit in.
I must keep up appearances
I need a phone, I need a profile
I need those grades
I need to get into university
I need a job, a career!


If you read this, please. Read this!
Do something, change.
You must change.

I run to the river
My heaven, oh, home
The roots tied my feet to it's bed, trapped
Looked up to the outside
Felt the rush drag me down.

close,  door.

Author: Hannah Draycott
Date: 31/03/2020


Your hearts door

In nightfall's grey hour
Look intently into the reflection
Peer into the face looking back at me
Trying to find the flaw in the heart of that stranger i see
Seeking to mend what cannot be
If you look within you will never see
What is and what should be

Rain infects the last of the daylight
And i walk out into it raise my face to the heavens
Cleanse the soul of guilt and pain
From the evil that you refrained
From deed that would have stained
If you look within to see broken dreams that have remained
Look within will leave you insane

Night has come
Darkness will hide you
Tears will obscure
What you really should be living for
Light kiss upon the tender thought before
And you will find what love really is to your core
Mend this heartache you dream to see what is in store
There is a tender true love that awaits for
You to open your hearts door

door,  hearts.

Author: mark john junor
Date: 30/03/2020


The girl next door

All was a light
As I came back, tired at night
The lass had just moved in
Against her wall I did lean
And throught a broken pane, I saw her.
Sweet brown, slim and enticing.
Bending low, I noticed she was reading.
€tap-tap-rat-tap” I rapped her door
And there she stood beside me,
Smiling, revealing white teeth, she said unto me:
€Sheila, they call me”and extended a hand
€Michael, nice to make acquiantance” I replied behind.
Her eyes were so charming
So too the lips, succulent and tantalizing
€Am your neighbour” I whispered;
€So am the girl next door”, she countered
Staring at her, I felt a sudden flush
And smiling beautifully, she did blush
€Tomoroow morning then” I whispered
€Yes tomorrow morning, goodnite Michael”

In bed for two hours she occupied my thoughts
And when the lids closed, she came
It was so real to be a dream
Yes she came...the girl next door

door,  girl.

Author: temajung michael
Date: 26/03/2020


The World Beyond Your Front Door

At night I dreamt and I spoke the most beautiful poetry.
I even said to myself in my lucid dream; at the moment I realized what I was saying I need to remember; it was so rare and beautiful, profound even.
It's the same as the thoughts that are in my head when I am awake and conscious. Conscious like not in a dream world I could never fully explain or say or convey what is truly in my mind

door,  front.

Author: Ace Rock Martinez
Date: 25/03/2020


The Boy Next Door (free verse)

As I look across the street all I see is beauty.
I see your flawless skin as the rays jumping off from the sun,
You're so radiant.
I don't mean to stare but, sometimes I can't help it.
I fell in love with the girl next door just two months ago.
She came up to me on move in day as nervous as I was.
She said her name was Darlene, so darling and as precious as she was.
Months later I noticed, I wasn't the only one who admired her presence.
My gift from God, my angel sent from heaven is now his.
Two months pass, like a 100 meter dash all I could do is think.
I look across the street now all I see is heartache
I see your flawless skin now touching his
Regretful as I was, I knew it was time to move on.
Her sweet voice, her angelic presence is something that I'll always miss
To her now I'm just,
The Boy Next Door, even though I wanted to be more.

boy,  door,  free,  verse.

Author: Keenan Akeem
Date: 24/03/2020


You don't have to knock -- the door is open

< (•) (•) >
| |
< >

Let us set the stage!



We feel Pure Love
But soon it's gone


But we are standing now ---
-------- not on our knees )


What is a ---- soul mate
Without a soul?


What is a universe --- after all?


Some people say they believe in The Fall

( you can tell by the way they are crawling )




We are the MATES

Of EVERY soul

We merge into the GODLIGHT


Set the stage!


Act your part

Proud and fully

don,  door,  knock,  open,  t.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 23/03/2020