Poems about doubt


№ 1207045


I wish I could paint it black.
And send it back.
Declare it dead and gone.
Time of death, three thirty in the morning
Cause of death? Your love turned on.
Instead, you wake me with a warning.

I have only felt love once before.
It wasn't hot, or fiery, or yearning.
Like everyone swore.
It was a gentle education, a succulent learning.

So when you tell me to be careful.
That you may not fall my way,
Your hammering my doubts into my skull.
Even if that's not what you meant to say...

Just let the light turn on.
Don't ruminate on what if's darling.
Because I promise my touch is not a con.
One look at you and my heart takes wing.

Just let us be.
Let us grow.
Can we just agree
Not too go too fast... or too slow?


Author: Rachel Dyer
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207001

When doubt rears its ugly head

I saw the world through different eyes today
There was no clouded judgement, fake, pretentious nature
I could laugh at anything
Be anyone
Pity anything
Yet the moon still carried on shining

And although we squabbled over art I realised
Art is nothing but a squabble

For sobriety restrains the person I can be
And the person I am
And those restraints keep me in a place I don't want to be

They lock me down in fear and in shame
For the person I can be is caged
It screams out
Opinions which deter people and denounce

And as I see you run through the streets
Ever searching for a place to fit in
My ankles become weak
They buckle
They cannot carry me

For I find no easier place to fit in
Than my very own skin
The place of an outcast
An ungrateful brat
Who drools at the thought of an empty mindless space

Where no judgement, snobbery or scoff is placed
For the idea of a flee ridden rug,
A broken kettle,
A piercing mattress,
An unread journal

It SCREAMS to me freedom

A natural scribe,
A just life
An unjustified rhyme

It calls to me
It calls on and on

But tomorrow I will be the person
The world destined me to be
An untuned symphony
Beating away with a monotone rhythm

Because doubt rears its ugly head
Churns a putrid dread
Which I carry to my empty cage of a heart

And I carry it on
And on

doubt,  head,  rears,  ugly.

Author: Jasmine Blue
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203964


The pen or the prick
Lies from false prophets
Disenfranchised or proselytized
Can't tell which is which anymore
Hyenas abound, white devil


Author: Duke Thompson
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1198723

No Doubt

If I could fly
Without any wings
I would!!!


Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196606

Conquering Self-Doubt

Quietism - Scream to the heavens for one to listen.

Configure the plot. If not. No solutions are possible. Your actions obstacles become impossible while waiting with contemplation.

The luxury is the ability to contrast human degradation. Is it illogical?

Ignoring solidarity as one discovers clarity. Not purposely. Judgements shaped by opportunities.

I am Fully aware of what it means to be an isolated being.

Incapable of returning to a state of the old ME.
Existing free, preceding with essence, completely understood the number E. Too many have questioned my subjectivity.

Theories of divine presences, i make the connection through sky messages.

History repeats again, and yet the fool blames outside events.

conquering,  doubt.

Author: Ahchosi Grandiose
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1191986

Times of doubt

Times of doubt when all around life is full to the brim
And still you cannot see the wood for the trees
A master of the universe surveys a kingdom
And wonders what its all for

doubt,  times.

Author: nivek
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1189756

Love and Doubt

How does one project their life...
Is it to be the one to always do right...

From our times of our sins...
To the times of forgiveness...

From our faith in God...
To learning about love...

This journey in life,
Is to believe in your dream...

To the visions of what you want,
To get the things one needs...

Weather it's a car,
A wife, a vacation from life...

The same holds true for the poor,
That could be next to you...

The dream they hold,
Will problem be simple...

Like a warm place to stay,
To pay the bills,
To something good to eat...

Visions and dreams...
Living you life...

The difference is,
One holds feels of love...
The other holds feelings of doubt...

doubt,  love.

Author: DC raw love
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1182157

Do Not Doubt

Window beaded, raindrops gnashing silvery
White, at core--grey sky in each, each to each
A composite of it.
Room... an abstract memory scheme, dull blocks of
Color hanging in there.
Afternoon in the middle of itself, January in the
Beginning of itself.
Formative limbo offering both its cheeks, the world
Entire taking it up on its offer.
Head bows ever slowly, a religion of one in the making.
Do not doubt there are digestive points strewn throughout
Days--whereupon one embodies the throes of all creation.
Thoughts... come and go with a reflective quality whose
Tonalities divide and conquer what must be static... for change.


Author: Onoma
Date: 12/03/2020