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Marian's Dream

The joke of spurted sperm
Sticks to her smooth skin
Spider silk waiting for
Some long-lost splendour

Her eyes puddles of misfortune
Full of double layers and his flames
Violently demanding refuge spurred
By a heart taking hold of hers

Behind the human stench
A man must live
To gently grow old with
Until nothing but the essential remains
Small and slow and helpless

dream,  marian.

Author: Dimitri Hillewaert
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210532

A Dream

I don't care you were but a whim.
With you I was not alone,
To that I was not akin.

You saw me instantly, don't ask me how.
I was so weak I was transparent.
Now forced to question where I've landed myself now
And whether all of this should be apparent.

Once my head with circled clouds
Walked down streets, no map no shoes.
Now born that little shroud of doubt.
Did this wandering path I choose?

My innocuous, spontaneous reveries;
That have now knocked me and reduced my breath to heavy gasps upon my knees.
And your power to shake me never ceases to take me by surprise,
You enter my desires the moment I decide to erase them from my mind.

And that is what you are, a dream.

A million single little dreams awoken at the turn of slumber,
Dancing with out care throughout this city of wonder.
Though swore my vacant vulnerable cries,
That with you I would not be reduced to these sighs.

Abruptly and lonely I am shaken awake,
The pool of my tears now resembles a lake,
Cold sweat on my brow, I am reminded of you,
A love that I felt now revealed as untrue.

The trance that kept me seeing past,
The door that you had sealed.
Now left to gather all the shattered glass;
What once the crystal of my hope in all I thought before was real.


Author: Paige Wright
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210423

Chase a dream

My dream...

My dream is an elusive mistress as I seem to consistently miss it
It's a constantly running wonderland rabbit
To be frank, I need to stop splitting hares about it
Anyway, I wanna become a skater, or sedated I'm not sure which.
Nah I'm just kidding I have a desire to command concrete
Either with inline blades or a four wheeled board,
Whichever I can pick up first
And whichever I can allow to inspire and enhance my verse

A skating poet huh? I like it

chase,  dream.

Author: NeroameeAlucard
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210320

Dream Atop a Mountain

He had the his thumb on a string,
His words chased after the sunset;

The wind carried his melody -
And had this desire,
To dance,
But i couldn't.

Fall was all around him and i,
And my dreams, atop a mountain.

atop,  dream,  mountain.

Author: Arturo Hernandez
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210267

The Dream.

Dreaming away.
My thought do often sway,
Though suddenly they all drift away.
This place in my dreams,
Bursts at the seams.
With who I am

I walk into that room.
Unaware of the doom.
I saw no problem with what I did.
I woke and saw what I hid.
It was my mind,
Giving this sign.
Being myself in this sickening pleasure.
Seeing it as a beautiful treasure.

Looking back it it.
"It cannot be"
Sadly, yes.
**That was me


Author: Ayeglasses
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210185

Life Is But A Dream

Life is but a dream,
At least that's what they tell me now that I am in my youth.
Every day I wake up from dreaming about butterflies, beautiful dresses, tiaras, and princes,
Just to start my carefree day as a young child.
As a youth,
They say you can be anything that you choose to be.

Life is but a reality,
For I am no longer a child,
A young lady I am now.
I dream of wasps, rags, crowns of thorns, and guys.
They say now as a young lady you can only achieve your goals if you work towards them.

Life is now depressing,
Now l am a woman.
I no longer dream,
I don't have time for it.
They say you are a woman,
You can't just chase your dreams
You have to work for it.
You are no longer a child.
Life is no longer a dream.

­ Jonesy 2016 ©

dream,  life.

Author: Jonesy
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209619

Hold, Kiss, Dream

I will hold your hand like I've never seen a hand before

I will kiss you like it's my first time kissing

I will dream of you like a little girl dreams of being a princess

Because I am your princess and you are my prince.

dream,  hold,  kiss.

Author: Marisa Lu Makil
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209537

A true dream

I dream about coming back immediately and Without any hesitation To my own homeland That I did willingly or unwillingly anytime... I do love our house, I do love all our neighbors, and I do love everyone and everything over there... That's my true dream... Everyone knows about my dream... ___________________­ __

dream,  true.

Author: Mohammad Skati
Date: 06/04/2020