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Dew Drop Mornings

Signals cross dissonant chills along the surface of my skin,
Prickled hair rises up under the brush of my touch.
Warm sensation waves attention as flags fly high warning shots into the sky.
My eyes wide shut abruptly in case the wind blows particulate along the curving arch of my vision,
Flipped back open upon collision,
Batting down waterfalls in between curtain calls as clapping hands of a broad audience pass the winning touchdown play onto poppy seed fields.
My Love runs long and deep like the river through lost canyons,
Hiding unknown along the moist horizon of dew drop mornings.
... Oh, me?
I'm doing just fine fair weather,
Light as a feather, am I.
But look! . . how the Earth shakes proudly the rocks upon her back.
Cast no Stones, She moans
... *and you?
How do you do?

dew,  drop,  mornings.

Author: Venusoul7
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1203316

A drop of sadness

Sadness is but a drop of water in a lake of emotions

drop,  sadness.

Author: Adam Miles Christopher Bell
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1200246

Drip drop

The faint pitter patter,
Raindrops outside my window
Seem to quiet and blend
And create a blanket
Under which
I wish
To nap

N. d.

drip,  drop.

Author: Natalie
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1193795

A drop of sadness

Sadness are so close to me
Like water on earth surrounding me

They comes and goes away
It troubles me and makes me drown
Many times before i could SHOUT for help

There was no way i could escape
Heavy high tide crashes me

Treading water
Gasping for air
Gobbling water
And looking for lands

Washes me further
F u r t h e r

A w a y

From my sadness
Into my madness

Falling deeper
Couldn't rise up
Eyes are already close
Couldn't see
Pressures and darkness pulling in

Wishing to see another sun ray of light
Shining down benethe here
If only i would open my eyes
To look up and know i might be fine
Breathing underneath water

drop,  sadness.

Author: Poieinbroidery
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193601

"You" in one drop.

I want more and more of you,
Not a drop less.
I want to drink you up in a full cup of toxic lies,
Not a drop less.
I want to swim inside your belly and soak myself in your sweat,
Not a drop less.
I want to dance inside your mouth and taste your words,
Not a drop less.
I want to drown myself in your orgasms and feel your desires,
Not a drop less.

I want to bathe myself in your fluids,
Not a drop less.

I want you, to be the only drop that touches me in this storm of love.


Author: Karina Roman
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1189130

Don't Drop Out Of High School

When your sitting in class
You are bored and tired
You hear nothing the teacher is saying
And you are wondering why you are here

High school isn't for everyone
Some people drop out
Some people get suspended so many times
Others get expelled
Some just don't care

But yet think about this
Four years may seem like a lot
But a lifetime of working fast food for two years
Of not going to school seems pretty silly now doesn't it

don,  drop,  high,  school,  t.

Author: RebelGirl
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1186232

A drop of life - six poems in one


~I never knew that feeling
A word without meaning
ВЂ¦A stranger to what I felt...
Thought it's strange that I knew it so well


~I walk by with you as I talk about you
ВЂ¦Existence is a mere essence...
It's the life underneath my roots
My whole being is defined of what I decide about you


~I kept on thinking of you
A mystery in every event I stumble upon
Nonetheless your part of me that i fully submit
Facing and standing still
In all the consequences and risk
I have brought upon,
In the end
Despite all those obstacles
I know deep within me
There will come a time
I'll be able to dance
ВЂ¦In rhythm of contentment...


~You're in my fantasy
ВЂ¦You're in my Jar of unfulfilled wishes...
I walk in your clouds of heavenly sky
Reality slaps me too many times
Yet no matter how painful reality is
I still go to your realm
And dream an endless dream
Of my unfulfilled wonderings
Wishing & hoping


~ Living is as much as fading
Purpose of what I suppose
Is just another make-up prose
Of my days
Principles are timeless
Old yet golden
Though some are forgotten
Throughout the pages of history
But then they're relived now
Through experiences
As life goes on and on
As you live by
In its circling Journey


~ I can't be with you
As I am chained
Much controlled
Much reserved
Much more refined
ВЂ¦As if I'm bound to be blocked...
Locked within a nut shell
I guess being free isn't allowed
Without hard labor

© 2013 Pax

drop,  life,  poems.

Author: Pax
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1185007

Let It Drop

Haven't you noticed the higher you drop something the harder it falls? That's how it is. I was holding it so highBut they but they pulled and protted at itI let it fallIt was so high up. It crashed so hardAnd now I am just numb. It's just in a million pieces nowHow will I ever get it back together? What if I never do? I can't be numb forever. The only way I can feel anything is by trying. I don't want to be numb anymore. But I have to test my nerves. Make sure I can feel something's. So I try. Maybe the numbness will stop. One day. When that day comes... step back


Author: Sophia Sallas
Date: 15/03/2020