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Atalanta's Race (1876) Sir Edward Jon Poynter

There she bends her fluid form, milky skin dazzled with sweat,
To pluck the golden fruit from the marble earth.
It eludes her grasp, un-bruised from its fall till
She turns her back to the finish line, to her maidenhood, to her victories
And faces all her determination to catch beautiful and artificial
Apple. Midas' own greed pulls her into succumbing to the last of Milanion's offerings and Aphrodite's snare.
There in her crooked form, her robes still billowing from the momentum, sandals come undone so close to the finish line
Atalanta clutches, desperately, to win her freedom and the gleaming prize.

Yet the Gods know that only one can be won.
Aphrodite's dove proceeds the victor as he barrels to the finish,
His wedding in sight.

edward,  jon,  race,  sir.

Author: Yuka Oiwa
Date: 07/04/2020


Shaking Edward's Scissor Hand

I'm the bland, the misguided misfit who is always “with the band, ”
Feigning prestige, I'm nothing more than a coffee-carrying consumer,
I'm eager, yes, visibly excited even, to hide uncomfortable truths behind a stain of smiles.

Walk with me. A mile in my shoes; follow the trail of tread wearing down like my patience for the songs of the dead...
Listen closely, purge evil intentions from distant futures.

Culture has clouded my judgement, raised and reared like a starving artist, fighting against nature and nurture for my next meal.

Peel. Layers laughed as you ripped again and again into each one, never reaching the source or your full potential.

Essential. Liquid love, your words entomb practical promises deep inside of me where the truth hurts the most.

€I don't think I can ever love someone again, ” I whispered to myself; remembering to practice what I preach. “Not since the last person let me down. ”

It was me. I tried to love myself, but it was like grasping at straws that fates fire had decided to light aflame.
Blame. It is me; gifted in ways that matter to none. “Remember, there's someone, ” But... what if I were honest and told you there were none?

Bliss sometimes comes in the form of a kiss that we missed. Lips locked in a battle that should have never began.

I hate you for this. I love you for that. Let's just skip to the end, and end this. Reach for the stars so that when you fail, you're high enough to fall to your death.

Tell me, once again, how “I'm everything you never wanted” with your final breath

edward,  hand,  scissor,  shaking.

Author: Jason Margraves
Date: 02/04/2020


Four Edward

I want you to know Edward
That I took a hit for you...
Jumped under and between
To stay the song of that
Accursed four inch strap
Took it in my fist
Wrapped it around my arm... and
Tried to pull hers out of socket... cuz
She was addicted... and
You were only four

I want you to know Edward
That I wrestled you into the bathtub...
Disregarded your panicked cries
Scrubbed your little body
€til you were four shades lighter... cuz
There was four inches
Of stagnant water
In the bathtub at your house...
And you ran four times faster
Without the dirt
Weighing you down...

I wish you could know Edward
Wherever you are...
That I cooked for you...
Poured milk to go with your dinner... and you
Were afraid to ask for more
At first... then...
You went back four times
And you were happy...
Cuz she left you with me
While she just went to get cigarettes... and
Was gone for four days


Author: Carla Marie
Date: 20/03/2020


Edward Diggory and Cedric Cullen

Robert* was his name
A chap with snow skin
A version of the modern Snow White
Yes, *not she but he.

He shines not like Rihanna's diamonds
Keeps roaring, but not with Katy Perry
His life was written and published
Meyer was not her lover
Neither did he had his own Vampire Diaries.

The fire sieged
Eyes are in flame
Towards the Goblet of Fire
And the victory was not his
And there he stands in his own grave.

cedric,  edward.

Author: Sy Lilang
Date: 28/02/2020


There Was An Old Man "Edward Lear" (Limerick)

There was an old man, "Edward Lear"
Who all day and night long quafed beer.
But when asked if a fool,
Simply replied: "Yet so cool
As a pool, if you'd ever taste Lear's beer! "

Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
24th November 2016

edward,  lear,  limerick,  man.

Author: Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
Date: 25/02/2020


Thy Love, Edward

With thee, thy heart is blessed,
Leaving, thy soul at rest.
Thy dearest love, thou is,
Thy heart beats, for only his.

Forever indebted, thy will be,
For a love, such as thee.
Keeping thy thoughts at peace,
Speaks only, for the least.

True pleasure, thou brought,
Thus taken, not fought.
Unfolded as such, thou is thy destiny,
As is a cure; a perfect remedy.

Thus love; is of no class-
An indescribable, amount of mass.
A sacred gift, thy will treasure.
For our love, holds no measure.

edward,  love,  thy.

Author: Jamie Lee
Date: 15/01/2020


What edward sees

Everyone draws me as a different girl –
One in a white sheet, or as pale as one
But only you make me out to be
Something carnal, alive under blankets.

The first to view me as a thick piece of
Stationary, written on and dirtied.

And I say the same words, but only
You consider them something to drink –
A voice broadcasting for my open body.

edward,  sees.

Author: Sarina
Date: 31/12/2019


Edward Deek

A consummate character actor
Came to the footlight stage
His performances critically acclaimed
In entertainment's grand page

Burton nor Sir John Gielgud
Had not a patch on his prowess
In all facets of the craft
This star did certainly impress

At The Crown Theatre he played
A bearded vagabond
Who wandered the Yorkshire Dales
And further beyond

He received many an accolade
For a gripping role in "Where Is The Maid"
The plot centred around
An English castle's moated ground

Scripts by the score keep
Flooding in each week
As directors love working
With the sensational Edward Deek


Author: Elizabeth Squires
Date: 22/12/2019