Poems about embrace


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Embrace Love~

Today I layed down for some well
Needed rest
You came to me in my dream...
No words were spoken
I could feel the energy in your head
Full of thoughts that sometimes
Drive you mad...
I felt your heart
The pain of the past consumes you
Wounded and broken
Your power center is weak
The sacral scattered like shards of glass
The root of who you are
Guarded and in pain... no lifelong pleasures
I layed down with you...
Next to you
Not wanting you to perform or spill your seed
Not feeling sorry for your pain
Not thinking you were crazy
Not needing to fix the brokeness
Not expecting anything of you
But to simply
Lay with you
In trust, in love, in peace
You need someone to just
Cradle you in their arms
So you can feel safe...
So your body can soften...
Releasing the pain
I just need you to be you
In the safety of me...
Breath as my hand touches
Your heart
And know that the universe
Does see you
Whole in the eye of
You are love... friend of mine

embrace,  love.

Author: Lily Mae
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1205900


I've sought, throughout my entire life, what were inevitably all for naught; to beseech a heart as this

I would have traded all before it just for a moment to embrace it with all my own

This is the preface of a blessing unto a man who lost faith, long ago; the echo of a voice what crept in through mere dreams and left with stoic wanting of what never could be found before

I yearn to give my heart for this


Author: Axion Prelude
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204863


Kiss the sky
Embrace humanity
Despite its flaws

Its undefined feelings
Who bring us closer
To our inner core

Dream the sky away
It's worth it
I promise


Author: Bianca J Cortez
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1196595


I'm stopped as now these mem'ries rise
Polluted, filled with tears and lies
My worthless, empty self does scream
Why are you still alive?

I fight against the fear again
The tightness of my chest within
The aching of my bitter heart
That sees no love in them.

That moment in a thousand comes
When fam-i-ly surrounds with love
And standing while embraced in arms
I'm filled with hope and peace.

Their strong embrace does change my day
As now they stand with with me and say
We love you more than life itself;
We're here amidst your storm.

And hope with light returns again
The darkness scatters, peace I win,
And to the future strong I look
I will be whole again.


Author: О™О¬ПѓОїОЅО±П‚ П„ПЃОµО»ПЊП‚
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1196431

Death is a cold embrace

When tomorrow starts without me and im not there to see the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me i wish so much you wouldnt cry the way you did today while thinking of the many things we never got to say i know how much you love me as much as i love you and each time that you think about me i know you will miss me too but when tomorrow starts without me please try to understand that death came and called me and took me by the hand it seemed my place was ready far above and that i would have to leave behind the ones i dearly love but as i turned to walk away a tear fell from my eye for all of life i always thought i didnt want to die i had so much to live for so much left to do it seemed almost impossible that i was leaving you i thought of all the yesterdays the good ones and the bads i thought of all the love we shared and all the fun we had if i could re live yesterday even just for a while i would say good bye and hold you till i saw that special smile
But then i fully realized that it could never be cause emptiness and memories would take the place of me and when i thought of all those things i might miss tomorrow i thought of you and when i did my heart was filled with sorrows o when tomorrow starts without me dont think we are far apart for every time you think of me i will be right there in your heart

cold,  death,  embrace.

Author: aria wheeler
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1194150

Cold Embrace

Eyes closed, hands pressed, I pray to a god I can't see.
Shifting, swaying, spinning, I try to keep the beat, but I'm dancing to a broken melody.
Clock ticks, world spins but I'm living in my memories.
Where did I go wrong?
In the eyes of the child the sun shines as far as it can see.
The old knows the horizon isn't as far as it seems.
You feel the cold long before you see the dark, try as you might there is no turning back.

cold,  embrace.

Author: MIA
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1194010

Embrace me

Tell me you love me
Whisper secrets into my ear
Make or break me with one touch
I want that kind of embrace

Lust filled eyes
Embrace me!
Hands like knives
Each cut sinfully beautiful
Embrace me!

Every word sets of a tempest
Embrace me!
Kisses like red berries
Deadly or sugar sweet
Embrace me!
Embrace me!
I scream to someone
Who no longer seems to be here


Author: Shadowhollow
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193188

Demons Embrace

I constantly feel the need
To express to you
My inner unreasoned
Masturbatory stream of consciousness.
And i want you to know
I consider it an immense luxury and privilege
For you to be so kind
As to stand
Under my ghastly orchard

My darkest poems
Blood letting streams
Are a kind of erotic
Fetishy cognitive inventory
Malformed denizens
Of the subconscious
Well of torments
A soup of Salmonella
The souls gut
Its cauldron
Yet not with out lurid enticements
And voluptuous supplicants
Like an eight legged woman
With beautiful feet
Drooling cunt lips
Drunk on sacrificial rituals
Of blood black tongued kisses
And hideous contorted pleasures

Exquisite archetypes
Gods and goddesses
Are now
Cellar dwellers
Moaning in nature bed crypts
Of rock, stone
And engraved sigils

Because honest pure desires
Became fragmentary
And are now gimping amputees
By legions of primal disappointment

While faces blare in the world
Like super bright L. E. D. s
Shinning paths to others
Our deep self
Remains patinaed in tears
A black box pox with a lock
The skeleton key lost
In arcane seas

Out of utter disgust
For those dark crawlers
That live within us
Revealing them selves
As anxieties, depressions
And myriad quiet despairs
We appear undaunted
To others
And they to us

Muffled ticks
And splintered sticks

My poems let my demons out

Yoo who its me
My name is Pinky Lee
With my hooks and cries
And dark blood skies

In the misty night
I dragged out their earthen coffins
Legends of the despicable
Resurrected them
Fed and loved those darklings
Had every conceivable union with them
Their healing, my own
Ive sexualized them
And found love
Albeit twisted

To be adored
In a hidden embrace
I bestow upon you a poetic fantasy
While obsession takes hold

Bind it not
Nor let it bind you

demons,  embrace.

Author: zebra
Date: 22/03/2020