Poems about endless


№ 1208632

Endless revolving doors

Intertwine and window into my insight on opportunity
Behold green leaves falling from branches turn to (paper)
Paved buildings producing educational programming
Twisting like counter clockwise drills into a ignorant skull
Leading to this source of never ending deposits
Reproducing then only for what can be afforded
Stealing that nature from right inside my female bones
Attend your designated duty or (job)- debt
Will crawl under your wine colored nails and manifest until:
The prayer "my soul to take" will apply
Suppress my speech, i beg; my
Swaying freedom of speech is turning into a depression of alcoholic slurs
Never mend your thoughts too tight, or this macrocosm seems like thoughts
Are trapped in an endless revolving door
Intertwine and window into my insight on opportunity
Because this is what they call:
The American Dream

doors,  endless,  revolving.

Author: Shaina Dora Cabral
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207023

The endless rant.

See I've got this question,
When's all this karma gonna set in?

The worlds like a large set of intestines
Too much room for the bad to sept in
And not enough good for the rest
But in ALL of us there is a fight
Between what feels good, and what is right...
See we DO have the sights!
You just have to be in the dark sometimes to see the light,
To appreciate the fight and to know it's right!

But why is god like Kryptonite in a society that freely mentions cupid?
& When did 'offensive' become a viable reason to refuse the free speech part of our constitution?

Oh and RELIGIOUS people condemning other peoples idea of him
Is just absolutely putrid... Why shouldn't other people if you did?
That's only ever been hypocritical and useless

And if that's what religion is I refuse it...

endless,  rant.

Author: Samantha Stitt
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206407

Oh Rock! Oh Endless! Oh Steadfast!

Oh Rock! Upon You I build my foothold
Don't let me wander off astray
Tie a knot of a bell on my pleading throat
You who reign over all, King of Old!

Seasick and half dead from the flooding dangers of my vanity
Help! I'm getting sucked down-dry, a slice of my deadly miry pie
You're hand not too short to lend me life anew and of serenity

Oh Endless! Awakened from a dire sleep
I come before Your tireless feet
Bathe in springs of abundant grace
'Til my hands grow tireless toiling the earth for the shade of Your face

Time may move its hands of tricks and deceit
Stagnant pool of smirking clocks
Right before I accept defeat
Stay my hand with everlasting wings

Oh Steadfast! Aiming towards love with eyes so true
To You who deserves where all praise due is due
You look through me, creepy candy coating
Embraced with arms everlasting

Love of which knows no cease
One desire of which heals all disease
Dogs lie await to be fed by the crumbs of You, Purest.
Show me great and mighty things thy mind hast not knowest

endless,  rock,  steadfast.

Author: Zach Abler
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204730

The Endless Void

The hollowness of my chest

The centre it sits

Growing each day

Its power manifesting

Nothing can fill it

It is an endless void

Created from the endless torment

Those who were my friends

Those who abandoned me

Those who carved out the pit and remain deep inside

What did I do to you?

What did I do to deserve this?


The sickly sweet smiles,

As if they know my life.

They dug even further,

I did nothing

I obeyed

I listend


Moulding me to who you want me to be

Something I can't

I'm sorry I am not perfect

I'm sorry my sister is

I am not you

The pit was completed

Everything buried inside

The last part created by my happiness

Buried at the bottom never to return

endless,  void.

Author: Pavel Chekov
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204672

Endless Maze

There is an abundance of knowledge
That I've grown to know about life,
Such as how some green teas,
Brew at a temperature of one hundred and fifty degrees,
Or the way that hues of paint,
Swirl upon a canvas to appear delicate and quaint.
And lastly how my friendships are like little lights,
Illuminating the darkest corners of my life, bright,

And though my brain holds knowledge of,
All that I have mentioned above,
That that I knew not outweighs that of which I do,
Such as the way I feel about you,
Or how the hours spent with you feel so few,
And how every moment spent brings something wonderful and new,

I never knew.
I never knew love,

That my heart could race so fast,
To the melody of the piano instrumentals we listened to last,
Or that I would love the way your fingers run through my hair,
Or how you hold my hand and kiss my fingers tenderly with care,

I did not know.
I did not know love,

That the aroma of Amazni tea
Would bring countless thoughts of you and me,
And that butterflies to my surprise,
Would flutter within every time I'm gazing in your eyes,

Perhaps it is the way you say the word Chicago,
Or you have an appreciation for flakes of snow,
Maybe it's the way you draw invisible lines on my skin,
I hope you know that this feeling makes me feel beautiful within,

And though I know of this now,
I did not know,
I did not know love,

That I had been waiting twenty five days shy of seven thousand-three hundred and seventy four,
To meet the one who would make me feel something I've never felt before.
He who understands of my fears,
And is comforting when I'm at the point of tears,
Maybe it is his entrepreneur set mind,
Or the way our fingers are entwined,
Maybe it is the way we write our own poetry with our mouths,
Or the way we are both not from the South.

It could be any of these,
But I do know that,
I do know love that,

I've learned much during these thirty one days,
And as I waltz and frolic through this endless maze,
The only thought I have of which is meaningful,
(Is this)
*“I did not know that love could be this beautiful. “

endless,  maze.

Author: Holly Freeman
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1201327

Endless make belief

You confound me in awed silence everytime; the spark of your name on my lips, the lovely smile, the exquisite glow of your brown eyes, your presence gives me a feeling of pure happiness. You have left me in an endless daydream, the fancies of you and me. I'm f
­ Into a prison of an endless make belief of you and me.

belief,  endless.

Author: Eris
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200932

That horizon is endless

To our eyes, That is, What we are able to see Is called that endless horizon... One's horizon is what one is Able to see or to think... Everyone and everything have Their own horizons, so What's your horizon's limit in life?

endless,  horizon.

Author: Mohammad Skati
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198602


Concrete emotion
Part water, part sand,
Stiff and retrodden
Imprinted by hand

Unbroken dazing
Obsessive addiction
Weathered disfigurement
Stolen ambition

Frozen with purpose
Externally veined
Denied all surrender
Exhausted terrain

Captured in burden
Expressionless pain
Mindless estrangement
Decisively plain

Distantly suffering
Obsessive beliefs
Helpless remorse
Escaping relief

Painful receding
Numbless appeasement
Gone now, the bleeding
Here, quiet, the easement

endless,  path.

Author: Pisceanesque
Date: 27/03/2020