Poems about escape


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If you like pina coladas
And doing drugs in the rain,
If you're not into Jesus
(cause you have half a brain),
If you like making love in public
Or someplace quite unsafe,
We'll meet when I make parole
Or I make an escape.


Author: Kaeru
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207751

Death is the only escape (memoirs from a forgettable night pt.2)

They woke up to the peek of the mellow sun
Its rays not permitted by the dark ominous skies of the morning drizzle
As if the day have still the quality of night
Where the shy were shameless, their mirth boisterous
Where the bold haggles on the fringes of revolution
Until slowly the scalding heat of passions from the night passed
And evaporated forming mist and fog and dew.
The time held back
As they strip the night's cloak
Traces of stardust freckled their skin
A reminder of the raucous night
It was mixed feelings of hatred and love
Of loathing and yearning;
Of surrender, or of revolution!
The foundations of the day slowly cackles
As the sun breaks through that thick cloud that hangs above their heads.
All the venery and vanity comes alive
As the sun takes the cover that hides the depravation
The loudness of the roosters' crow in the countryside
Were overpowered by the boisterous hum of engines
And a people once again facing the grim task of living
Silenced are the laughters and grins and joyous singing
Repressed are the dancing and carousing
Dissolved again are the reveries for the death of the sun!

death,  escape,  forgettable,  memoirs,  night,  pt.

Author: giofuellos
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206778

Escape (Spoken Word)

I like poetry
Like a painter likes art
While they make brush strokes
I stand up and try to evoke
I can't paint a picture with a brush
But I sure as hell can with words
For instance
Some of the most beautiful things
Come from sadness
I've seen Poets hold back tears
When talking about lost lovers
I've met vagabonds who run
From state to state looking for
A place to call home
I've held my baby brother and sister
In my arms while I smile to myself
Knowing that they will have a better
Future than me.
I put these thoughts into poems
Because we use feelings to create
It doesn't matter if it's
Poetry, photography or painting
We all have an escape
My favorite artist killed himself
At the age of 29
His only escape
Consisted of starry nights
Wandering in wheat fields
And painting the man he wishes
He could be
Not realizing he had
All of the time in the world
To find his happiness
But It didn't take much time
For the bullet to enter his chest
Lead penetrating his heart
Where his passion should be
His last words were
The Sadness will last forever
And it does
It feels like an eternity
When depression is clawing your back
Leaving you bruised and scarred
When anxiety comes crawling back
Leaving you broken and breathless
Realizing the person you once were
Is no longer the person you truly are
You're not the same kid
That your single mother raised
Working night shifts at bars
Where people were shot in cold blood
Because my father decided
That leaving a 19-year-old woman
With a newborn was a good idea
You're not the same teenager who prayed
To a god every night and ended up
Being even more alone than before
I don't believe in hell
But if it's real then I'm already living in it
You soon begin to realize
That life doesn't owe you anything
So you try to make the best of it
Even when you're dying inside
Because life is about memoires
Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses
Watch the sunset and sunrise
You have to travel to the places
You dreamed of seeing as a kid
To remember the innocence
Fall in love with someone that
Leaves a fire in your chest
That cannot be extinguished
Because for once
Waking up will be okay
If they're in your arms
Learn to live your own life
Before you teach somebody else
How to live theirs
Learn to love yourself
Learn to live freely
And don't be afraid to explore
You have to be lost
To eventually find where
You belong anyway
So don't rush to your destination
There's so much to see along the way

escape,  spoken,  word.

Author: Bailey Lewis
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206593


My colors cross yours

But our paths never meet.

Maybe we can finally run away

To some place far

And be free



Author: Maria Imran
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205774


I'm going to escape it all for a day
No socialization, no worries
No hint of fear, no hidden glory
Nothing but myself, to whom I'll tell a story

No one to talk to, No thoughts to consume me
No one to tend to and no clowns to amuse me
Just lay there awake with melodies soothing my mind.
Looking deeper at life, now that I have the time

When I'm done drowning and segregate from my box
I'll wait at the door, and wonder if you'll knock
I hope you forgive me without even a reason
Because even a lonely summer could be such a cold season


Author: Corey Mckenzie
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204859


A dreadful crossroads.
The devil awaits.
Catching me out for too many mistakes.

Somewhere there's an angel.
She's watching me.
A hell's angel perhaps and she's peeping you see.

Backed into a corner behind the gate.
Work is appalling.
Not feeling so great.
A brain full of stress.
I'm going to explode.
For I am unable to shift this burden,
This terrible load.

It's weighing on my shoulders.
My neck is truly stiff.
Writing is my freedom.
My only escape.
Too personal putting it here.
My job is also my rape.


Author: Olivia Kent
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203080

Can't escape

Too late to backout
Shouldn't have fought
That hard before.

Just now unease
As we breathe
How to be out of here.

Realising hard facts
Through broken shards
Nothing works to aspire.

Now things end
From every turns
And stacks like pyre.

Dozy, tired before it started
Escape, no stop, relinquish
Things go along with air.

escape,  t.

Author: Nylee
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201465

Reading Escape

All I do anymore is read.

Read read READ

It's an escape from reality.
My mind drifts from the worries of the real world
And enter the action-packed adventures of whichever character I'm immersed into.

Or into the un-faltering love of the two starstruck characters that are happy with everything in life.

Even into the deep depression of another character, but as they get better it is even an adventure to me.

Books are my escape nowadays.

All I do is read

escape,  reading.

Author: Vic Kenney
Date: 30/03/2020