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Does love really exist?

Does love really exist?
Or is it just a silly word used to communicate with someone that your body wants their body. And their body wants your body.
Is love actually a feeling?
People say they're in love
But then in a few seconds of madness they roll over and fall asleep.
Letting out that satisfied sigh.
Tonight I'm thinking love is only a fragment of our imagination.
Created to make us feel less like objects.
But that's all we are.

exist,  love.

Author: Ruthie
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1200814

Do they exist?

Blatant faces of surround my shell and I find myself in wonder. Do those around me veritably exist? A spectacle washing itself away in an instant, water color curling outwards in wisps of blue, meeting a pale white end.
Rain hitting the sickening exterior of your body, a world full of filth becoming clean from your eyes like the satiny skin concealing your bones through the running of each drop.
An image created by your own insanity, wrapped up within your cranium.
Your shredded soul seeping through your pores, leaking into the empty space around you, a making up of so much revulsion, such a gloomy destination to arrive.
A figment of imagination.
You are my everything, yet nothing at all.


Author: Riley Smith
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200396

Doesn't exist

If you've ever seen me
Felt or heard from me,
There has been nothing
Impossible as it goes by
As it clears up and you see
The feeling has almost ceased.

If I ever saw you
Felt or heard,
There was something
Almost impossible as it stroke me
Somebody who I could see
And felt that pleasuring feeling.

People don't belong to people
Bonding as if they belong together
The moments that seem to last forever
Unforgettable as a habit
Unchanging as time goes by
The images I create
The feelings that I made

Who has never been seen
Never been heard from.
Almost like they never exists
When existence is all we have
Was it real?
What was real?
Am I crazy?
Or just a lonely nobody.
Somebody who never existed.

From someone who exists
To someone who may had existed
Or to you who doesn't know they exist
The beyond is Infinite as death is inevitable,
Time goes by as it goes.
As nevermore.
Never forget,
You exist.

exist,  t.

Author: Alejandro
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198415


In the universe;
There are thousands of flowers
That blossom,
Each with it's own Beauty,
Yet no one is answerable to the other,
In synergy they work together,
Giving out their beautiful fragrance.
Some are mild,
Some sharp and pungent.
Others don't have any,
Yet they exist together,
Finding a common ground.
They pour out their fragrance,
Give out their beauty,
To soothe and comfort the human spirit,
Demanding nothing,
Giving out freely,
An immense helper,
Glad to do their work,
Ready to share their life, heal or die,
Never tired or complain,
Breathing out what we take in,
And ever so humble,
They lay at our feet,
Always at service to our needs.
Beauty is beauty.
With gladness and joyful tenderness
Accept the beauty that is yours,
For it is only yours and no one else.
© 2017, Emeka Mokeme. All rights reserved


Author: Emeka Mokeme
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196689

True Loves Kiss. It Does Exist.

I have been dreaming of that true loves kiss.
How sweet it would be.
How perfectly we would join under the moonlight.
True love comes once in a lifetime.
And I have found it.
I love you.
You love me too.

exist,  kiss,  loves,  true.

Author: Adreishka Luciano
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1191650

You exist only in memories now

We were playing in the snow
You turned around to me
Oh how your face lights up
When you're outside
You are so fascinated with
Every aspect of nature.
Your childlike wonder
Makes me feel young again.
Oh god, how you love the snow.

This year during the first good snow
I ask
"Do you wanna go outside? It's beautiful. Not that cold right now! " With a smile across my face, ready for adventure
"Ugh no. It's so cold out and I'll get all wet in the snow. Let's stay in today. " You say.
I take off my shoes my coat my gloves my hat my scarf my sunglasses my smile my childlike wonder.
I sit down.

exist,  memories.

Author: Susie
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1191003

I Exist.

I go back and
Forth from
Love is real
And does not
Exist at all

But for a moment
Usually right before
The sun sets at dusk
And there's a veil of
Light flooding
The sky, a blushing
Pall of pink

I feel the pull of
The magnetizing force
Of longing in
Sleepy hues
Of orange and ginger
Where the thought of you
Shields my skin.

So what is gravity,
If not love
And a sunset,
If not love,
And this life,
If there is not love
To watch the sunset and
Know that I exist.


Author: Sarah Richards
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1190649

I don't exist

I don't exist to the girl I love
Yet she's still the one I'm dreaming of
She won't read poems, she doesn't think I'm writing
About how every day's a struggle, and it's for her I'm fighting
But one day I'll lose, and I won't me missed
And on that day, I won't exist

don,  exist,  t.

Author: The Last Wordsmith
Date: 20/03/2020