Poems about eyes


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Ocean in Your Eyes

Your eyes are like ocean
So deep blue and clear
They hold such a treasure
Yet it is all deep inside.
The ocean is calm, no wind blows
Over its divine serenity
The warmth of it is worth to dive in
And discover yet what is undiscovered
So your eyes tell me to do
I know the ocean is calm
When your heart is peaceful.
Yet sometimes I see grey
Cumulonimbus clouds have covered
The deep blue ocean and the wind
It is strong and severe I feel
The foamy tender waves have grown
And hit ashore, they do come fast
The ocean rises and some of its water
Pours out and falls down on your cheeks.
Not often is the ocean so sad
The sun is keeping it merry and blue
It can be wonder to see
When the stars come down from sky
And take a bath in the blue water
It is so bright and glittery
I can see all the radiance
Just by looking in your deep blue ocean eyes.

eyes,  ocean.

Author: Kerli Tulva
Date: 13/05/2017

№ 1210499

Close your eyes

Now read this

close,  eyes.

Author: Mr Ree
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210429

Her Eyes/ Our Eyes

A little girl stands, 6 years old looking in the mirror while playing dress-up. She wears a fake tiara and a little too much poorly applied lipstick. She has the biggest dimples when she smiles and eyes as bright as the joy that's in her heart. She runs to her dad when he comes home from work-he laughs and says “you're beautiful and lovely don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ” She doesn't need a mirror to believe his words.

Suddenly 6 years turns quickly into 12. Her smile that once stretched from East to West is now nothing more than a forced grin, with worry that fills those big blue eyes. She has thoughts that confuse and attack her and fill her with a paralyzing amount of fear for anything. She knows she's a little different than her friends. Her dad tells her she's going to be okay and that God tells us not to worry because he takes cares of us. It was the first time she began to doubt him.

12 years soon turns into 15. She changes her hairstyle and spends hours in front of the mirror wishing to feel comfortable in her own skin. Her best friends all have boyfriends now and she begins to question herself, why do boys notice her friends beauty and not her own? Her dad tells her she's beautiful and guys aren't worth it, she doesn't believe him.

Years go by...heartbreaks and disappointments become a routine. She immerses herself in the depressed girl because she doesn't believe life for her will ever include joy. She is afraid of herself and the monster that grew inside of her.

She has hope that things might get better when she moves away for college that people might notice her there. A few did, but none stayed. Which was infinitely more painful. Rejection began to trump invisibility and she didn't believe she was worth the happiness that her friends found. She knew God could fix her but doubted that he ever would. Her bright blue eyes seared red from crying, were extraordinarily tired and her smile was as much of a stranger as the person she once was.

What happened to those eyes that once shone bright with passion and joy? Where did they go when life happened and the world broke in? Are our eyes buried inside us? Deep within the lies and hurt we've built up over the years? I believe so. Our eyes are now saturated with suffering and wisdom and are all the more beautiful because of it.


Author: Hannah Turner
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210246

If The Devil Had Blue Eyes

I heard your name today.
It sent shameful chills down my spine.
How can something so full of life feel so cold.

I thought about you a little bit after.
It made me smile.
I could feel each laughing memory on my lips.

I was happy, but it hurt.

I like to only remember the good times,
But I need to remember all the bad to remind myself why.

I never knew a person could make me feel so guilty for their own mistakes,
But you were amazing at it.

I had always been one to stand up for myself until I met you.
Never had I ever felt so small until I took a stand right next to you.

I can see you in my mind.
You branded yourself and then you left me.
Left me to feel the flames all by myself,
Left me to hear all my demons without a defense,
Left me to ponder every action and every mistake.
Maybe it was all my fault.

It wasn't my fault.
Fuck you for making me think so.
Fuck you for manipulating me,
Making my think you were someone you weren't.
I could blame the monsters in my head,
But you were the real monster.

You are the evil that entered me.
You are the drug you encouraged me to take.
You are the hysteria I let myself travel with.

blue,  devil,  eyes.

Author: Ricordati di me
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210176

Night eyes

I wanna hold

Oh these cranberry lips
Left by the mark of yours...

In my ears
And now i can't get that beautiful tone out of my
Cold ears

Felt the hairs on my arms
When your
Finger tips
Oh ohh

Now i felt
The snowflakes
On my veins

Watch my eyes
She walks down
Leafy grove

Can't you...
Feel my rosemary eyes
Curling your toes

Cause your windy legs
Makes me forget
About those...
Wanna dance?
With my arms around your waist
And with my our...
Forheads touching

Let me see your
Night eyes
Lovely you are...
You are...

eyes,  night.

Author: BR
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210127

In Her Eyes

I've seen sunlight in her eyes,
A reflection of her soul.
So warm, radiant and gentle,
But a glance is all I stole.

I've seen starlight in her eyes,
A reflection of her dreams.
Dancing beneath the sea of pearls;
Mirrored in a serene stream.

I've seen firelight in her eyes,
A reflection of her lust.
The crimson embers flickering;
Hearts threatening to combust.

I've seen moonlight in her eyes,
A reflection of her wonder.
Thoughtful silent glimpses shared
In the silver beams asunder.

Yet every moment my memory holds,
Reflected in earth and skies --
I'd trade them all without hesitation
Just to be beautiful in her eyes.


Author: Mysidian Bard
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209988

Pool of eyes

I drown each and every night
In your dark, deep pool of eyes
Suffocating but enchanting with no end
They beckon to me, and draw me in
Hold me in a magical spell

I lose myself in your eyes
I search over and over for my soul
Which you might have stolen
And hidden in your pool of eyes
Never realizing till the end
That the strange, mysterious eyes
Has always been seeking
To capture me and drag me
To the dark depth, in you pool of eyes

eyes,  pool.

Author: Sachii
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209762

Untitled Goodbye-Your Eyes

Ever since you left me alone by phone
Saying goodbye I haven't been the same,
In your endless dark eyes
That would glow with so much light
You left me without a lit candle
Lost in the darkest plight.
Yours were the softest small hands,
And your short brown hair so bouncy
With a playful touch to all the strands,
And such beautiful boyish eyes,
I could see a lot of tenderness in them.
But you left me in the dark, here,
To play a dismal part, desperate for love,
Whether you were far or near,
You were like sunshine I longed for,
But I never received your warmth.
This is now my darkest hour,
Watch as I am taken down by this storm,
You stand there from a distance, it's not
Unlike watching someone get banished
Without a trace, longing for one chance
To for once even look at your smooth
Vixen face. But your visage so sweet
Was but an idea, more like a dream,
So when or if I wake up... *

I will still never again be free.

eyes,  goodbye,  untitled.

Author: Alan S Bailey
Date: 06/04/2020