Poems about fall


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Fall in Love Every Day

Falls in love with everyone every day
... and then...
Opens his mouth but has nothing to say

Falls to his knees when the flowers decay
... and then...
Opens his eyes but he can't see the way

Who are you?
I am blinded by the cataracts
Deafened by the laughter
Muted by quotation marks
Which come before and after

My breath still holds the demon
But the leopard holds my tongue
No more use pretending
That I need this iron lung

When the tape deck stops, when the vision dims
The curtains close and the show begins
Who will be there?
... and then...

day,  fall,  love.

Author: Caleb Eli Price
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210360


Everything started to fall,
From leaves turning into orange
And to the breeze that begins to feel chilly.
I think we started to fall too,
Not with each other,
But apart.
The degrees were getting lower,
And you were being more distant.
I get shivers down my spine,
But it's not the weather that makes me feel cold at night.


Author: Elli
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210342

About to fall

Can we just skip to the part
Where we fall hopelessly in love
Because I feel myself moving closer
And closer
To the edge every day
And this waiting
This anticipation of the fall
The knowledge that I will soon
Plummet downward
Grasping at only air
With nothing to break my fall
Is utterly


Author: AM
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209853

Free fall.

A mission to live,
A life we've forgot,
In which is chosen,
And time, we are not.

It all just happens,
Like the butterflies wing,
As the spiders web,
Opens into greater things.

Colours collide,
As sounds come alive,
A garden of Eden,
So we can all thrive.

Thinking we're helpless,
Is simply just that,
A belief about self,
Which makes us feel flat.

The truth is wholeness,
We're all part of that,
No individuals,
So stop where you're at.

fall,  free.

Author: Daniel Dawes
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209669

The Fall

Dammit darling
You pretty much own this helpless heart
Knock on wood
Because every time I plan to despairingly sit
I end up fallaciously understood
Desire one and get two
Because my personal algebraic anomaly
Leads me
Then leaves me
All but a clue of what to do
Which lane to travel in
Nor which direction to go
But why not follow nature's advices
The basic instincts, intuitions
Institutions and devices
Of this heart
But, this is just I
Feeling completely unplugged
I'm simply praying my anatomy will prevent the falling part
Of falling in love


Author: Jae S
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209349

In the fall

Something about the morning that feels better when u fall
Something about the morning makes you feel special in the fall
When leaves fall, and my heart, i'll never talk about the word
I'll just know
What's hapepning, is a beautiful feeling
And something worth


Author: B
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208374

Where Tears Fall

It's the best place to cry.
It's the place where it all surrounds you,
Covering you, engulfing you, drowning you.
It falls over you like every pound of weight placed on your shoulders,
It falls and runs over your barren, exposed, vulnerable body,
And when it hits the floor -- its gone, washed down the drain,
But it's replaced by another, and another, and another,
Never ceasing, never pausing, never calming.
It beats at your back, your face, you chest,
Until your skin in red, sore, raw.
It's the place where you don't feel tears,
It's impossible to tell if they're yours, or the water falling on you.
It's the best place to cry,
The shower.

It's a good place to cry,
It's a mask that protects you,
Covering you, surrounding you, isolating you,
It hides every acid drop that rips away at your eyes and cheeks,
It conceals you from others, banishes their comfort,
It makes you alone, weak, vulnerable
They can't see you, they won't know these feelings, they don't care.
They can't see through their ignorance, so I've used it to protect myself.
It's a mask that leaves everyone none the wiser,
All you have to do is wipe the stray tears away.
It's a good place to cry,

It's an unexpected place to cry.
It's a scary place, because everyone can see you.
And the scary part is, they do nothing but watch.
The ignorance of the mask is taken away, replaced with clarity.
They can see tears, but they will choose not to acknowledge them.
Light reflects from it, hiding some features, but the picture is still there,
Staring them in the face.
They can see the redness, watch the tears as they gather and charge your dry cheeks.
They watch, but pretend they didn't see anything because they have chosen
It's an unexpected place to cry,

I'm sorry.
I shall take my pain somewhere else,
Take my suffering to the farthest depths of my heart,
In hopes it will not destroy my soul.
I will feed your ignorance,
Your picture of a blemishless world,
And pretend I'm a perfect person, in your perfect world.
I will suppress each tear, choke down each sob, and straggle each tremor,
I'm exhausted, but I must keep running
Running away from your misguided decisions, your accusations, your falsifications.
They are like hot iron, branded into my skin like livestock.
I'm sorry,
I will destroy myself to spare your ignorance.

fall,  tears.

Author: Carsyn Smith
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208216

We'd fall

I buried your bones, I buried your skin, buried your hooks that hung my mind akin...

I emptied your closet, I emptied the walls, I've emptied the garden of roses and thorns...

I broke the vases, I've broken the dishes, I've broken myself into submission...

I've pulled the blinds, I've pulled the bedsheets, I've pulled the nerve to reckon your touches...

And as much as I'm hiding, as much as I'm blaming, as much as I'm crying in vain over paining...

I rattle the hangings, I battle my god, I scatter belongings that don't matter at all...

It's begining to occur the way back is hard, to places we made in oceans and stars...

You're a part of the air now, I'm breathing dense it's heavy, maybe I can try and walk out of the mess, but the drag's too much to resist...

The warmth of the floor still persists on the floorboards where you stood, so cold and lonely you were, I kept ignoring the truth...

What hurts the most is that I knew yet I kept it low, I slept every night beside you, and let the spaces grow,

I can hear the curtains screaming, cursing with every sip of the wind, to reveal these hands I denied her and let her scream within,

There's words to speak,
I say to these walls where we sneaked,
To kiss to breathe each other,
Where we laughed at every situation
Just like lovers... We were
I wish I'd said it then,
I fathom you still bound to the wall,
Eyes looking at their reflection in mine,
Like knowing that we lovers would fall...


Author: Xylos
Date: 05/04/2020