Poems about family


№ 1208598

My family

I love the times when the smiles arn't forced.
I love it when I can't stop laughing.
I love it when all the sorrow is dulled.
I love the people who make this possible.
I love how they are always there for me.
Making me smile.
Making me laugh.
All the jokes we have,
The relationships we've built.
All the long car rides, overnighters, team dinners.
I couldn't ask for better friends and more than that, family.
I love being truly happy when we are all together.
And I hate being apart.


Author: Damaged
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206347


I like my old house, with the big
Backyard, on that lonely little
Road: home, a touchstone.

Wrapped in my duvet of silence,
Tracing the bumps of the popcorn
Ceiling with glazed eyes while she
Brushes hair behind my ear.

"You may be depressed, but you're
Not crazy crazy. "

Thanks Mama.

So I don't tell her about my road
Trip with psychosis, or the pile of
Suicide notes rotting in our county

There are some things she doesn't
Need to know.

Blue insides, I always thought I'd be
Quick enough to catch the blood
Before oxygen claimed it red.

Light bulbs flicker for days before
They go out, but knowing the warning
Signs has never changed this relentless

This wallet is special, I remind myself.
It has my brother's preschool graduation
Picture tucked inside,

His smile, all teeth, with gaps he pokes his
Tongue through, and bright, clear blue eyes.
He has never seen a scar in his life.

When I start to wonder why I bother,
I make myself look at the photo.


Author: cognitive dissonance
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206332

Family (we share blood)

Locked up in her tin house,
She sits in the same spot,
Watching religious news,
Her body is plagued by illness,
Her heart is shattered into pieces,
Her vision is sideways,
In one had she holds a book of prayers,
In her other hand she holds the remote control,
Around her neck a rosary dangles,
As she stares at the TV she mutters prayers that she has memorized by heart,
She prays to the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Tears run down my face as I watch her slip into madness,
A beautiful rose has been decaying in-front of me for 22 years,
Some people stepped on this rose,
Causing her to become damaged and deformed,
Others took pedals,
Making her feel ugly,
Some tried to cut of her thorns but they just grew back,
Now she is just a mangled stem with protruding thorns,
Dry crusty leaves and pedals,
She starts to talk,
Her eyes have no life,
Her breath is shallow,
Her lips barely move,
I know she is looking at me but it feels like she might fall asleep,
Her speech is slurred,
Her hands illustrate what she is trying to say,
But she says the same words over and over again,
Something tells me not to react,
I ignore my initial feeling of despair,
I hold her hand, looking into her dull dying eyes,
She stops mid sentence to restart a prayer,
She slips back into her madness,
She praises to a God who has chosen to ignore her?

Who is never there,
You disapprove of my life style,
Remember when you said:
"It's hard to love someone you don't like. "
Well, I do,
Fill your void with other things,
Buy some more cars,
Pretend to be tough,
Do what ever it is you need to do to impress your friends,
The "friends who aren't really your friends",
And I'll fill my void with sex, drugs and rock n roll,
There is a reason I paint my toe nails red,
Wear short skirts and tight shirts,
I am not holy,
You have no idea how much dick I have sucked.

blood,  family,  share.

Author: Kathya Suzy Stephens
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205878

A first family's rite

A first
Family has
Never ending
Wilt this
Statistician's score
And old
Yeller on
Top of
The scene
There with
His bullhorn
Only there
To shout
As his
Tweets mount
Across the
Inteenet dial

family,  rite.

Author: Scott F Hemingway
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205203

Blood ain't Family

Blood ain't Family
I am sick and tired of trying
All my "blood" screw me over.

I always use to think to be a family you had to share the same blood. Fuckisasistercuzitsureaintblood
The recent hashtag that she thought would hurt me.
Slowly I started to realize I don't NEED her
She might be blood but she's not my family

blood,  family,  t.

Author: Rosalinda Sanchez
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204223


The cans dry me out,
The brandy's got me hung up
And sober from the relentless lust,
And for the first time in a few weeks
I can smell the putrid way it reeks when
My lips crack and leak liquid copper
All over that loud and sour smile
I wear plastered on my cheeks.


Author: Captain Trips
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1204022

Harding Family Swing Set, After the Funeral

On edges of swing set of summer of child
I grow -- a rust abloom while ghosts
Of women once called "mother" do push
A wind a creak a falling leaf feathering
Downward, candied sentiment traveling

For hope for empty swing to fill to turn
The chronometer back to *12 noon, March 6, 1972

family,  funeral,  set,  swing.

Author: JJ Hutton
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202868

Family of Trans

Family of Trans

Talons raised, like an eagle ready to strike
Strength within surging, searching for an outlet
Feeling invincible, needing to shout from a high place
Shouting look at me, see all that i am and have become

We will not be kept down, or be trampled under foot
We are proud of our uniqueness, proud of our completeness
Our strength shines bright, knowing we are beautiful
Our genders shift, flow, reverse from what our bodies tell us

And we shine, we are the diamonds of Trans, stars so bright
We blind many, with our gifts, our skills and passion
Our hearts are open to all that will see, deep and full of love
We are the stars in the sky at night, the sparkle of the seas

We are the family of Trans, we are beautiful and strong.

By Lj Mark, 2015

family,  trans.

Author: LjMark
Date: 31/03/2020